Saturday Surprise — Black Friday!

Welcome to Saturday’s Surprise!  Since yesterday was that infamous Black Friday, the day where people lose all semblance of sanity in the U.S., I thought it was fair game for a humorous post.  Now, as most of you already know, I do not observe Black Friday in the way most do, for I am not much of a shopper under the best of circumstances, and definitely do not think shopping should result in life-threatening bruises and broken bones!  My Friday-after-Thanksgivings are spent safely ensconced in my home, curled up with a book or my laptop, sipping coffee, and munching on leftovers.  I have friends, however, who arise at 1 or 2 a.m. to go stand shivering in a long line, waiting for the doors of a store to open, then make a mad dash amidst a throng of hundreds for that much coveted piece of electronic wizardry or article of ‘must-have’ clothing, then stand in yet another line of hundreds, already having been punched, shoved, and possibly even knifed, to pay fifty cents less for the item than they would have paid the day before.  Insanity, I tell you!

That said, I thought there must be some funny stories about forays into the Black Friday jungle, and I was right … and so, today I share those with you.  Some will make you laugh, others will have you shaking your heads, wondering if the world has gone mad!  Some of these stories are from the poor retail workers whose jobs it is to serve the public, others from shoppers. I have not changed them, except to shorten them in some cases:

black friday 1“I worked for six yrs at a Johnny rockets(sic) in a mall as a server and management. We didn’t open early like the rest of the stores because we are a restaurant and well, we don’t serve breakfast.

Had people shake our gates screaming that they wanted food. [It] would be just me and a opener getting the chairs set out.

I pointed them towards the food court and told them we didn’t serve breakfast. A lady spit at me and “I know you have bacon”

black friday 2“Someone punched a security guard in the face because he thought he was a customer skipping to the front of the line..he was just walking in the door to start his shift. So yeah, my town has those kind of people in it.”

black friday 3“An 80-year-old grandma tackled and then bear-maced a woman over fleece fabric at my store. The old lady wanted a cancer pink-ribbon fabric, and the woman she ultimately tackled had called ahead and ordered a bulk amount of it, because she works for a cancer organization and makes blankets for cancer patients.”

Black Friday Maxine“Back in my poor college days when I worked at walmart we had a fight break out over a bike. Fists were thrown and there was some blood. Eventually one guy got ahold of it and managed to get away from the crowd, he rode the bike out of the store to flee his pursuers (without paying).”

black friday 4“I think the craziest thing I ever did was camp out with my Texas relatives for the entire night before Thanksgiving. I don’t really ‘do’ Black Friday, but they do, so I decided I would try it. We brought a tent and a camp stove and set up in a Best Buy parking lot. And it was awesome! We made so many friends, some of whom I am still Facebook friends with today. I wouldn’t do it every year, but what I found was the event wasn’t so much about consumerism as it was togetherness. Also, nachos made on a camp stove in the Best Buy parking lot are the best.”

black friday walmart“I was at the mall with my sister, and we were packing up our car when a frazzled couple with a TON of bags came up to us. They said they would give us $20 if we drove their stuff home for them because their car was full. We agreed but realized on the way to their house we totally could have driven off with it — they didn’t ask our name or anything!”

black friday 5“I met my now husband on Black Friday! I saw him across the aisle at an electronics store and asked him for his thoughts on whether I should get x or y TV. He gave me some pointers and then gave me his phone number ‘in case I had any more questions.’ I texted him to thank him, and that was history!”

black friday 6

“One year I went to a local book and gift store and spent $78 on a bunch of stocking stuffers. Then I got a call from my bank. The cashier accidentally charged me $7,800 and my account was super overdrawn!”

black friday 74

“And there was this 11ish year old kid with a woman in her 60s. He was waiting for his 360 bundle. Woman before him had “gotten the last one,” sighs all around. Then he says “nope one more” and begins the motion of handing it to the kid and this guy comes out of no where and pushed the older woman and the kid. The kid hit his face on the edge of a video game rack, you know the one with the metal and plastic dividers.”


