Some men in power are running scared right now

I don’t think any of use realized just how widespread the abuse of women by men with power was until the Weinstein affair, and even now, we are likely only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Friend Keith has written a timely post that I urge you to read. We need to ensure that we don’t let the culture of men in power using and abusing women become the norm. Thank you, Keith, for this post and implied permission to share.


If you are a man in power and have used your power to sexually harass or assault a subordinate colleague or third party, my guess is you are running a little scared right now. Sexually assaulted and harassed women (and men) are more empowered to tell stories that have eaten away at them for years.

Ex-judge and Senate candidate Roy Moore keeps asking why are these women coming forward now? Really? First, you apparently assaulted and harassed these women as impressionable teens and used your power as local DA to silence them. Second, you are interviewing to be a Senator of the United States. But, just read the news and you will know why these women are coming forward now.

Yet, if he did join the Senate, he will find some company in the halls of Congress on sexual assaulting and harassing women (and men). At least two have been…

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36 thoughts on “Some men in power are running scared right now

  1. Not all men are bad. Not all men abuse women. Not every man in a position of authority over women abuses that trust. For some bastards to prey on the women they have power over is despicable, and it gives even good guys a bad name. The Clintons, Moores, and Weinsteins of this world should all be gelded with a blunt spoon.
    Rant over.
    Thanks Jill. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. This is more of the dissolution of America’s patriarchy. The sexual harassment of women by men in power was the norm until the end of the 20th Century. It was Republicans who first violated the Code of Silence about the President’s affairs when they impeached Bill Clinton for having sex with Monica Lewinsky.

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  3. I’m sorry Jill but men of power using and abusing women, children, and other men, is not only the norm among Earthians, but has been going on since the dawn of history. Think slavery, the king’s right to the bride, prostitution. The “tales of the gods” in particular Grecian and Roman ones reek of it. The “rape” of the virgin Mary by god’s “holy spirit” is another. When king David was old and dying, they brought him a young virgin to play with, hoping her youthful energy would rejuvenate the old bastard. “The rape of… fill in the blanks” – common history. War is filled with the promise to the fighting boys of women to rape, torture and kill – and nothing has changed over the millennia. Point: it is the norm. We need to understand that crucial point because if it wasn’t the norm we could actually point to a time when it wasn’t and say, see, we didn’t do that then. There is no such a time, or times, in our history. So what we are faced with is deciding how to end a normalized process and what to replace it with. Questions need to be asked, and answered and solutions proposed. Why do men sexually assault and rape? How do we stop it? It’s fine to get all upset about a really sick condition but talking about it, or exposing the sickness isn’t enough. What is the solution?

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    • Just because it always has been, doesn’t make it right. I thought we had moved past that, but apparently I was mistaken. I don’t have a solution, but we all do what we can do to shine a spot light on these and other abuses. The same is true with civil rights, my biggest battle. We keep bringing it out into the open where it cannot hide and fester in dark corners. Solution? There is no panacea … the solution is multi-tiered.


      • Jill, Sha’Tara, we should also remind ourselves that religious texts were written by imperfect men, translated by imperfect men and interpreted by imperfect men. Even if divinely inspired, the Supreme Being did not dictate the words.

        These texts have been the basis for keeping women from doing things from the important to the minor – denying voting, denying reading the text, denying showing any skin or hair in public, denying driving, denying acting on stage, and controlling the female spouse.

        One of my devout friends told me of the story when she went to her minister when her husband was beating her. He asked to see them both and, to her surprise, he said the problem was she was not being a better wife. This story makes me ill. But, it had a good ending – she left that church and divorced her husband. Keith

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        • Your comment is so true and insightful. And also disturbing is that even today, in the 21st century, I know women who accept male dominance. I have a friend who asks her husband how he wants her to vote each year! And so often when you hear of a marital dispute, you hear “she drove him to it”. I wonder if this will ever change?

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        • Hi Keith, I’ve always had a serious problem with the contents of your first paragraph (in comment). This so “quick to defend God” by a mere human being. God is supposed to be this omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent being, correct? If not, then he’s not God but an impostor.

