A New Low …

Have you ever asked yourself just how low Donald Trump can go?  Of course you have, we have all asked ourselves that question, most of us on a daily basis.  And, on a near-daily basis he proves to us that there is no floor to the depravity of his mind … it just keeps sinking lower and lower.

This morning, apparently without a single moment of thought occurring, he re-tweeted a series of three videos … for no apparent reason other than to stir his followers to rage, for perhaps they have been too quiet of late and he wanted them to make some noise.  The videos were originally posted in the UK by a woman named Jaydan Fransen, who is the deputy leader of British far-right group Britain First, a political group with only about 1,000 followers and no seats in Parliament. The videos purport to show Muslims committing acts of violence, though at least one is already proven to be a falsity.

British leaders are appalled, as well they ought be.  Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “I hope our government will condemn far-right retweets by Donald Trump. They are abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.” He also suggested that Trump’s planned state visit should be cancelled.  While I am not a huge fan of Corbyn, I applaud his response, for he is quite correct.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May said, “British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance and respect.”

Other MPs also spoke harshly against Trump’s ignorance.  Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames said Mr Trump had finally proved he is “wholly unsuited” to the role of president. He is also correct, and most of us have known that from the start, yet Trump seems to feel a need to prove it over and over again, ad nauseam. Labour MP David Lammy accused Trump of “promoting a fascist, racist, extremist hate group”.

And what, you may wonder, did Trump’s mouthpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders have to say, in light of the fact that at least one of the videos is a falsehood?  She said, “Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real. [Trump’s] goal is to promote strong border security and strong national security.”  So there you have it. It matters not whether it is true or not.  He cannot get widescale support for his Muslim ban, few have any interest in his wall along the Mexican-U.S. border, so to renew the energy he thought he had during the campaign, he posts these abhorrent videos.  To re-stir the pot of hatred that is already simmering and near to boiling.

Reactions here at home were predictable – condemnation from the sensible, but this from white supremacist and former KKK grand poobah, David Duke:

“This is why WE LOVE TRUMP and WHY the FAKE NEWS MEDIA HATES TRUMP. He brings to light what the lying, Fake News Media Won’t. The truth is the media covers up horrific numbers of racist hate crimes against White people!”

If the only people who agreed with or supported me were trash like David Duke, I would consider myself a total failure in life.

Jaydan Fransen, the original poster of the videos, is a marginalized UK politician who received only 56 votes when she ran for Parliament in 2014.  Since then, she has run afoul of the law more than once. She was convicted of the racially aggravated harassment of a Muslim woman in Luton last year and has been charged with the same offense following an appearance at a far-right rally in Belfast this summer. She is due to appear at a Belfast court on the latter charge next month. Somehow I doubt that Trump knows, nor even cares who she is or what her background is.  He doesn’t seem to mind flirting with the riff-raff.

In the entire 10+ months of his term in office, Donald Trump has not done a single thing that reflected in a positive manner on the office he occupies.  He has acted as a juvenile, with no thought of a filter for his mouth or tiny fingers, he has made abominable decisions, has denigrated and insulted our friends and allies, while praising our enemies.  I do not understand how his approval rating even remains in the 30 percentile range, nor will I ever understand the support of the republicans in Congress, let alone his base.  But this latest is a new low, even for him.  I sincerely hope the UK does rescind their invitation, since if he travels there, he can only further embarrass us and I, for one, am already deeply ashamed.

