More Bits ‘N Pieces from Filosofa’s Mind …

I had too many ideas piling up in my mind, and there simply wasn’t any more room to store them, so this morning I decided to do one of my Bit’s ‘N Pieces posts …

A Freudian Slip?

A Twitterer with the moniker of @ProudResister posted this tweet:

“The solution is simple. Roy Moore: Step down from the race. Al Franken: Resign from congress. Donald Trump: Resign from the presidency. GOP: Stop making sex ual assault a partisan issue. It’s a crime as is your hypocrisy.”

Nothing too unusual there, right?  But what is unusual is that it was re-tweeted more than 1,900 times, and one of those re-tweeters was by none other than the Department of Defense at the Pentagon!

PentagonPentagon spokesman Colonel Rob Manning said in a statement that an authorized operator of the Defense Department’s official Twitter site “erroneously retweeted content that would not be endorsed by the Department of Defense. The operator caught this error and immediately deleted it.”  Hmmmm … maybe … or perhaps it was a Freudian Slip?

@ProudResister, meanwhile, has seen unprecedented traffic on his Twitter feed and some fun comments:

  • When PROUD RESISTER 👊 calls for the President of the United States to resign and the Pentagon retweets it! #RESIST
  • Woah, @ProudResister, you got retweeted by the @DeptofDefense. The internet is forever, DoD. And yes, @realdonaldtrump should #resign.
  • Congrats to my friend, @ProudResister, for the pick-up today by the US military!
  • @ProudResister is my friend ffs. He is posing with me in my Twitter profile pic. Hey Pentagon RT this:#ResignTrump
  • .@ProudResister I’m sure you’re proud of yourself, and still laughing your ass off- I know I am DoD retweets his tweet calling for #ImpeachTrump Will they tell 45 that they were “just joking”?🙃

And on it goes, but you get the idea.  I still say it was no accident.

Did They Forget About Freedom of the Press?

Roy Moore has been headline news for weeks now, and it is much to my surprise that anybody continues to support him, but some do, including the religious leaders in his state. Faith2Action president Janet Porter introduced Moore at the start of a conference in Birmingham Alabama yesterday:

“Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the hero of the day, our valiant leader Judge Roy Moore.”

Somebody quick … bring me a bucket!  Has nobody told these people that Moore has not been a judge since he left the judiciary last year after being suspended for failure to uphold the law?

And this from Alan Keyes, chairman of Renew America and a former Senate and presidential candidate:

“I stand with Judge Roy Moore, because he never leaves God out. Roy Moore stands on the premise that when you come to strip away a man’s rights, you spit in the face of God. If that’s what they’re doing to him, if when the rights of your representative are stripped away, what is the logical conclusion? That you’re rights are stripped away, that your rights are gone.”

The speeches praising Moore and denigrating his detractors went on for a full two hours, and even a Rabbi got in on the act.  But what I find most galling is that the media was largely blamed for the accusations against Moore and told by religious leaders to “hush”!

Flip Benham, the evangelical leader of Operation Save America, told the media present during his address, “Your knee is gonna bow, and you’re gonna confess, you have no choice. Hell is a place you choose to go!”  Say WHAT???

At the beginning of the conference, the event planner informed reporters that organizers “have requested no questions about any of the allegations”. When the question and answer portion arrived, the first question came from a CNN reporter who asked Moore whether or not he had touched any of the women who have alleged he sexually harassed them in some way. Moore’s supporters yelled in anger. “He’s already answered that,” said one. “Hush,” said another. “Stop lying,” said yet another.

A second reporter asked a similar question, at which point Moore and his wife Kayla stood up and exited the room, and the press conference came to an abrupt halt. “You were told not to ask about that,” a woman supporting Moore said angrily to the CNN reporter. “You make me sick,” another woman said to him.

And then Alan Keyes jumped on his soapbox and berated the press:

“You refused to stop your abuse. Asked, and answered, again and again. He could answer that question a thousand times, and if a thousand accusations were made, he could answer every one a thousand times and you would prove yourself a liar.”

And a supporter, Ginger Barbee …

“You were asked to ask questions about the issues, the issues about our country. You were not asked to ask personal questions about Mr. Moore. We wanted to hear what he had to say about the issues, and you did not allow it because you are the fake, lying news from the swamp.”

