Delivery Systems

What is the purpose of an education? It seems that more and more these days it is considered to be learning only facts and figures, only for the purpose of earning money. Have we forgotten the higher purpose of learning how to think for ourselves, how to understand how the world works? Is this why we have such ineptitude in government today? Have we come to believe that the sole purpose in education is to get a job and make a lot of money, have a lot of ‘things’? Our friend Hugh has some thoughts on this topic that I would like to share with you today, so please read on … and thank you, Hugh, for the post and permission to share!


In responding to a comment on a recent blog I noted that in teaching our kids we have become caught up in the methods of teaching and have lost sight of the all-important question of what it is that teachers ought to do — not how they might do it more effectively. I want to expand on that for a bit.

We are talking here about what have been called “delivery systems,” the how of teaching rather than the why of teaching. In my response to the comment mentioned above I referred to them as “gimmicks and tools” — mostly gimmicks that arise from the mistaken notion that teaching is a science when, in fact, it is an art. Teacher evaluations, for example, are focused on the question “how well does your teacher teach?” This reflects the larger societal preoccupation with methods rather than substance.  Science, for example, has become…

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9 thoughts on “Delivery Systems

          • The other alternative is for folk to work around him and find ways to ignore his antics. I’m thinking here of City Mayors and the possible actions of various states. If ordinary folk were to take him on via red tape, and obscure parts of the constitution…imagine.
            After all the oaf can only tweet and blather to his followers, as anything to do with a nation’s leadership…..pffft! 😼😼

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            • Agreed … it is encouraging that some mayors and governors have defied him, especially in the area of renewable energy and climate change regulations. Need more to do it, though. Ignoring his antics … that’s a bit harder. Rather like trying to ignore the rain falling on your head when you’re stuck outdoors without a hat or umbrella. Or trying to ignore the rotten banana pie that was thrown in your face. 😰

              Yeah, I was reading some of his inane tweets today where he was calling certain congressmen names, threatening them, and criticizing the father of one of those basketball players who got arrested in China. And I thought … even an ordinary average citizen would be ashamed to talk like this in a public venue … and HE is supposed to be seeing an example for US???? Seriously? I really have a strong desire to spit in his eye, y’know? 🤢

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