A Monster Re-Surfaces …

brock turner

Brock Turner

Remember Brock Allen Turner? If you wish to refresh your memory, it was one of my better pieces of early 2016   (Yes, a shameless plug, but it was a comprehensive analysis) Briefly, In January 2015, during a party on the campus of Stanford University, 20-year-old Turner raped an unconscious young woman behind a dumpster.  There was no doubt of his guilt, as two eyewitnesses pulled Turner off the woman and held him until police arrived.  He was found guilty and could have been sentenced up to 14 years, based on the charges, but Judge Aaron Persky said he saw no reason to ruin young Turner’s life and sentenced him to only six months.  Turner served 90 days in prison.  Turner’s father, Dan Turner, argued against even that light sentence, saying what a shame it was that his son would not be able to eat steak during his time in prison, and that he should pay a price for a mere “20 minutes of action”.

The leniency of the sentence caused a public outcry and calls for Judge Persky to be replaced.

Today, Brock Turner is back in the news, more than one year after his release from jail on September 2nd, 2016,  for he is now appealing the light sentence he was given!  Why, and on what grounds?  The grounds, apparently, are that Turner, who was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, claims he did not receive a fair trial.  How so?  Because of the exclusion of testimony by ‘character witnesses’ who vouched for his ability to swim well, his school performance, and his overall honesty.  He also claims that since his victim was inebriated, he should not have been convicted.

Also at issue is the fact that the prosecutor made note of the fact that Turner had taken his victim ‘behind the dumpster’ to rape her, which is true, but Turner’s attorney now claims it implies that Turner was attempting to hide his nefarious activities, and that it implied ‘moral depravity’, as dumpsters are associated with garbage and filth. Well … wasn’t he, and isn’t he??? Call a spade a bloody shovel!

In a statement before his 2016 sentencing, Mr. Turner claimed that the sex was consensual, despite the fact that the victim was unconscious and could not have given consent.

Why is Turner appealing this conviceiont more than a year after being released from jail?  I cannot say, but my best guess is that a) he and his ‘daddy’ want it off his record so that his bright and shining future will not be tarnished by “a brief 20 minutes of action”, and b) with two more years to serve on parole, he is getting tired of both having to meet with his parole officer and having to register every 90 days as a sex offender.  Those things can put a damper on a guy’s social life, y’know.

What are the odds of his appeal being successful?  Slim-to-none, by my best guess, but keep in mind a couple of things.  Turner’s family are upscale and wealthy, and ours has become a society that seems to value wealth over morals. I always felt that Turner’s father greased some palms to get him such a ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence.  I am puzzled, though, by Turner’s attorney for the appeal, Eric Multhaup, and his reason for being willing to take this case, putting his professional reputation on the line.  Again … greased palms?  I don’t know, but I do know that if I were an attorney, it would take a hell of a lot of grease to convince me to file this frivolous appeal.


Judge Aaron Persky

Judge Persky’s future remains in question, as there is yet a movement to remove him from the bench based primarily on this case and his uber-lenient sentencing. According to Michele Dauber, Stanford law professor and the chairwoman of a committee to recall Judge Persky, “The problem with this case is not that Judge Persky was unfair to Brock Turner, it’s that Judge Persky was unfair to the victim.” The committee she is leading has so far collected 76,000 signatures of the 90,000 needed to get the issue of Persky’s removal on the June ballot.

I will return with updates as they happen … watch this space,

21 thoughts on “A Monster Re-Surfaces …

    • We certainly do. I am encouraged, and stunned at some of the men who are being accused! One part of me wonders if we will ever get there. Just as I wonder if we will ever have true racial equality, gender equality, LGBT equality, or religious equality. I have my doubts. Sigh.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here’s justice in America!! … talk about ‘white privilege’!
    ‘Today, Brock Turner is back in the news, more than one year after his release from jail on September 2nd, 2016, for he is now appealing the light sentence he was given!’

