For All The Wrong Reasons …

There is concern among republicans in the Senate about the candidacy of Roy Moore, the candidate in Alabama who is, amid a maelstrom of controversy, seeking the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.  There is equal concern among COP party leaders.  They should be ‘concerned’, in fact they should be horrified that Alabamans may even consider electing such an abominable ‘man’ for such an important position.  But they are concerned for all the wrong reasons.

Mitch McConnell, for example, is worried that Moore will drag down Republican candidates in 2018, which is shaping up to be a tough year for the GOP, and will hurt the party’s brand. Another, a strategist associated with Republican Senate leadership said, “Not only does Moore really hurt Republicans in the Senate and Republicans nationally, he also does great damage to the conservative movement. Roy Moore comes along, claiming to be a conservative, and now all conservatives are saddled with a guy who is known for one thing and that’s assaulting kids.”

At least 13 Republicans have called for Moore, to step aside. Two rescinded their endorsements. The Senate’s GOP fundraising arm bailed on him.

The right thing, but not for the right reasons.  There are many reasons Roy Moore should be seen as unfit to even be considered for the position.  First, he has been removed from the federal judicial bench, not once, but twice … both times for failure to uphold the law.  Why did he fail to uphold the law?  In both cases, his religions beliefs were in conflict with the law. Never mind that his religion is not mine, nor is it shared by a large portion of U.S. citizens.

moore-3The other reason he must not take a seat in the United States Senate is, of course, the fact that he is accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls when he was a district attorney in his 30s.  The accusations appear to have merit, have shown consistency, and several of Moore’s former colleagues have stated that it was well-known at the time that Moore liked to ‘hang out’ with teenage girls.  There is enough smoke that there is fire somewhere.

moore-4Yet, rather than being outraged because of Moore’s terrible record in failing to uphold the law, rather than being horrified because Moore is a sexual predator, the GOP, McConnell, and a handful of other Republican senators are disturbed because it could cause a few of the senate seats that will be on the ballot a year from now to be lost to Democrats.  Were it not for that, apparently they would be perfectly willing to welcome Moore into their club.

And then there are those who support him, despite the overwhelming evidence that he is not qualified nor fit for the job.  Among those are Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and some 48% of Alabama voters.  A former judge, who has refused to uphold the very law he was sworn to uphold, putting his personal views ahead of the law of the land.  A former law enforcement officer who is in all likelihood a child abuser and sexual predator.  And he has the support of the people of his state AND the ‘man’ who occupies the White House for the moment. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Donald Trump’s reason for supporting Moore is as wrong as McConnell’s reason for not supporting him:  “I can tell you one thing for sure, we don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat, Jones,”   And his mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway further explained, “we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through.”  Ah yes, that tax bill that will increase our debt astronomically and benefit only the wealthy.

moore-3Now, my take as an independent voter who votes her conscience rather than a particular party, and as a woman … let me tell you the right reasons to reject Roy Moore’s bid for Senate.  In the Senate, he would have a vote on every bill that comes before the Senate.  His values are nil, obviously.  His religious views are the criteria upon which he bases his decisions, and thus his votes.  Let us look at a few of his political beliefs:

Roy Moore does not believe in any sort of ‘socialized’ health care, but believes that instead, churches should help poor people with their health care needs. (Good luck with that one)

Roy Moore believes in using the military to keep immigrants out and that Trump’s wall must be built immediately.

Roy Moore believes that LGBT people should not be allowed in the military.

Roy Moore believes that coal mining and oil drilling “should be encouraged”.

Roy Moore believes that the federal government should have no role in education, but that it should be entirely left up to the states to determine educational structures.

Roy Moore is against the United States membership in the United Nations.

Roy Moore is a strong proponent of U.S. increasing its arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Roy Moore opposes a woman’s right of choice, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights, civil unions. (Does the word ‘bigot’ come to mind?)

A quote from Roy Moore sums it up:

“We must remain a moral and virtuous people, “One Nation under God.” I support freedom of worship and the recognition of that God upon Whom we have always relied in peace and war.”

Add to all this his blatant disregard for the law and his disrespect and abuse of women and young girls, and I cannot see how anybody … anybody … with a conscience can vote for or support this so-called ‘man’.

The GOP has lost its way, the people of Alabama seem to have lost those values they claim to be so proud of, and the only thing on the minds of republicans is keeping their majority in Congress, even if it means hiring a pedophile.  Way to go, people … way to go.

Is this, then, what the nation has come to?  That we put partisan politics ahead of all else, that we are willing to overlook heinous crimes just to keep a conservative majority in Congress?  If so, we certainly have sunk to a new low, and we have no right nor reason to be proud of this country.  Think about it.

24 thoughts on “For All The Wrong Reasons …

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  2. Keep fighting Jill. It is a worthy fight. But Trump proved people will vote for an ape if they were told to. (My apology to the race of apes, they didn’t deserve that. They have more intelligence than Trump, and they have more integrity than Moore.) But how many more political candidates, not just Republicans, are scared to death their transgressions will come out too. My thought for all of them, the ones who know they screwed up whether they are willing to admit it or not, is to take responsibility now before someone else outs them. Show some bravery, show some integrity, show some honour! You know who you are. TELL BEFORE YOU ARE TOLD ON!