And in news about the country from yesterday, the following Black Friday headlines:

  • 1 shot at Missouri mall – One person was shot outside a Missouri college town mall on Thursday night, when stores opened for early Black Friday deals. An unidentified 19-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries in the parking lot shooting at the Columbia Mall.
  • Brawl shuts down Alabama mall – Police and firefighters responded to the Riverchase Galleria after 11 p.m. Thanksgiving after at least one fight on the second floor; a video shows two girls fighting.  A shoe was thrown during the melee, hitting a baby in the head.
  • Skipping the lines? – Some people have attempted to skip the lines at Walmart and Best Buy by wearing employee vests, either obtained from past employment or through social media users selling them online. Wal-Mart vests were being sold on one website for $100 each!

And so concludes another Saturday Surprise!  I hope you are all still safe and of sound mind if you participated in the Black Friday madness.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay warm and keep safe!  Love ‘n hugs …

And to set the tone for the day, a favourite of mine … 

28 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Black Friday!

  1. You like yourself, Jill, and that makes me happy.
    But just to play devil’s advocate, and set you up for some glorious replies and comments, Do you love yourself? Is there no one else you would rather be? Would you choose to live with yourself? If you had a choice, I mean?
    I can honestly say there is no one else in this world I would rather be, nor is there any change I feel I still have to make. Changes can and will happen, that is inevitable. And I live to see what comes next. But my past needs no changes, it is my past that has made me who I am today.
    And I love that Black Friday does not touch the small town I live in. A store has a special? The only one there at opening time is the person who needs it. No one else cares. No mad crunch of bodies. No fights over the last sale item. No fear of being accosted in the parking lot because someone else wants what you bought. I grew up in the city. I doubt I will ever go back.

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    • Hmmmm … an interesting thing to ponder. A welcome interlude. Yes, I like myself, which is fortunate,since I have to live with myself 24/7. But, it didn’t just so happen that I like myself. I work to be a person I can like and respect, to be a person my conscience won’t keep awake nights.

      Love myself? Nah, for to me, love is an emotion that flows between people, not simply within a person. I define it differently than you, perhaps. There are many people I love, on different levels, but I think love is something shared.

      Would I change anything about myself? Sure! I wish I were not a procrastinator. I wish I were more outgoing and did more than I do. And I wish I didn’t have a temper. It doesn’t flare often, but when it does, then I don’t like myself as much. And on the side of things I cannot control, I wish I had more hours in a day, I wish I weren’t going blind, and I wish I were … oh, say 40 instead of 66. I wish I’d been a writer from the start instead of an accountant. But, overall I’m pretty satisfied.

      I debate between me, myself and I whether I would like to a) come back to this earth as a human, or b) come back to this earth as a wolf, or c) not return to this earth at all. The choice remains undecided as yet, and varies depending on mood of the moment.

      Thanks for asking … I enjoyed this! And, I’m glad that you are happy with yourself, also. A person should be, though there are some people who I don’t see how they possibly could be.


      • Thank you for your honest answers, Jill. On the question of age I am about two years older than you, depending on when your birthday is. Mine was Nov. 8th, a strong strong Scorpion, if you get my drift–I love to sting things. But what I love about being 68 (and in this case I am not talking the love between two or more people, I try not to limit my love for any reason) is that I no longer care about the repercussions of saying outright what I have stopped myself from saying for most of my life. What’s the worst anyone can do? Shoot me? Well, my philosophy of life prevents me from ending my life prematurely, but I am finally maturing, so were someone to put a bullet through my head, that would not upset me. I can fairly honestly say my spirit (not soul, I don’t have one of those) is ready for death.
        And yes, while I do believe in reincarnation, I am told I will not be back this way by those who think they are in the know (but that is another story). If I come back, it will be a conscious decision to do so, just like the one I took in 1969. Only, I know more now about why I made that decision then than I ever expected to know when I took it.) If I come back, it will only be to help others who don’t know how to move on. Life on this dimension is not an easy thing to leave, it is a known commodity. To willingly go where one cannot see what is there (whatever the next dimension or plane of life holds for us) one must go without fear of putting behind everything and everyone we know and love. That is never an easy step to take. But, speaking from my spiritual base, if I am given the opportunity to move on, I will take it. My ego won’t agree, but my ego is not part of my spirit. It will get no say.
        But while I am here, and as long as I am here, I will fight the nastiness I see in this world. A spirit can do no less…


      • By the way, this is the kind of conversation I really enjoy having. I believe this is our reason for life in the first place.