49 thoughts on “A New Low …

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  2. Hi, Jill, been away a few days, so cannot help getting into this fabulous conversation. Two things to start, then anything else is fair game.
    1) The problem with saying Trump is bringing the office down to the sewers, inversely it is bringing him closer to the center of the Earth, a place he covets. If that would take him closer to the center of the universe, he would like that even better. Unfortunately for him, our world exists about as far from the center of the universe as it is possible for intelligent life to be, and for that I am grateful. Happenstance alone prevents us from being much of a cancer on the universe, he cannot destroy much, however much he thinks he is destroying.
    2) The lower he stoops, the closer he is getting to orchestrating his own fall. From looking at the history of the office, it has never endured so much without a bullet being released by some sane person driven insane by his practised stupidity. He actually believes he is untouchable, but the more people and groups of people he insults, berates, and degrades, the wider he is casting his net to uncover that one person who decides he has gone too far, and needs to be silenced forever.
    3) And this one I can barely believe, not one person who reads this blog is willing to stick up his azzhat, I mean stick up FOR this azzhat. Here would be a perfect place for someone who believes in Trump to speechify on behalf of Trump, and try to change our minds in his favour. You cannot tell me there is no one at all in all Trump’s army of followers who is not reading this column. Yet no one is willing to argue against you, and through you, willing to argue against us. Is it really possible that no one of his army can read intelligent conversation and not know how to defend him intelligently? Let me make that simpler for anyone who cannot read above a fifth grade level: someone needs to reel us in, to stop all this republican-directed craziness that is the major theme of this blog at present. Isn’t there anyone out there who is right wing enough to challenge us, or are you just too stupid to even understand that we are insulting, berating, and degrading your master??????????
    All we need is one brave soul to fight against us. I guess you’re all too stupid to try!

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    • Ahhh … I see you have re-energized, my friend! Well … I agree with your 2nd point, and am surprised that there have not been more attempts on his life, surprised that at least one hasn’t succeeded. He has twice the security of past presidents, simply because in addition to the Secret Service, he maintains his own, private security staff, but even with that, he is in the public enough that I am certain it could have been accomplished, yet it hasn’t. No idea why.

      As to the third point … I had one naysayer for a time, but rather than argue points, all he did was criticize and talk down to me. He dropped out some time ago. Occasionally I get a comment here or there from a new reader who supports Trump, but it is increasingly rare. I do have two Facebook friends who are republicans who read this blog, but if they comment, they do so via private message or email, and both are typically very respectful, as they are long-time friends and both are intelligent. They are republicans, but yet disgusted with Trump. Other than those few, you are right, most of us share the same values, ideology, etc., and that is why I often say that I am preaching to the choir, or spitting in the wind, for most already agree with what I write. So, why, you might ask, do I bother? I don’t know … I have hopes that one person of the opposing view might read it and actually consider what I say? I enjoy what I do? Or perhaps it is just my outlet to keep the angst from building and driving me insane. Who knows?


  3. Dear Jill,

    These sick retweets by President Trump just goes to prove that he is a mad man living in the White House and the republicans working in the White House and the US Congress are guilty of enabling the mentally ill man living in the White House, placing the US national security interests at risk.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, Gronda. I spent some “quality” alone time while crafting in the shop with the rain drumming on the roof, to force myself to think about Mr. Trump. Truly, I began to feel deeply sorry for him – there is something very wrong with him and the position he’s gotten himself into and which his pride won’t let him leave, is pushing him over the edge. This is morbid, I’ll quit now.

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  5. I’m certainly no expert in political commentary, but I’ll bet that Trump is stirring the pot to deflect attention away from his tax cut bill while his GOP henchmen do his bidding in Congress. Smoke and mirrors.He doesn’t care if he insults Britain – it is clear after 10 months in office that he respects no country – except Russia. You did a superb job on this article, Jill!

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    • Thank you, John! Part of it may be to distract from the tax bill, part may be to detract from the Russian investigation, and part may be simply that his masses, his lemmings, have become quiet and he wanted to recharge the voices! Who knows … I cannot figure out how his mind works, and I’m glad, for I think his mind is a scary place! 😱


  6. Jill, this is a great piece with excellent comments. Let me start with the simplest issue – why is the President of the United States routing videos via Twitter like a teenager? Next simplest – why is POTUS not vetting the source of videos or articles? Next simplest – don’t you have more important things you could be doing; you asked the Senate to focus and then you distract them with your inability to do so? Finally, why is Trump spending so much time catering to the worst in us versus helping us be better? The President is supposed to unite us and be an inspiration. This man falls short on so many levels.

    A leadership consultant firm says a great leader deflect credits to others for success. A bad leader assumes credit even if it is not warranted.

    As for the comments about whether he is astute or not, people that know him well said he does not care to know details or show an inclination to learn them. He also is so consumed by his ego, he cannot help making any issue or circumstance about him – a recent example is the ceremony to honor the Native American code talkers, where he just had to ridicule an opponent and insult his celebrants. Also, watch the last John Oliver show where he had someone read a transcript of what he says; it is incoherent. Oliver notes that you can do this with anything he says and come to the same conclusion.

