The Ultimate Irony …

In the wake of the shooting in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, earlier this month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton remarked that the solution for preventing more shootings in churches from occurring in the future was “at least arming some of the parishioners so they can respond to something like this.”   I noted at the time that this was an inane remark, but apparently some took it to heart.

It happened at a church in Tellico Plains, Tennessee.  A group of parishioners were meeting in a church to discuss the idea of bringing guns into church, as suggested by Mr. Paxton, when an 82 year old man pulled out his gun to show, saying “I carry my handgun everywhere.” He unloaded the gun, it was passed around, no doubt with plenty of “ooohs” and “aaahs”, and then he reloaded the gun and replaced it in his pocket.  A few minutes later somebody asked to see it again.  The man pulled the gun out of his pocket again, saying, “With this loaded indicator, I can tell that it’s not loaded.”  Sigh.  Care to guess what came next?

The man pulled the trigger to prove his point, the gun fired, going through the man’s palm and then through his wife’s stomach. Fortunately, neither suffered life-threatening wounds and should be on the road to recovery by now.



Okay, gun advocates … would you like to tell me again how, in the words of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, “The Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun, Is A Good Guy With A Gun”? Or how about you, Attorney Geneeral Ken Paxton … you have a good comeback here?  Aren’t you proud of yourself for suggesting this brilliant idea?

This incident makes the point, I think, that the ordinary person has no reason to carry a gun anywhere, ever. I have no need to expound on this, for the incident carries such irony that it speaks for itself.  I rest my case.

43 thoughts on “The Ultimate Irony …

  1. It’s tempting to think that one gun would stop another gun (be quiet Evil ME!), however one shooter does not mean another shooter has a Hollywood style aim. In a close environment when they have started shooting the quickest response is to throw something large in their direction, which is very distracting. In fact in that grim situation the safest defence is quick offense. Long range snipers is a whole different game, hide and wait for the professionals. Crossfire takes down innocents.
    This is a grim response isn’t it? But I would like to prove more guns is not the only answer. A shrewd government at this stage would start broadcasting ‘Public Safety’ announcements on what to do when faced by a shooter, not just for information but to place in the public mind the notion that gun are dangerous and folk who promote them equally so, as for the gun industry……
    But you need a shrewd, intelligent and focused administration.
    Slightly Totalitarianly yours

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  2. I don’t get this thing with the guns. I mean, if guns are strictly for self defense, er, um, why not learn to use throwing knives? More fun, just as easy to conceal. Then there’s the hand grenades. Those are even more fun to use, they really go !KABOOM! and that’s impressive. I imagine they could be printed out on a 3-D printer? Another totally missed aspect of “self defense” is wearing body armour all the time, head to toe. “Did you put the armour on the baby, Linda? We’re gonna be late for church!” It’s just guns, guns, guns – I’m getting bored with the reruns.

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    • Throwing knives … great idea! It requires skill, and is unlikely to kill more than one person at a time! That is my biggest problem today with guns, is that they allow … nay, encourage … private ownership of weapons designed for military us that can mow down hundreds within a minute. Personally? I’ll take my chances with whatever element is out there, for I do not believe any one person’s life has more value than another.


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