The REAL War on Christmas …

Whereas I typically awaken with a smile on my face, this morning I awakened with a sense of dread, without knowing quite why.  I moved through my morning chores with no sense of joy, with no song in my heart, and by the time I was ready for my first ‘sit-down’ break, I was near tears … still no idea why.  And then, bless their hearts, the guys over at The Washington Post gave me my first clue …

“Breaking News: FCC repeals net neutrality rules in sweeping act of deregulation”

No surprise there … the five commission members are presidential appointees … they are not elected, had no incentive to please anybody but Trump.  I knew the result before WaPo confirmed it, yet I still felt a rock in my stomach and tears pooling in my eyes as I read the news.

Then there was this from NPR …

“Republicans Reconcile House And Senate Versions Of Tax Deal”

But the icing on the cake, the straw that broke the camel’s proverbial back, was this from a friend’s blog …

“President Trump on Thursday hailed the Republican tax plan as a ‘big, beautiful Christmas present’”

Of course, he said that over a month ago, and I had heard it before, but today was probably not the day I needed to be reminded of it and after more than a few choice words, I truly almost put my fist through a window.  I do not want any Christmas present from Donald Jerk Trump beyond his resignation, effective immediately.  A Christmas present should not cost one thousands of dollars, as this tax bill will cost me and most of you.  A Christmas present should not ruin Christmas, as this has done for me.

But wait … fate and angst still wasn’t finished with me, for as I perused my morning email, there was this:

screen shotBelow the picture read:

“Christmas is meant to be shared with close friends and family, and what better way to spread the spirit than by signing the Official First Family Christmas Card.

Wish President Trump, First Lady Melania, and the rest of the First Family a very Merry Christmas with a personal message before December 23.

We know the President would love to see your name, Jill. It’s you he’s fighting for every day in office.

So please, sign the Official First Family Christmas card today.

Thank you,


Now, if you think that didn’t complete my black humour, then you don’t know me too well.  I have been unable to write, for my fingers couldn’t hit the right keys … couldn’t even write an email that I much wanted to write to a treasured friend, couldn’t eat, folded clothes with such a vengeance I put a hole in a towel.

Back on the campaign trail last year, Trump began talking about “ending the war on Christmas”.  At first, I was puzzled as to what, exactly, he meant.  Part of it, of course, is that strange illusion some of the Christian faith have that everyone should go ‘round saying “Merry Christmas” at this time of year, and those of us who may say, “Happy Holidays” instead should be smited. Personally, I do not care if you say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukah”, “Joyous Kwanzaa”, “Happy Holidays”, or just a simple “Hi, how are you” or “Have a nice day”.  As long as you aren’t cussing me, I’m happy. I. Do. Not. Care.  Those who are offended need to remember that, while the Christian religion may be the majority in this nation, the nation is a secular one, and there are many who are of other faiths.  In this nation, there are Jews, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, agnostics and atheists, to name a few.  Why would you impose your religion on the rest of us?

More to the point, however, there is no war on Christmas!  The war is on everybody else! Allow me to quote a tidbit from a Washington Post article:

“There is no war on Christmas. But there is a war on Jews, led by the white supremacists and neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville in August, carrying torches and chanting “Blood and soil” and “Heil Trump” and “Jews will not replace us!”

And there is a war on Muslims, fueled by our commander in chief, who sees nothing wrong with trying to ban Muslims from entering the United States or fanning the flames of hatred by retweeting unverified and inflammatory videos of purported Muslims doing despicable things.”

The war on Christmas?  Trump fired the first shot when he took office and began taking away the things that matter to us.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am having to really work hard at even the appearance of having Christmas spirit this year.  The other night, my granddaughter, for whom I would lay down my life, said to me, “Grannie, are you even a little bit excited about Christmas this year?” My family, though not of the Christian faith, has always loved this season.  I bake almost daily for friends, neighbors, my daughter’s co-workers.  We love our decorations, the candles, and the tree.  Enjoy choosing just the right gift and then wrapping them to look ever so special.  But this year, none of that … not a bit of it … matters.  But still, when Miss Goose asked me that question, I donned a smile (I hope it didn’t look like a grimace) and said, “Oh yes, absolutely!  And tomorrow I shall dig through my closet and we shall begin to decorate!”  And inside I cried.  I did dig through my closet, and we did decorate.  Last night I even did a little in the kitchen, making Muddy Buddies for Miss Goose and a cheeseball for daughter Chris.  And this weekend we will get our tree, shop for the Significant Seven, and I shall do stocking shopping and some baking.  But inside, I cry.

Donald Trump has robbed us of Christmas this year.  That, my friends, is the real “war on Christmas”.

45 thoughts on “The REAL War on Christmas …

  1. I am sorry that this year’s.Christmas has such a negative atmosphere as well. At least the new Star Wars movie is out to escape into sci fi fantasy. I say ignore Trump as much as you can and at least celebrate being alive to see his eventual ugly demise.