    Thanks again, Keith

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    • All valid points, my friend. He is not a leader, and I am still scratching my head over a) the mere fact that he was elected, and b) the fact that his approval rating is still 38%. Amazing, and not in any good way. I will go in search of the John Oliver clip! Many thanks for your approval of this one … it means a lot!


  7. Just the idea that a leader of a respectable democracy or one of his spokespersons could step forward and claim that it was not important if something he said/sent/shared was true or not …. would have felt unreal just a year ago. But it is very real know. And we are not even surprised anymore! Shifting baselines … is there a limit, I wonder?

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  8. I feel desperately badly for Brendan Cox, Jo Cox’s husband. Like many others I sat and watched in horror as news came out of Jo Cox being shot, I saw her slumping in the road, saw the helicopter arrive. Prayed (last resort) she would be OK and grieved terribly when she died. The response to the death in the form of donations to the Jo Cox Foundation was wonderful. But in the by-election which followed while all the other main parties decided not to contest her Labour successor, several far right parties predictably did. All of them lost their deposits. But the mere fact they chose to contest it when Jo’s killer was reported to have shouted ‘Britain First’ was almost beyond belief. Except we know now nothing is beyond belief. Americans, we know so many of you are shocked and distressed and depressed and embarrassed by your leader. If all politicians – real politicians (I wouldn’t dignify groups such as Britain First with the epithet) – behaved as well as the politicians who did not contest the by-election in Batley and Spen did, would we be in a better place? Your Republicans are the people who are letting you all down, surely? Where is the common decency? And the media too have a role to play. Why interview at length people with white supremacist agendas and liars? Huge sigh. And thanks, Jill.

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    • Yes, I remember well the overwhelming sadness when Jo Cox was killed. I was not aware of the agreement not to contest her successor, but what a wonderful show of humanity over greed! I have no use for these far-right fringe groups, or even the major ones like the National Front, Marine LePen’s party in France. Yes, the republicans in Congress are letting us all down, and certainly the press has a role, but it is the 38.4% of voters who are still supporting Trump that are a big part of the problem here. And the other part is the greed of the big corporations who bankroll the politicians, then basically demand their loyalty in their votes, overriding what is best for us. I Sigh along with you, my friend.

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  9. It’s a well known technique known as arguing by specific cases but it’s not just employed by Mr Trump , nor is it a recent addition to the armory of self – deception. The media employ this frequently in order to mold public opinion and the bloodier the special case the more effective the propaganda becomes. The cripple is pitted by us all and makes the perfect specimen and the child is another perfect example capable of swaying public opinion. If we see a dark skinned man walking out of a mosque we seem to assume he is different from a fair skinned man walking out of a church. We carry the absurd conclusion even further in the assumption that labels such as Christian , Muslim are all that is needed to describe the whole life-style behaviour of a man. I think Robbie Burns had a strong point ‘ A man’s a man for all that ‘.

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    • You make some valid points, especially in regards to the media, and while I fully support our free press, I wish they were not as profit driven as they are, for it colours the way in which they tell a story, and what stories they tell. And you are right,that people judge based on irrelevant criteria, such as skin-colour, religion, gender, etc., but I think that will never change, for it has been so throughout history. I imaging it will continue to ebb and flow, without ever being completely eradicated from our society.


  10. As usual, Jill, you speak for a whole lot of us, citizens of Earth before we are citizens of our own nations. But lest we forget, yesterday Trump took on the aboriginal races, of which I can be considered a member, and basically told us we don’t count in the large scheme of things. I, for one, am happy I don’t fit in his scheme of things. But there are only a few million of North American aboriginal people left in North America–there are millions upon millions of Muslims, all being painted with the ugly brush of terrorists by the loud but minimal minority who do believe in terrorism, or who just get their rocks off because they are mean violent bullies who couldn’t care less why they do anything, just so long as they get to terrorize people who are different from them.
    I have a little story to tell, though I don’t remember many of the facts. As a hippie in 60s North America, we believed in peace, love, and blasting our music around the world. But, amongst us, pretending to be hippies, were people who hated, people who wanted to destroy the peace, people who wanted only their own voices (and vices) to be heard, not to mention that most of this small group were male and false-hippies just trying to get laid by the ladies of the “free love generation.” I know this, because I met these people at love-ins, be-ins, peace rallies, and other demonstrations. All they wanted was to throw the rocks and bottles they carried at policemen, and then sit back and watch innocent victims get knocked by billy-clubs and suffer from needless tear-gas bursts.
    Those are the same people that Trump now uses to “demon”strate why we should annihilate all Muslims. I hate to say it but he is not so stupid as most would wish he is. He is diabolically astute, and shows it every day by the ever more diabolical things he says and does. He is riling up the violent bully minority, and they are reacting exactly as he knew they would. He is definitely a mastermind at work, and his master plan is working better than even he could have thought. Oh, gawd, that man is a fraud of a human being.

