Need more to meet in the middle

How do we resolve the divisiveness in our political climate today? One person at a time, I think. We will not solve the problems facing our nation, indeed, our planet, with vitriol and loud voices. Friend and fellow-blogger Keith, as always, makes some excellent points on this topic. Please take a minute to read … this is too important for us to continue as we have been. Thanks, Keith!!!


The overarching theme of the book “Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman” by Miriam Horn is to accomplish lasting, impactful solutions (in this case with climate change and environmental concerns) we need to work with folks in the middle. In essence, the folks in the extremes are too strident and reluctant to compromise.

A good example comes from the Montana rancher as he combats climate change and environmental degradation caused by fracking for natural gas. He works with folks who will address the environmental issues, but permit him and his family to make a living ranching. He notes the fracking companies paint a picture that is far rosier than it is, while some extreme environmentalists want everything to stop and do nothing with the land. At personal risk, he built a coalition of ranchers, environmentalists and government officials who were willing to follow his lead to preserve the environment while permitting the ranchers…

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7 thoughts on “Need more to meet in the middle

  1. Another good share Jill.
    Those who won’t accept climate change can huff and puff as much as they like. This planet’s climate has changed numerous times caused by forces we could not even begin to control. It’s no use pretending otherwise. Get on the side of Planet Earth otherwise we’ll end up as a mere smear in the fossil record.

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  2. I agree with the comment from rawgod. The only thing I would like to add to the conversation is the need to use the term climate change. I think it is a huge disservice to claim something is happening but pretend it is unknown why. It is like saying poof it is magic that this happened. We know why. It is proven science. the data is clear. The rest of the world understands it and agrees that climate change is real. 98% of climate scientist agree, and they should be listened too. To pretend all that doesn’t exist just to not hurt the sensitive feelings of conservatives and politicians who pretend they know more than the people who do that for a living, have degrees in the field, and have all the data, is wrong and doesn’t help us progress. Hugs


  3. reposting my comment to theoldfart’s blog. Thought it couldn’t hurt to let you and your readers see it too:

    I would love it if compromises coulds be arrived at. Politicians are one big roadblock, they can only think as far as the next election. That is how they are taught to survive. And then they are taught to lie their heads off for those valuable swing votes. Tell people what they want to hear, then do what you want once you are elected. I don’t think many politicians can be worked with as long as all they want is to get re-elected before anything else.
    Then there are the loud activists. Yes, they are generally too busy shouting to hear anyone but themselves. But don’t ignore these people, THEY ARE ALREADY ON YOUR SIDE. The trick is to find an idea that will make them want to listen. Remember, the reason they are so loud is because they are frustrated. Using calm voices got them nowhere. That is why they are shouting. Reason alone will not work. Reason with the show of a willingness to act might. Nothing can ever succeed if no one is willing to fail. That is the first rule of any winning strategy.
    And then there are the moderates: this is the group that needs to raise their consciousnesses. As long as they believe in big business and free enterprise, they are putty in the hands of said Big Business. Help them to understand, being putty is not a useful position. Believing everything they are told does not teach them how to think for themselves. Allowing the powers-that-be to get away with calling radicals crackpots stop people from hearing opposing viewpoints, yet it is the radicals who cause the most change.
    These are my ideas on mobilizing the middle. I hope you will at least consider them.

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