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  2. Hello Jill. I found so many disgusting things claimed by the defendant, his family, and his lawyer. As for the woman’s sobriety or lack of, if a person is under the influence do they lack all rights to not be assaulted? I think that line of thought leads to a place that if you can drug the object of your attention or get them unable to resist, you have the right to violate them. That is so wrong, as the Bill Cosby situation is trying to prove out. There are many people, men and women who have been drugged without their knowledge who were later assaulted sexually. I is not their fault, they were not in the wrong, the crime was done by the one who assaulted them for their own reasons. I think the Turners will be very surprised when they get the answer from a new judge. IOn another note, I am glad all this stuff is coming out. Maybe now the country can see the issue more clearly and change for the better. Hugs

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    • Exactly! These people seem to think their money makes them better than the rest of us. I do hope you’re right and they get a big surprise from the appellate court. I’m not counting on it, though. It’s a damn shame that we try to make the victim out to be at fault … no wonder so many women just keep the atrocities to themselves,.

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      • Hello Jill. My phone just gave me a notice from USA today that a kid got a 4 million dollar birthday party and a Ferrari for his 18th birthday. This in a country where the majority are struggling daily and the poor and working poor do not have enough to eat or health care.
        The problem I see is that people (kids) like this grow up feeling they are a ruling class, entitled to everything and anything they wish, while they see the other not wealthy people as sub humans to themselves. Unworthy of life’s basics or their respect. It angers me and infuriates me that this is what our country has become. Hugs

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        • A $4 million party??? I cannot even begin to imagine what that looks like! Nor do I wish to. The words depravity and hedonistic immediately come to mind. I’m with you on this one for sure … they grow up with a sense of entitlement, a sense that their wealth puts them above all others, and that is NOT the principle on which this nation was founded. And if that kid grows up and rapes or murders, he will be forgiven and given only a slap on the wrist.

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  3. When people question why victims delay or flat out don’t report, THIS IS WHY. Because even when the assault is reported immediately and there is guilt beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, it’s a long, painful, humiliating road. His poor victim had been revictimized so many times throughout this process for “justice”

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      • Its beautiful, what these victims who come forward in the face of public scrutiny and victim sharing are doing for victims. It’s courageous and bold and how many of them survive it with grace and poise is beyond me. They’re miraculous people for simply speaking up, and many of the voices cheering them on are those who have been victims and couldn’t stand the thought of reliving that pain over and over. I totally understand and empathize for those who don’t speak up, or will never get the opportunity and am so thankful for those that take on this battle when the scars can’t even get a chance to heal cause the wounds just keep coming.

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        • I fully agree! My hat is off to these women, and it makes me so angry that the victims are so often … nearly always, in fact … blamed somehow. I greatly admire and respect each and every one of these women. Would I have the courage? I’m not sure.

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  4. 😡😤The only rights that are more abused than women’s and minorities are children’s. Let’s face it. The bigoted self right-eous would rather elect a monstrous cariciature of a man than to elect a woman as president. It is insidious and evil.

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  5. Hi, Jill,
    Thought you were supposed to be dreaming sweet dreams, not having nightmares about dumb criminals. And I cannot imagine a dumber one. I know are justice systems are similar but different, so I must ask: Does not appealing a sentence in California open up a court to change the original sentence EITHER WAY? Yes, he served the time he was given, but that was a joke that needs to be rectified. If the appeals court can add 50 years to his sentence, I hope it gets heard. And I further hope the appeals court gives him a long long time to think about how his dumbass father set him up to get his comeuppance, even though that was not the intent of either Turner. This is a chance to get the sentence right, and I hope he gets what is coming to him.

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    • Hello rawgod, you are correct. I think a life of privilege and wealth gives some of these people a sense they cannot be wrong, they must be correct, and they have rights others do not have. They can’t be punished, that is for the lower incomes. Reminds me of the stories I heard as a school child of princes and whipping boys. Hugs

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