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    • The problem with a psychopath is, he’s a chameleon. He’ll show a front he’s already calculated will get him what he wants. He wants notoriety, not popularity, big difference. There are lots of studies done on psychopathy, all well worth pondering at this time when so many “psychos as leaders” are stirring up the global political pot and getting the results they want from their bubbling human broth. They foment the bile of hatred into a boiling foam that overflows the pot and spreads out, causing chaos, pain and fear. It’s the fear that’s the most dangerous because it causes the “majority” of non-involved to freeze like a deer in headlights when it should be time to act. Lest anyone forgets, or falls for the “Holocaust hoax” lies, here’s another reminder of what it was like for targeted minorities under the Third Reich: https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/prisoner-number-a26188-henia-bryer/

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    • I would agree with almost all you say, but I think you give him too much credit for intelligence. Devious and calculating, certainly. But an intelligent being would not have allowed Putin to call so many of the shots during the election that the entire integrity of the election was called into question, thus leading to the multiple investigations … the only legit one, of course, being Mueller’s … that have discovered a very tangled web of trails that a smart person would never have left exposed. And he has done some damn stupid things that led to questioning his motives, such as firing James Comey, and blatantly making up a lie to cover his son’s backside. So, I don’t see him as particularly intelligent. However, the rest of your points certainly have merit!


      • Intelligence is what intelligence does. In many cases being intelligent means prethinking the consequences of one actions, and that would require covering up one’s trail. But why I call him “intelligent” is because he is more cunning than a fox, and about as carefree of consequences as a worm. After all, he has been elected supreme ruler of the nation that has the most nuclear weapons, Why should he worry about consequences? You cannot get any higher than he already is.
        But what a height to fall from? I might even pay to see the SPLAT!


  11. Yes, saw this disgusting episode on Twitter yesterday. I don’t normally engage in political tweets, but I sent a message to real donny, to tell him to keep Britain out of his hate agenda along with, I suppose, thousands of other Brits. Bianca Jagger (former wife to Mick, and active Human Rights campaigner) was one of the first to Tweet her indignation. Many celebrities have since joined the rebuttals.

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  12. It’s just too bad this “Trump” mindset hasn’t happened before. If it had, there might be a law now that would allow Congress, or the Senate, or both, to automatically, simply, disqualify Trump from continuing in office. Such a law is obviously and desperately needed now… if only the Repugnicans didn’t control the whole show. I’m a naturalized Canadian, born in Europe, and even though I despise Trump, still he manages to make me feel embarrassed. I don’t know if I feel sorry for him in some weird way, or I am developing a soft spot here for my beleaguered neighbours directly south of me… but yes, Mr. Trump is becoming an embarrassment to our entire species, not just to America.
    On a different tack, the tactics being used by Mr. Trump are playbacks from those used by Hitler in the late Nazi Germany 30’s to rally “his people” behind his war effort build up. What comes next: neo-Nazi goon squads setting non-white’s homes on fire forcing them out, then beating or killing them publicly in the streets while the police watch with smiles on their faces? Too far-fetched? So did the vast majority of German people think until it began and they discovered that a) they didn’t mind it so much or b)they could no longer do anything about it. Food for thought: what would it take for Mr. Trump to declare himself “president” for life? He’s got all the forces that matter on his side, including Homeland Security. When Hitler dclared himself chancellor he abolished the Weimar republic constitution and replaced it with the Third Reich dictatorship. The USA as a military dictatorship? It already is, though not officially declared. Most of the money collected in taxes already goes to fatten the military and attendant private para military forces while the infrastructure and social services of the country are being systematically destroyed and some of the post-industrial cities, particularly Baltimore and Detroit, are imploding. And when the shit hits the fan, Canadians will be just as deep in it as Americans. Remember the Anschluss, the forced annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany making Austria a Nazi country despite the fact that almost no Austrian wanted anything to do with the Nazis. Still, they were drafted to die in Hitler’s war… and if they refused, straight to the concentration camps and slave labour, there to also die. Doesn’t look rosy from up here in the hills, folks. Just glad I’m 71, not 17.