    • Yep … greed. I know that ‘different strokes for different folks’, and ‘it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round’, but why, I keep wondering, are there such dramatic differences between people like me, you, Keith, Gronda, David, Roger … and the others? I almost feel like I must have come from another planet, some days. Ah well … I am okay with who I am, like myself about 85% of the time, so I’ll live with it.


  2. I’m going to keep the one about love growing over the consumer goods, that’s so sweet.
    Crowds are dangerous things though. Yesterday in Oxford Street, London (one of the hallowed sites of Shopping) two guys got into a scuffle at the underground station, folk started to move away, the next thing you know someone is claiming they heard shots and a terrorist alert was on; social media went into overdrive – 18 people suffered minor injuries.
    There’s at least one news item in the UK on Christmas Eve about unseemly fights over the last bag of potatoes……eeesh!.
    Happy Uneventful Day.

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    • I read about the Oxford Street incident … sheesh! I thought we had the market cornered on that sort of idiocy. Funny about the potatoes, but yeah … I’ve seen it happen. My daughter went to Panera for bagels this morning, took the last of a certain kind, and then as she walked away, she heard the man in line behind her ask for that particular kind. She told me that she hurried to her car, afraid he might go after her since she took the last. Sad that we think that way anymore, isn’t it?

      I did, indeed, have an uneventful day, and an enjoyable one. Thanks, Roger!

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    • Yep … as Forest Gump said, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.” And yep … I am hibernated happily in the house, enjoying some family time, reading time, writing time, and a nap or two. Just the way I like it! Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

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  3. Jill, I like your Black Friday approach. Sad and funny stories! The cartoon on Christmas spirit says it all. My daughter had pledged to be outside for rewards points with REI, so went for a hike in a local mountain park. Much more preferable to the mall “hiking.” Keith

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  4. Hmmm? You have to spend $900 to save $4o? Does not make economic sense to me? Spending nothing saves $940, end of lesson. I did however go out, here in Victoria B.C. for some mail. Being Friday and also my mail box rental ends next week. Coming home; It took us over 1/2 an hour to travel from one large mall to the next where we hang a right to get to the apartment. Victoria, is mall city but there are these 2 large ones about 1/2 mile apart. That are full of big box stores. ’nuff said! I did work at Mallwart in the interior, although they opened early like 4am sometimes. Mostly black friday was a non-event, there. One thing though, that company has buyers that strike special deals with suppliers, to sell for less. Perhaps those items are made with cost cutting components? That would make sense, to me? For the UPC’s are always a bit different, to those at other retail outlets. We sell for less, makes better sense now.
    Cheers Jamie

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    • It’s been my observation that people buy crap they don’t need just because it’s on sale. I’m with you … makes no financial sense whatsoever. I have a friend who maxes out all his credit cards at Christmas, then has to struggle to pay them off all year long, only to start the vicious circle again. No thanks!

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  5. That’s the danger of a mob. It’s one of the things I fear most. I “hate” crowds.since I got in one that was pushing while going into a college auditorium to hear a speech and found I couldn’t take a breath for a short time until the doors were opened. Never again. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I’m with you there! I do not even like going to the mall on a normal Saturday … too many people and I begin to feel closed in. My girls know to park me in a bookstore with a Starbucks, then they can go spend as much time at the mall as they like! 😀

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  6. ‘Black Friday’ is an ode to greed
    A despicable practice indeed
    Fisticuffs exchanged
    And violence inflamed
    Scary, where consumerism leads

    I like the cartoons, especially the Maxine one. I’m with you Jill. I don’t participate in Black Friday. Not even online.

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. 💞😊

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