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  2. Even though I’m one of those “foreigners”, I feel your pain, Jill. That invitation to sign the card for the first family was positively grotesque! I almost fell off my chair! I have a strong faith in the resilience and determination of the American people to take back their country and make things right again. Choose hope, Jill. The Resistance may lose the odd battle, but it will win the war. Peace and hugs, dear.

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    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, my friend! I am much better today, both physically and mentally (I think the two go hand in hand) and took most of the day off from both news and blogging. But yes, that letter was the final straw! The gall of them!!! But don’t worry … I am back in the saddle and ready to tackle the evil empire again, plus having some quality time with family tomorrow, which I will definitely enjoy! Hugs to you and yours …

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  3. At last, I come to a place I can calm myself down, and do what I really want to be doing–which is hugging you, Jill. I have often been told by my female friends I am the best hugger in the world because I put every fibre of my body and spirit into every hug. Jill, please imagine the very best hug you could ever imagine getting, and then feel my spirit having my spiritual arms around you too on top of that. That is the hug I want to give you, and I’m sorry if my above comments to Colettebytes and Woebegone but Hopeful upset you or any of your readers, but I feel a need to expand their vision beyond what they are presently seeing. Life has so much to offer, beauty, decency, hope, ugliness, mayhem, pain, absolutely everything, and to embrace everything (can I really be saying this, even Donald Trump!) is to be ALIVE and LIVING LIFE to its fullest. (If I knew what belief system you tend towards, I would wish you well in the appropriate seasonal greeting, but since I do not know that, from one friend to another, I give you my most unabashed smile, and a Have a Great Day, Everyday to you and everyone else.


  4. Jill, you should take some comfort in the following. Setting aside the ill-conceived Tax Bill, the GOP has vastly underestimated the passion of younger adults against the abolition of net neutrality. They are staking a very unpopular position that will not benefit users, unless they are prepared to pay more. As evidence, my three adult children all know Ajit Pai’s name, but don’t understand fully the Tax Bill concerns. To know the opposition leader’s name is telling. This ruling could back fire in a huge way on the GOP efforts to win the hearts and minds of young people. Keith

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    • Definitely encouraging! I hear there are a number of lawsuits also, though I have not yet had time to look into that, for I mostly took the day off from news and blogging — self-preservation 😉 I think they may have a harder time than planned implementing the repeal of net neutrality. Hopefully.


  5. Don’t let the Trumpet rob you of your spirits! Try to ignore the ugly yellow-haired toad and enjoy the time with your family! – We had snow her in the Netherlands, real snow, on Sunday and Monday! Traffic of course went crazy, but the kids loved it! Big snowball fight 🙂 It is all gone now of course, the rain is back, but there was magic for two days! 🙂 And we will be in Austria for Christmas, being together with family! 🙂 Life is good, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise! Hugs!!!

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  6. There comes a time in history Jill when a people or a community will be under threat from evil or ignorant peoples. In the scheme of things; these malefactors are swept away by their own lesser characters.
    That Trump attempts to portray himself as somehow embracing the Christmas Spirit again highlights his signature shallowness and vanity. That this small person believes this reflects back the mockery upon himself.
    More importantly there will be many, many people who will embrace this time of year to display the good side of Humanity and these are the ones to whom attention should be given. Trump is to be ignored. They are to be praised.
    Embrace your family and friends Jill and leave these lessercreatures to suffer through their own vanities and foolishness.

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    • Yikes, I should probably not be reading any of these comments, but having already done so, I cannot keep my mouth shut. The phrase “this time of year to display the good side of Humanity” sends shudders down my spine. How can “anyone” hold to an idea that every minute of every day is NOT the best time to display the good side of Humanity. While I have only recently expanded on my own idea, every personal email I send now ends with the self-quote “Live every minute of every day to create memories you will not forget, or regret.” Christmas time (using the word “christmas” generically, for which I apologize to all non-christians for doing) is whatever it is, but to single out this time of year as a set time to display the good side of Humanity must be blasphemous in any belief system. Again, probably only my opinion. Season’s Greetings to you, WbH, and all who read this.