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    • Much to think about. Much of what you say mirrors the thoughts I began having back in the second half of 2015, after listening to his rhetoric at rallies, as it reminded me much of film clips I have seen of Hitler rallying the masses. And, he uses fear and anger to his advantage. Yes, he has de-funded many federal departments, such as education, health & human services, the EPA, while saying the military needs much more money, and especially in order to build up our nuclear arsenal, which we had agreed to reduce under both Bush and Obama. There are signs, for certain, that he may be working his way toward declaring himself an autocrat. In some of my 2016 posts, when Erdogan gave himself additional power as a response to the failed coup, which I believe he had a hand in plotting, I said repeatedly that I could see Trump doing something similar … creating a threat to justify increasing his own power. Many thought I was being an alarmist, but I still keep a watchful eye for that to happen. The most disturbing thing, to me, is that too many people have the attitude of “oh, it’s so depressing, I will simply ignore it and just focus on fun things”. The same was true in Germany in the 1930s … complacency. This is all much of the reason this blog took the turn it did, for my original intent was not to become a political analyst, but I feel this need, a compulsion, almost, to try to enlighten people who may not understand the ramifications.

      71!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you were in your 30s!!!!!!!!! I made that assumption by your profile pic, I think. 😉

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      • Ah, the profile pic: that’s my Avatar image which turned out a bit “prophetic” since I drew it decades before the movie came out. Should I have joined those who sued James Cameron for supposed theft of their creations? Just kiddin’ folks. I don’t do “sue” in any case: against my non-beliefs. Seriously, I suppose I’m a bit of an alarmist myself, but if I could explain the things I can “see” in some logical, believable fashion, perhaps people would realize what they’re doing and where it is leading them, socially and environmentally. Foresight is fascinating, but it is a curse. Have fun drying. I’ve got shop, then vacuum. I hate housework, probably one of the main factors why I live alone! 🙂


  13. Trump panders to the worst in people. He is a disgrace to the Office of President and surely should not be the representative of his Country. The people of the U.S. deserve better. It’s pointless asking him to grow up and to cease tweeting like a lovesick teenager as it’s pointless asking him not to post hate videos since this is what his followers demand.The UK doesn’t want him and his invitation should be cancelled without us wishing to extend that dismissal to the people of the US.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Well, while I agree that he is the illegitimate holder of the office and has no business sitting in the Oval Office, I think perhaps the people, or at least one contingent of the people — those who voted for him — got precisely what they deserved. They just haven’t awakened yet to the fact that it wasn’t at all what they thought it was. I truly do hope that his invitation to visit at all is canceled, and he certainly does NOT deserve a state visit! He postponed it last time, saying he would wait until the people were ready to welcome him … I think that day will never come, for he is as much despised abroad as he is here in the U.S. It is sad and more than a little disturbing that some 38% still approve of him and the ‘job’ he isn’t doing, for it gives one reason to question the values of the citizenry here.

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  14. It doesn’t matter if it’s true/real or not, only if it supports what I feel to be true/real. Fake News is that news which does not support what I want to believe. And Drumpf is the embodiment of both. I think I am just going to gp watch some Christmas movies now…

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    • Exactly, for the world revolves around Trump, at least in his mind. He is the center of it all, even across the globe. Such an ego I could never have imagined, and not a day goes by that I don’t shake my head in wonderment, and I don’t mean that in any good way. Sigh.

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  15. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Have you ever asked yourself just how low Donald Trump can go? Of course you have, we have all asked ourselves that question, most of us on a daily basis. And, on a near-daily basis he proves to us that there is no floor to the depravity of his mind … it just keeps sinking lower and lower.’
    The ‘man’ has no bottom!! He has no limits, no barriers. There are no more lines to cross!!

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