          Imagine: He’s in his CEO’s office, and he’s dictating an all-important memo to his secretary. The secretary gets it wrong, but God doesn’t correct it. She passes it on to various departments, and off they go, after revising it to suit themselves, to completely change the direction the CEO intended the corporation to go into. Not only that, but these department heads fall out among themselves over their own revised contents of the boss’s memo, and break up the corporation into thousands of now inimical corporate entities… and still the CEO does NOTHING? Are you kidding me? I don’t want to quote the entire text of Epicurus’ take on God here, but he certainly made the point. “Is God able, but not willing, to prevent evil, in which case he’s malevolent…” Also, to invoke “free will” here simply doesn’t wash, IMO. My point would be, if anyone brings “God” into the equation, that character had better be standing on a higher moral ground than, say, a Roy Moore or Donald Trump.

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          • Sha’Tara, I was avoiding the veracity of the ultimate author of the information. I often tell folks that about 45% of Christians do not believe every word in the bible or any religious text is true. There are too many variables, edits and contradictions. I take these texts for overarching themes, but do not believe every word is sacrosanct. Keith

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      • I did not mean to even imply it made it right. My entire reason to “exist” in this 21st C uncivilized mess is to extract solutions from those people who are aware; who care; who refuse to accept the status quo – that would be everybody who follows your blog for instance. I can give you an obvious solution to all these “wrongs” being perpetrated and experienced by the entire species everywhere in some form or other. This magic solution stops it all dead in its tracks. Further, every intelligent earth human is cognizant of this solution, it comes as part of our basic system apps when we are born. All we have to do is install it, learn to use it and keep it updated. It’s such a great app it can even be installed as an operating system which is what it is designed to do for the more advanced users. “We” call it compassion, not to be confused with love, for as I’ve gone to quite a length to explain on my blog, the two are not compatible. So here’s the rub. A simple application is spurned and ignored and downgraded for two reasons: earth people love, love. It doesn’t work, but they love it. Secondly, compassion as a way of life is considered a utopian concept. So that’s the end of the line. If people insist that living a compassionate life is not a working, or workable solution, realize this: all other solutions shown to me are regurgitated aspects of previous attempts that current conditions prove, beyond a shadow of doubt that, they have never worked and thus, hold no hope of ever working in any permanent setting. Mankind, as a “civilized” creature, gone beyond natural forces and natural living, unwilling to go all the way to the logical next step in its evolution, has doomed itself to its addiction to mediocrity, which leads inexorably to the downfall of his entire civilization. Either we take the next step, courageously and single-minded, or we fail and fall.


  4. Unfortunately there will probably always be predator and prey. Some willing to take advantage of their positions in the knowledge that their denials will be given more credence than the accusers. That can’t be allowed to work when so many come forward with similar stories. It’s inevitable that some will come forward because they were rejected as well as some who were attracted to the power and willingly gave of themselves to be part of the circus but those must stand as accusers if their age was not appropriate.I hope Roy Moore is brought down because of this and the same for others of his ilk. Those that have taken advantage of their positions must know that behaviour like this will not be tolerated and there is a price to pay.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Yes, you are right, that there always has been and always will be some who will take advantage of their power and some who will take allow it for one reason or another. I never, for example, felt sorry for Monica Lewinski, for she was seeking to gain from her sexual favours. Doesn’t excuse Clinton’s marital indiscretions, but I don’t see him as a predator either. But people like Weinstein, Moore, Trump … people who blatantly abused their power for their own pleasure and left young women, sometimes teenagers, with remembered traumas for the rest of their lives, must pay the price.

      But you know what bothers me the most about it all right now? The sheer volume. After the accusation against Al Franken today, I found myself wondering if there is any single male in power who has not used his power to abuse women. Now before you think me sexist, let me assure you that I know it isn’t true, but damn … there seems to be so much more of it than I would ever have guessed … where does it end? And if we don’t hold them accountable, then it seems likely it never ends. Okay … I’m stepping down from my soapbox now … 😉

      xxx Cwtch Mawr xxx

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