47 thoughts on “Congratulations Doug Jones!!!

  1. Jill, I like the comment made by retiring Republican Senator Jeff Flake who said “Decency won.” Moore’s proponents said what a good man he is, but when I think of Moore, I think of the words bigotry, unlawfulness and pedophila. The middle word gets overlooked as he was fired twice for disobeying the law. Judges and senators must follow the law, as we all should. Keith

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    • I agree, and it amazes me that nobody seems to care that he was thrown off the judicial bench TWICE for failing to uphold the law that he was sworn to uphold. What, is this the old West, where the lawmen take the law into their own hands, make their own rules as it suits them? Enter Jesse James?


  2. A near-run thing, but a win nonetheless.
    Last I read Moore was refusing to concede (He will have to seek solace from his Barbie Dolls) and no doubt the Alt Right will be squeaking up ‘Conspiracies ‘ and digging up their ‘Protocols of Zion’ for proof.
    In the meantime…..Tough! Democracy has spoken.
    And Mr Jones won by a majority of votes, unless the flabmiester cluttering up the Whitehouse.
    Strive on USA

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      • Oooh…I was hoping this might make some of the swinging Republicans think about swinging away from those ludicrous tax cuts. I honestly don’t know how Trump can stand there with a straight face and say that ‘all’ Americans are going to get tax cuts ..’big tax cuts -wink-‘

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  3. That’s just great! I watched the early morning news and they didn’t think he’d win. I read President Obama got out the black vote. If this is any preview of next year’s elections, the Republicans in Congress will get trounced. YES!! πŸ˜€ — Suzanne

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