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      • Sadly we are flawed creatures. We rage because we are in a bad mood, or something has touched a raw nerve. We ignore because we cannot be bothered, or we cannot face a terrible truth. We have ‘simple’ solutions which if enacted would be disastrous, because we are ignorant.
        And yet most of us, ‘mean well’ and would be horrified to see the stark negativity we sometimes embrace in our mis-directed passions.
        In a world where war criminals rule vast tracts of lands where thousand have died and countless more suffer violence, privations in Syria, Congo, South Sudan and creatures rule who should be lined up against a wall a shot (there I go!) I celebrate the fact that compassion, tolerance and respect surface sometimes by the constant acts by a few or the spontaneous passing acts of others.
        If Christmas happens to be one of those events which causes the fug in our brains to clear, give thought to suffering and try to do even one small, transitory good deed, it is better than doing naught.
        Thick heavy clouds of ignorance and hate would block out all compassion were it not for a million, million small candles, some of which gutter and fade, but are replaced by others.
        I wish you peace and happiness, rawgod

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    • Thanks Roger … and you are so right! Today is much better … I just needed a day to wallow, I guess. Tomorrow we will go out and be festive and I will enjoy the family time, of which there is far too little these days. Thanks, my friend!

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  7. I agree. Don’t let DT ruin your Christmas Holiday celebrations.

    While I won’t be doing much Christmas stuff (flight and long train ride on Christmas day), out here in non- Christian (well almost) Asia, Christmas is a very big deal and not just in the shops. Muslims combine it with the celebration of their own religious feast days…the kids are all on holiday and everyone is enjoying the good feelings that this time of year brings.

    If we don’t make the effort to be jolly, good willed and kind to each other (taking comfort in whatever belief system we have), the dark forces in the world will win. We just can’t let that happen Jill. Take comfort in your family, Joy in the Celebration, eat the yummy things and wrap yourself in the light of the season. Forget Lord Chaos and his minions…for them, Christmas is not real…just a publicity stunt. Don’t give them another thought!
    Hugs for a wonderful holiday. 💕💕😊

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    • Sorry, but I wish you would not insult Chaos by attaching the Demonizing sTrumpet’s name to the real State of Life in any way, because in my belief system, Life is Chaos, always has been, and always will be. And while I know the word chaos has a bad rep for most humans, it is all 99% of living beings in this world and probably the whole universe have, and they are happy to have it. For me, Chaos is the most beautiful of all Mother Nature’s assets, because anything can happen at any time. There may be a lot of ugliness in chaos, but there is just as much if not more beauty. And most of all, all of it is REAL. There is nothing fake (read DT and his Delerium Tremens) in REALITY.
      Just my opinion, maybe, but I have no need to control my world, I love the chaos, and I see no reason to change it.


        • Thank you for saying that and accepting the comment as intended, but I had to struggle with pushing the SEND button. If I thought you weren’t as strong a person as I believe you to be, I would have deleted it, so as not to offend you in this “joyous” time of the year. Now I am sure I was right to push that button, and I thank you for your comments.


  8. Trump really is the Grinch but I have an idea he won’t be reinstating Christmas like he does in the book. He’s an evil man with an agenda to enrich his friends (if he has any) at the expense of ordinary citizens.Bah Humbug.

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  9. So sorry to hear that this is such a sad Christmas. It’s hard to celebrate when the world is spiralling into insanity. But there’s still light and kindness in the world, and we’re responsible for keeping that going–let’s try to keep the faith!

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  10. As a practicing Catholic, I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would make of the talk of a “War on Christmas.”

    Personally though, I think that giving gifts to each other and enriching each other instead of adhering to Jesus’ values of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc. is far from Jesus and far from how Christmas should be. But that’s not because of a “War on Christmas” but because of other things…

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    • I don’t disagree with you … gift giving is fine, as long as it is from the heart and not just a ritual born of a sense of obligation, as it sometimes becomes. As for the religious end, I stay well away from those topics, for my views are usually likely to get me into trouble with someone, somewhere, somehow. I respect whatever anyone chooses, so long as they don’t hurt others and try to do good things for humanity. Hugs!,


  11. We normally have a lot of inside and outside decorations. Ron has always done this for me because it was all I normally had growing up was the sparkle of the lights. This year for the first time in I do not know how long the decorations had stayed in the sheds. We have two nice artificial trees, and they will stay put away. We have yet to walk the streets of our little park and see what others have done and I don’t know if we will. It all seems so heavy this year, so out of touch. I think I understand what you are saying. I am glad you have your little ones and they have you. Best wishes and lots of hugs.

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  12. Dear Jill,

    Don’t let the likes of Scrooge DT mess with the joy of Christmas. Christmas is not defined by saying “Merry Christmas” but by sharing the gifts of joy, generosity, peace, comfort with others. DT is clueless.

    I was feeling the same way you are around mid November. I had called my son because of this, to say that I would be rescheduling my visit for the future because I was not good company. It took him over an hour to talk some sense into me, but I’m glad that he did.

    On a positive note, 17 states are filing suit over the FCC’s arbitrary ruling to do away with “Net Neutrality” protections.
    Doug Jones won the senate seat in Alabama against all odd.

    As for the tax bill, I have been trying to come up with the best description, like 2017 Donor Relief Act; and The Vanishing tax cut act for the middle/poor, as all these tax cuts end 2025.

    Hugs, Gronda

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