Look What We’re Doing To Our Planet!!! 🌍 🌏 🌎

oil spill.JPG

Spilled oil in South Dakota – 2016

Early Friday morning it was announced that on Thursday, an existing portion of TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline leaked at least 210,000 gallons of oil near Amherst, South Dakota. The spill is about 40 miles from the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation. Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal chairman David Flute said his community is concerned the leak, the largest by the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota to date, could pollute the area’s aquifer and waterways.

“We are keeping a watchful eye and an open ear. The concern is at a high level, but there is really nothing we can do.”

On November 20th, the Nebraska Public Service Commission is scheduled to vote on whether to accept TransCanada’s Keystone XL proposal to construct new pipeline through Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.  Thursday’s spill is the largest yet in the pipeline’s 7-year history. Last year, another major leak sent 16,800 gallons of oil spilling onto South Dakota grasslands. Now, one might expect a leak of more than 210,000 gallons might influence the decision of the Nebraska Public Service Commission, mightn’t one?  Well, think again.  An excerpt from the law governing the approval process:

“Commission Determination – In determining whether the pipeline carrier has met its burden, the Act prohibits the Commission from evaluating safety considerations, including the safety as to the design, installation, inspection, emergency plans and procedures, testing, construction, extension, operation, replacement, maintenance, and risk or impact of spills or leaks from the major oil pipeline.”

The law also states that an environmental impact study is to be presented and considered.  The environmental impact study can and does consider spills and leaks and those are reflected in the report.  The only problem here is that two environmental impact studies will be presented:  one was conducted by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in 2012, and the other conducted by the State Department in 2014.  No environmental impact study has been performed for three years, thus neither this latest major spill nor the one last year will be considered in the decision next week.


Dallas Goldtooth

“It poses a risk to the Indigenous rights of tribal nations all along the route and it’s a complete disregard for free prior and informed consent as guaranteed on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It puts at risk the drinking water of over 65,000 Indigenous peoples along the route and puts at risk the livelihood for so many people that depend on tourism, on the land itself for farming and livestock. It’s a risk we can’t take.” – Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network

TransCanada first noticed the drop in pressure that is indicative of a leak at around 6:00 a.m., Thursday morning; the state was not notified until 10:30 a.m., and the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribe was not notified until noon.PipelineThe Obama administration spent six years considering the controversial cross-border pipeline before ultimately denying a permit for its construction in November of 2015. On Friday, 04 March 2017, the Trump administration issued a permit allowing the pipeline to move forward. Why?  Two reasons, greed and Trump’s determination to reverse every action President Obama took during his eight years in office.

However, there is yet another twist in the story. When the project was first proposed in 2008, oil prices had just topped $70 a barrel, rising to more than $90 a barrel between 2010 and 2014. But since then, oil prices have dropped precipitously — down to just about $56 a barrel today, greatly reducing the profitability and salability of the oil from the pipeline.

We have one planet to live on.  Humans will not, contrary to what some believe, live on Mars or the moon.  Humans and most of the other living creatures and vegetation currently calling this planet their home, will survive on this planet or not at all.  But, as with any home, we must maintain it, care for it, and take responsibility for its habitability.  The industrialized, western nations are, quite frankly, doing a lousy job of taking care of our planet, nearly always choosing profit over good stewardship.  love earth

We have a responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations.  Instead, we applaud a leader who approves a risky pipeline that will endanger the water supplies in at least four states, and who has refused to work toward a healthier, more sustainable environment.  If, after 11 spills in 7 years, two of them major spills, this pipeline is allowed to continue, it will be an abomination, another time that we traded human life for profit, another time we bowed to greed.  A saying I have heard many times in the last few years is that the Earth will survive without humans, but humans will not survive without Earth. Think about it.earth


44 thoughts on “Look What We’re Doing To Our Planet!!! 🌍 🌏 🌎

  1. Destruction of the planet and indigenous rights violations are wrong. Canada and The United States need to stop this now! Please check out articles on my blog concerning Indigenous activism and ecology, of such is of interest to you.

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    • I did check out your blog, albeit briefly due to time constraints. I like what I see, and have subscribed. I will read as often as time permits … you do good work! Thank you for reading my post, and for sharing your blog!


  2. Yes, I completely agree. Look at what we are doing to the environment! We wouldn’t push aside our own sick child, so why do we do so with our own home? I have been a firm activist in the want to survive, and respect the structures and cultures that nature has created. If you;d like check out my recent poetry on the environment, caelidotblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/05/distant-earth/, I also have a few articles explaing connection of ecosystems, and how we can actually save the earth just by doing every day things. Thank you for being another believer in a clean world, and spreading the word out to other people that this is real!