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    • Yes, that was rather a slap in the face to the apes!! 😉 That said, you make a good point … any who know they are guilty might do well to assume that it will become public knowledge in the near future, and they should show a bit of decency, remorse, and integrity by ‘fessing up’ before they are accused. I’m sure there are some in both parties, and there is no doubt that more and more will stand accused before it’s over.


  3. Jill, thanks for sharing all of the non-sexual assault reasons for not voting for Roy Moore. To be brutally frank, anyone who espouses our withdrawal from the UN is giving a middle finger to the rest of the world. I am already concerned that the President is abdicating America’s global leadership role to the delight of China and Russia and dismay of our allies.

    And, I have concerns over the morals of anyone who says they would vote for pedophile over a Democrat. WWJD – not for vote for pedophile. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Yes, I share your concerns. I am puzzled to see that while Franken’s approval rating is going down dramatically based on accusations of groping women, Moore’s appears, at least by some polls, to be coming back up. Would somebody please explain this difference to me? It’s okay for Moore, a pedophile, to be in the Senate, but not for Franken, a groper. Now mind you, I do think, as much as I hate to say it, because he has good ideas, but I do think Franken should step down. But if he does, then there can be NO justification for Moore to even set foot in the Capitol. Double standard based on political party?

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      • Jill, there is a fascinating editorial I quote from in a comment to my last post. The author is Katelyn Beaty who is s former editor to Christianity Today about evangelicals forgetting the teachings of the gospels to align politically with a party. I love Franken, but he does need to step down. When the incumbent damages the integrity of the position, they need to step down. Same holds true for the sexual assaulting President. Keith

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  4. This sort of thinking didn’t work so well for one bunch, though they were still in denial in Berlin in May 1945.
    (Yeh Moore Trump & Bannon, you kinda asked for that one)

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    • Yeah … y’know, I started making comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis back in early 2016, and people told me I was being a conspiracy theorist, that I was seeing monsters where there were none. And now … some of those same people are finally connecting the dots. Too bad they weren’t able to connect them sooner, else they might have saved us all a lot of trouble, yes?

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      • I stayed away from comparisons for a while in case folk thought I was making clear comparisons with the ghastly things the Nazis did.
        Not so. Only the similarities in the mindset. The rabble-rousing. The blinkered thinking. The lies to their followers. The complete lack of the will to see when things are going wrong…..oh yes and the back-stabbing and petty rivalries around the court of the flabmiester.

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        • Agreed … I don’t see even Trump being fool enough to start up death camps, but it is his manner of increasing his own power, I see him as a wanna-be dictator. His rallies, even early in his campaign, sent chills down my spine. I still think that is his plan, and just hope the safeguards hold until he can be removed.

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          • Hitler rose because Germany at the time believed in a lie.
            The US is too diverse to fall into that trap. And Trump is a small person inflated by the media. All his life has been spent in the bubble of privilege. He has neither the wit nor the guile for the truly hard stuff of politics.

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            • True, and that has already been proven … repeatedly. But still, the lemmings follow loudly with their jackboots against the cobbled pavement. Now where the heck did THAT come from … 🙃 I think I can only blame lateness of the hour and a slightly ‘off’ feeling, likely due to being off my routine this weekend. Bedtime! 💤

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  5. Pretty clear that the GOP is now in full “the ends justify the means” mode. As long as the semi-sentient being occupying that senate seat votes the right way, they don’t care what kind of baggage he’s dragging along with him. At the same time, Dems are held to the letter of the law.

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    • You got it! Only thing is, the Democrats are not only being held to the letter of the law, but openly ridiculed for having values and consciences, as if those are tired old notions whose time has passed, similar to prohibition. If I had a car, I would get a bumper sticker that reads, “Yes, I’m a snowflake. What of it?” I still wear my “Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary” shirt quite often! 😀

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    • I agree … they take hypocrisy to the nth degree … and I, too, hope they are trounced, but … as of yesterday, he is regaining his lead in the polls, as many are now saying they do not believe the women who have accused Moore. I see Steve Bannon’s hand in this. I would not lay any odds at this point against Moore’s win on 12/12.

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      • Well, if DT is put out, I can’t see the VP hauling all of DT’s advisors along into his presidency. They’ll become subjects for the history books, dull subjects. In several years younger people will ask questions like, “Steve who?” I’m waiting to see what happens in the 2018 elections. 🙂 — Suzanne

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        • I agree. When Trump is impeached, I suspect Pence will be eager to distance himself from the trash in the White House as quickly as possible. As for the mid-terms … hard to say what will happen. If Bannon would fall off a cliff somewhere, I think we would stand a chance of electing some more moderate players, be they democrat or republican, but Bannon is spending every waking moment promoting the radical right players. Predictions at this point are all over the board. Who knows?

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