Charlie Brown Christmas

One of my absolute favourite things about the holiday season is A Charlie Brown Christmas. There is something magical about it, and although there are other Christmas specials I enjoy, this one tops the list. I am working on several other posts, but when I came across this on Erik Hare’s blog, Barataria, I really wanted to share it with my friends! Take a minute, if you will, away from the woes of the world, for they will still be there when you return, and read Erik’s post about the beginnings of A Charlie Brown Christmas! Thank you, Erik, for putting a smile on my face!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Christmas is a time for remembering everything that has come before us. It’s not a kind of memorial day when we remember what we lost, but instead a day to remember the great gifts that have come to us over the many years. The circle of gratitude is widened every year as the holiday expands with new love and new memories.

It may be more important this year than ever.

One tradition for many people about my age is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. In many ways this defines the tension of Christmas itself, even though very little in popular culture has been willing to decry the commercialism that is the true “War on Christmas”. And in the process it gave us a new definition of holiday cheer, bringing Vince Guaraldi’s cool jazz into the warm holiday like a sprig of winter itself.

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