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  4. Jill, the Keystone pipeline (owned by ‘Trans Canada’ and often called the ‘Trans Canada’ pipeline) was built in 2010. This is not its first leak, nor is it likely to be the last as parts of it are flimsy and badly constructed. Native communities have rightly protested the pipeline and the Alberta Oil Sands project which feeds crude oil into it.

    The Keystone XL pipeline is a phase 4 addition (and shortcut) that Lord Chaos has just approved after Obama vetoed its approval (and shelved it).
    The XL pipeline offers no more safety than previous pipelines and it is only one of several new pipelines that Canada planned to construct.
    Canadians in general are not particularly approving of the pipelines, and oil companies in general have become a little nervous of their profitability and have begun to withdraw support (effectively shelving the Eastern pipeline that was supposed to take oil over to the St Lawrence Seaway).
    To my knowledge, I don’t think BP is involved in this one.

    Lord Chaos has got it wrong. Opening up construction of the Keystone XL shortcut will not provide jobs, better profits or anything more than another nightmare for the American people!


    • You are quite right … there have been 11 spills thus far, two considered to be major by definition. And the only jobs it will provide are temporary ones, for the duration of the construction. Once it’s built, there will be very few jobs associated with it. But, of course, Lord Chaos doesn’t mention that. I suspect it may not be built, but … I am not the greatest predictor these days, as we live in this alternative, topsy-turvy universe.


    • Oh yes, I remember well the BP oil spill … they even made a movie about it last year. And Exxon Valdez. But yeah, the voices are pretty silent on this one, and today Nebraska gave the approval that I had hoped they would withhold. Sigh. No good sense left in this world …. grumble grumble mumble …


      • Yes, long time no see, because I’ve been too busy getting my home business established, running around the wide expanse of frontier that we call far northern Canada bringing people the opportunity to experience the benefits of almost-free-of-THC medical marijuana, and helping build the new website that goes with the business. ( medmarhighlevel.biz if you or your readers want to see what I do, but I am not stating this here to get free advertising. I don’t ship anywhere but the far north of Canada.)
        The reason I mention this is because it is finally online, and except for a few last tweaks some of my time will be my own again, and I can pay a bit more attention to WordPress.
        So, the wheels turn slowly, I understand that, but the slower they turn, from what I can see, the more Trump is destroying America for everyday Americans. This personal feud he has going with all the good things Obama did for America is getting old, and the less Trump giveth the MORE Trump taketh away. You (the American people) are in the hands of a madman, and yet you collectively refuse to act to save yourselves. No one outside of the USA understands this! I know I don’t understand this…

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        • Yes, I would fully agree that the every day he stays in office he is destroying more and more of our nation, but I am not sure how we “collectively act to save ourselves” when the country is so divided. If no one outside the USA understands this, imagine how those of us within the nation feel, for WE don’t understand it either 😉


          • From my point of view Americans are too hung up on your own rules of government. You believe in your system, but only because you are told from birth that your system will win out in the end. This may have been true at some point, but Trump for one doesn’t believe it, so why should the collective you, or especially the individual you. It took Zimbabwe a lot of years, but they finally took action a few days ago. Americans are more politically astute, but are they any wiser than the citizens of Zimbabwe? Mugabe is gone. Please make sure Trump is on that same train. The world is counting on you. And meanwhile. Putin is rotflhao.

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            • Much of what you say is true, but I would argue that the reason we believe in our system is that it has swerved well for 230 years. Given the extreme divisiveness in this country now, I cannot imagine that there would be any consensus for removing Trump from office. My best hope is that Bob Mueller’s investigation is able to definitively tie Trump to illegal, treasonous activity, thus making impeachment not an option, but a requirement. I believe the connection is there, it’s just a matter of proving it ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’.


  5. Jill, oil pipes breach. The reaction time on this was slow and more gallons spilled. When a wind mill or solar panel fails, the environment is unharmed. We need to remember this as we compare the costs and impact of different energy sources. Keith

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  6. Any responsible Government would ensure adequate safety measures are in place before allowing a controversial scheme like this to go ahead. Any responsible management team would have teams out trying to prevent any kind of damage from their leak. They should not go any further until this latest mess is sorted and a guarantee of no repeat given. Corporate greed shouldn’t win out over care of the people.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Keyword there is ‘responsible’ … not much of that around in the corporate & government circles these days. 😥 You and most all of my readers have better values and a better sense of responsibility than those who make these decisions …

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  7. “In honest reflection, I think we have to admit that we have made a real mess of the planet. Apart from ripping the planet apart to plunder its finite resources to feed our excesses, we swamp its rivers with noxious chemicals, and fill its atmosphere with deadly pollutants. We destroy its forests and devastate all other forms of animal life, as they get in the way of our “progress”. Basking in the illusion that we are making our lives better, we destroy our only home. We fail to grasp that spaceship earth has no escape capsule. Greed of the few, which is contagious, is sold as “progress” while tinsel and fancy gadgets cover the scars of our bleeding planet. What we should bear in mind is that the planet is much more adaptable than we are as a species, it will change and go on spinning, while we slowly eliminate ourselves with our ever growing greed and arrogance.”