Ahem … excuse me, people, but is not the job of the press to ask the tough questions?  And is not Freedom of the Press covered under the very same Constitutional Amendment as Freedom of Religion?  Enough evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Moore exists to convince even the Republican National Committee to withdrew their support of Moore, and both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have requested that he step down. Mr. Moore’s blind-faith followers may know a lot about their religious tome, but they need some lessons on the Constitution!

And if I had any doubts whether he still had a loyal following, I guess those doubts have been put to bed.

A List Too Long …

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak appearing in a television interview with state-owned Russia-1, stated that he would not even attempt to name all of the Trump officials he met with because … wait for it … the list is so long that it would take him more than 20 minutes.  I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


Sergey Kislyak

A Large Unemployment Check …

On October 29th, Juli Briskman was photographed giving the middle finger to President Donald Trump’s motorcade during a weekend bike ride in Virginia.  The photo went viral and on the following Monday morning, Briskman, who worked for a federal contractor, Akima, felt that she ought to give a ‘heads up’ to her boss, since she was spattered over much of the internet.  Her honesty earned her a termination of her employment.

girl on bikeShe says she does not regret what she did and stands by her actions.  Good for her!!!  It is not against any law that I am aware of to flip off a jerk who just happens to be in the White House.  But, the reality is that Ms. Briskman is a single mother of two and needs income.

Enter a man named Rob Mello, of Hudson, Massachusetts. Mello created a GoFundMe campaign to support Briskman and her family.  As of Wednesday afternoon, the account had raised over $100,000 from over 4,000 donors and had been shared more than 10,000 times!

Hmmmm … I wonder if I ….

And thus concludes another episode of the bits ‘n pieces from my mind.  I think you can see that it is rather like a messy closet in there, yes?  Have a great day, friends!

silly grin


15 thoughts on “More Bits ‘N Pieces from Filosofa’s Mind …

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  2. Apart from the kitty with her natural “V for Vendetta” mask, I like the Juli Briskman story best. As for the Moore supporters it’s obvious that denial is their only and last refuge since the truth would be too embarrassing and unbearable. Spit in God’s face with sexual misconduct allegations? Why not: didn’t God rape a young Palestinian virgin back when to get himself a bastard son? If it’s going to be told like it really is, let’s have the whole truth and try not to wince at what comes out.

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  3. Jill, open letter.

    Dear Supporter of Roy, from the bible I grew up with, Jesus preached against leaders abusing power, whether they were leaders of the church or governmental. For a male leader to prey upon young, impressionable girls is something Jesus would not condone. He would not be too keen on the leader who used his power to coerce the young girls into silence. And, he would not be thrilled with a leader who did this so routinely, others were aware of his predatory behavior.

    You ask why these women did not come forward earlier? That is not an unusual outcome, especially with Moore threatening them. But, the man is interviewing to be one of 100 Senators, so this is important. And, with others being accused following Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, these women feel empowered to tell their story.

    I have often seen bumper stickers on WWJD? Well, in my view Jesus would not be voting for Roy. Please reconsider your vote.


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  4. The bits and pieces are not a messy closet Jill, but rather the connecting of dots at what is wrong with our sense of propriety. There are no unintentional mistakes, coincidences, fake news items, nor unfortunate photographs… There is only serendipitous unfolding of that which should not be hidden.
    I am so happy that the lady on the bike ride will find herself better off for her honesty.

    To everyone who feels a sense of injustice and harassment by an uncaring world, keep your voice speaking up… Don’t let them beat you down. We have much more to give the world than they do!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like your way of seeing these things, my friend! I agree … we cannot let them beat us down, but some days that is easier said than done. There are fewer of ‘them’ than ‘us’, but they are noisier. And the ultimate question is: why must there be ‘them’ and ‘us’ … why cannot it be ‘us’?

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      • Hello Ms. Jill, it goes pretty well for now. I take each moment as it comes and over decades, have learned to be less upset when things go wrong and more curious what my reaction is to wrong things…..that has made me less stressed, more calm, better for me. Thats my long answer……How are you enjoying your weekend?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Glad you’re well! I do the same … I sometimes have to remind myself that there are some things I cannot change, but … BUT … I can change how I react/respond. I am getting a little better at not allowing every item in the news to darken my mood, but I still struggle with it … perhaps always will. I am enjoying my weekend with the family, planning to go out for an early supper in a while, and all is well with me, too! Hugs, my friend!


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