Filosofa Screwed UP!!!

As I have said many times, though I strive for accuracy, I sometimes get it wrong.  Today was one of those times, and I must say that when I get it wrong, I get it WRONG! I thank Xena for pointing to the error of my ways!

In my post, A Tale of Two Verdicts  I referred to Daniel Shaver as a black man murdered by a white police officer, but Daniel Shaver was, in fact, white, and if my brain had been functioning, I would have realized my error, for I even posted a picture of he and his family.

This in no way diminishes the injustice of his murder, but it does take the racial element out of the equation.  I still would have included his story in this post, but I apologize for my error in his race.  Please forgive my negligence in this, for it is truly inexcusable.  Thanks to my reader, Xena, for catching my faux pas.  I will be more careful in the future.

Thank you all for your patience.

38 thoughts on “Filosofa Screwed UP!!!

  1. I think in its own way it draws attention to the fact that this is also a human rights issue across the board and not racial alone. These guys have to pass no mental competency screening as judges apparently don’t have to pass bias or prejudice testing prior to gaining access to their power either. It is the same sad story. And for the honest police officers out there I apologize for my negativity but where the hell are you anymore?

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  2. Jill, if you moderate your comments, you do not have to post the following, but I had to write it.
    I knew the guy was white and I’d already read the story on another blog. However, if you look at it philosophically, you realize this cop crime is even more heinous and telling: now even “whites” aren’t safe from mad cops – and one look at that cop creature says all one needs to know about the lurking insanity. The need to fire those guns and to kill is transcending race now, and things are going to get a lot worse. Americans are shocked at what they see happening in their own world today but if they knew their military and imperialist corporate history, and were able to even for a moment unlock from their unreality and realize how many millions of innocents have died under US martial power they would not be in the least surprised. The common saying is, the chickens have come home to roost. The blatant lawless killings and genocides committed by the US military and para-military “special” forces, and by CIA armed goon squads trained to protect US-backed dictators world wide have created a cartoon world of America as people who have been fattened on the resources, exploitation, enslavement, loss, blood and death of non-Americans world wide. I’ll mention a few: Hiroshima/Nagasaki; Korea, Vietnam, and basically all of Central America. Add Iraq, Palestine, Libya and Syria to the collection. Now wonder not why drug use, crime and overt violence has become the rule of thumb in the homeland. America, like all repulsively violent empires, and aren’t they all repulsively violent, is going down, likely much faster than did any previous empires. Remember that mad cop’s picture when wondering what comes next when the US dollar and US military “might” fail because no amount of propaganda, brainwashing, overt violence and blatant political, religious and corporate lies can uphold it any longer. And wonder not how easy it is to connect the dots from that mad cop’s killing of an unarmed innocent man to the genocidal path of US armed forces. It’s a question of “quality” as in non-existent integrity, not a question of quantity.

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    • Police kill Whites too, and they are acquitted, or juries hang, or they are never charged. I could go into reasons why their families are not vocal, but I can’t do that justice in a comment. Sadly, it appears that many believe they are excluded from connecting with Black Lives Matter groups when in fact, BLM advocates against police brutality and deadly force on all races. Here are just a few names of unarmed Whites killed by police;
      Kelly Thomas; Patricia Cook; Ethan Saylor; Misty Holt-Singh; Jeremy Mardis; Dillon Taylor; Pastor Nehemiah Fischer; James Boyd; John Wrana.

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    • No, I don’t moderate comments, for I really don’t have time. As you can see, it often takes me more than a day just to get them answered! But it is rare that I remove one, I think only 3-4 times in several years of writing this blog. I do appreciate your insight in this comment. Much of this I have already given some thought to, and while to an extent it may seem a bit far-fetched … two years ago I thought what is happening today seemed far-fetched, so … are there any limits to how far things can unravel? Perhaps not. Thanks again, Sha’Tara!


      • Yes, I can see you are very busy with this blog, never mind the rest of your life – do you even have one? 🙂 You have a wonderfully open mind, Jill. If more Americans had your attitude to others and held your views, your country would be on the way to recovery rather than the other way around. From my point of view here, across the 49th, I’d say close the hatches, secure the seat belts… and tighten the waist, the future for Americanada is not rosy, and yes, whatever happens in “America” is going to similarly happen in Canada, so Americans who think crossing the 49th is safety, that’s delusional. You wouldn’t believe how many Trump supporters there are in Canada, especially here in the West. A great many Christians, fed heavily on US fuddlementalist propaganda, fervently believe that Trump is sent by God to clean up “socialist” political corruption. You can practically hear the “Sieg Heil!’s” in the background. I think these fuddlementalists confuse Trump with Jesus Christ… but I’m pretty sure Jesus did NOT drink ten cans of diet Coke a day, no matter how hot it got.

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        • First, I thank you so much for your kind words and praise! I was getting into a sour mood after writing my post on the tax bill, but you brought a smile to my face! I have a life, or sorts … my daughter, granddaughter and seven cats live with me, and I even have a guy! I love to cook and do so 4-5 nights a week, take care of the house and laundry while my daughter (a nurse) earns the living. And, I spend usually 10-12 hours a day on this blog. Of course, if something has to be sacrificed, it is sleep, but … at my age, I don’t have time to waste doing that! 😉

          I admit that I am surprised to hear that there is such a large contingent of Trump supporters in Canada! Most of my Canadian readers cannot stand him … but then, this blog tends to attract the more liberal-minded, and others who pop in generally don’t stay long. So, in that sense, I am naive, for I thought Canadians to be much more sensible than to encourage the likes of Trump. Thanks for enlightening me … I think 😉


          • Trump gets huge support in Bible Belt areas, and of course in Alberta where they still think of themselves as “cattlemen” and “oil men,” i.e., as sort of Canadian Texans and do a lot of praying. Religion, politics and money.

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            • Ah yes, the ol’ cowboy mentality. Texas, Wyoming, Alberta … at least Canadians have stricter gun laws so they don’t go ’round shooting at each other as a way to resolve their differences. 😉


              • Yes, there is that. Also I just read that Quebec is going to implement a basic minimum income, so all’s not lost, quote: “$3B anti-poverty plan could provide a blueprint for future policies, proponent says source link CBC News By Benjamin Shingler Posted: Dec 12, 2017 The new guaranteed minimum income is part of a $3-billion anti-poverty plan announced Sunday. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) The Quebec government has taken a “positive first step” toward a universal basic income with its commitment to […]”

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      • Stop kicking yourself already. 🙂 Two verdicts in the same week can be overwhelming. Actually, there were 3, but the other case did not involve death — just breaking the leg of a 53 year old in 2 places, severing his artery, keeping him chained to his hospital bed by charging him falsely with obstruction of investigation and assaulting a police officer.

        You probably didn’t hear about the case because the cop and victim are Black. Wrong is wrong regardless of the color of skin. Cops gone wild is the problem.

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          • Jill, it can be very time consuming. Cases involving police related shootings and use of excessive force is my focus. If there is a trial, following it has gotten more inconvenient because news sources are not live-streaming and federal courts do not allow cameras nor any type of electronic devices in the courtrooms.

            There have been trials where I have literally watched or followed 8 hours a day, each day of trial, and then went on verdict watch for another 3 days or longer.

            It’s a bit easier if following one case from start to finish, but there are so many of these types of cases now that I’m thinking about passing on the baton.

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