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  8. “WE” are not doing this. The bankers are. Their extractions and cost cutting, results in this. “WE” are given the crumbs from their table. Yes, there are others who have the same mindset as the bankers and would follow, willy-nilly. As many would carelessly throw garbage on the ground, instead of pocketing then disposing later. Go figure.? … Still my belief and knowledge is, that, most would not sully the nest. Really this is the more overt of the manner in which the universe is used by them as giant dumpster. Which really, in a manner? It is.

    Mainly those who crave money in whatever form. i.e. greed. Will find in a future life, their karma; resulting from evil. Meanwhile we only need to look after our own mess, tread cautiously in the universe. This is not the only life! Even if it takes eons, to be reborn.

    BTW. I am alarmed by the pollutions. The callous manner in which the bankers and their minions, destroy the planet through pollutions. It only reinforces the notion that they are possessed by demons? Cheers Jamie

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    • Ah, but WE are doing it by electing people who allow the bankers, the corporate giants, and others to do it, so we cannot escape our portion of the responsibility. I think that there are a great many ordinary people who are equally guilty of failing to be goo stewards over even their own small part of the planet, sometimes through carelessness, sometimes laziness, but we need to become more aware and more responsible, especially on election days.
      Cheers, my friend!

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      • Maybe Jilly bean? Yet since the banksters control the banker puppets, known as politicians. You and I, fall well behind on the urgency list. How do they do it? Well, the carrot and the stick ol’ gal. Carrot and stick.

        Especially, politicians are responsible to their campaign donors first. Our choice is mostly a choice of either Dud or McDud. In the first place. It has become that blatant. All too busy doing the work of their masters. These days it’s secret clubs within secret societies, within a cabal. That rules us and we better toe the line or they’ll cut our rations of gruel. A little preponderance, maybe even surreal? I’m sure I make the point? People? WE’re all too busy. Crossing the road, riding a bike, car, train or whatever, job, dog for walk, etc. It is ensured we have little time to dwell, before another diversion comes along. Then it’s thrust aside until the next time. All too true, I’m afraid … Cheers Jamie

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        • Ahhh, dear Jamie … to an extent I agree with you. But … if we believe that we truly have no voice in such matters, that our vote really matters not at all, that we are truly nothing more than tools to help the mega-rich achieve their goals, then … what gives us purpose? If I didn’t believe that we CAN bring about change, make a difference, then I would not be able to exist, for it is that hope that keeps me going, that gives my life purpose. So, while I agree that there is a high degree of corruption and control of our government by corporations, bankers, the rich, I still believe that there ARE politicians out there who would put the best interests of the nation and its people first. Naive? Perhaps, but as I said, the will to live depends on that thing we call ‘hope’ or ‘promise’. Cheers, dear Jamie!!!


      • Therein lies one of the problems, private ownership of land. The land belongs to the planet, no, the land IS the planet. Thinking we own any part of it is just megalomania on a tiny tiny scale. We can change it to suit our own needs, but when Mother Nature decides to take it back (fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake) she shows us the real boss. Meanwhile, as mentioned, it is her children who are suffering. I live for the day she takes it all back, and spits on humanity for even trying. I may be human, but I am a living being before that, and brother to every living being on earth and in the universe. Their pain is my pain. I wish it were everybody’s pain. Then we might not be so willing to destroy it…

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          • There lies the second half of the problem, Jill. It is people like you and I who need to start the ball rolling, and light the torch that people who survive us can carry forward. It’s the Aint that a Shame Syndrome that we cannot allow to hold us back from taking action. Your blog may only reach 1400 people regularly, but those 1400 can start to turn the tide. And your blog gets reblogged a lot. Add another 1000 people being reached. My blog, with its specialized topics, may reach 20 on a good day. If you like, I can write the framework for a piece that you could put in your own words, and publish on your site,… if you are willing. ANYTHING I can do to help our world recover its health is well worth my effort. I would like it if we could team up and give it a try.

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            • Y’know … I like your idea and I would very much appreciate it if you wrote the framework … two heads are sometimes better than one, and ours are both reasonably intelligent. So yes, if you feel so inclined, please do that. I will properly acknowledge your contribution, and I can certainly use some help. my email is dennisonjill@aol.com … just be sure to put either rawgod or something that stands out, so I make sure it doesn’t end up being deleted in spam. Thanks for the suggestion/offer!


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Isn’t this what #NoDAPL was a; about? .. save our Earth. Remember there’s no plaet “B”!!
    ‘On Thursday,November 16, an existing portion of TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline leaked at least 210,000 gallons of oil near Amherst, South Dakota. The spill is about 40 miles from the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation.’
    Read more …

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