It Will Get Better

For those of us who are not enthralled with the antics of the man in the White House and his minions, it is sometimes difficult these days to keep our perspective, to see that β€˜light at the end of the tunnel’. More than once, I have been sagely advised to look back at history, to note that these dark periods always come to an end and saner heads ultimately prevail. Today, I share with you a post by my old friend and fellow-blogger, Erik Hare, that I found especially encouraging, and I hope you will too. Thank you, Erik, for helping us remember to put everything into perspective, and for your implied permission to share your work!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

The big meal is over. The Vikings beat the Lions in a thrilling game. All across the nation people are wandering home, full of obligations fulfilled and too much food. Many have had the chance to actually count their blessings, the real meaning of the day, and understand that they are indeed wealthy.

Not everyone is so blessed, of course. Far too many people are alone and afraid, hungry and isolated. For all of the riches of our land they have been distributed unevenly and, at times, apparently at random. Yet this is indeed a good time to be alive to see the world come together, no matter how difficult it seems.

We have much to be thankful for.

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23 thoughts on “It Will Get Better

  1. Important post as we must remember ‘this too shall pass.’ Along with history, I also take great comfort and belief in knowing that every day Robert Mueller and his excellent investigative team show up for work, no matter what is trending in the days media. All my best to you.

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    • Thank you! And you are right, I often stop and remember that Mueller is operating quietly, and I do believe that he will bring results, that these things take time and I don’t look for his work to be complete until after the middle of next year, but in the long run, it will all pay off. It’s easy to lose sight of that light at the end of the tunnel some days, though.

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    • oh, yes… this is the longest soap opera ever! Dare not even get a coffee or trip to the loo, lest miss a Tweet or foolish utterance…new players…and best of all the Russians! Always a source of trickster tales a la Brer Rabbit.

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