Former US Top Spy Calls President A Russian Asset/ Mueller’s Possession Of Trump’s Emails

With so many facets to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump/Russian ties, interference in our election last year, and collusion with Russia by Trump & Co., it is nearly impossible to keep up. Our friend Gronda, however, has done a great job in bringing us up to date on the latest, and I couldn’t have said it better than she, so please take a few minutes to read her excellent post. Thank you, Gronda, for all your research and hard work … this is excellent information!

Gronda Morin

It has been my hypothesis that the republican President Donald J. Trump has indeed been a Russian asset before he ever set foot in the White House. The reason that the FBI’S Special Counsel Robert Mueller III has been delving into the president’s past financial history, is that his financial holdings have been inextricably intertwined with Russian financing for decades so that his business could thrive during some financially troubling times. Because the president had a history of filing for bankruptcies in the early 1990s, he had trouble garnering the financing he required through US banking institutions for his numerous projects, but it was Russian monies that came to his rescue.

Being beholden to Russian financing to where there is outstanding debt is similar to being beholden to the Mafia for loans. They both expect a return on their investment. This is the crux of the probe which helps in…

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26 thoughts on “Former US Top Spy Calls President A Russian Asset/ Mueller’s Possession Of Trump’s Emails

  1. Take a bow Jill, Keith and Gronda for your continued work against this dreadful accident of democracy.
    I’ll differ slightly on the relationship. In Russia they have the term ‘Useful Idiot’ and Russia being Russia they are taking full advantage, opportunities like this do not come along often for them and they know it will be gone in a while. In the meantime….’Make hay while the sun shines’ – from the Russian perspective that is.

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  2. Jill, at this point, I am hard pressed to see the President guilt-free. He has acted guilty from the outset and has changed his story too many times. Plus, his history does not promote his innocence. Keith

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    • Nope, ‘guilt-free’ is not the adjective I would apply to him at all. I am cruel, I suppose, but I want to see this man go down in the flames of his own making so badly. Just a few hours ago I got the ‘breaking news’ update that the Senate has passed the tax bill, as the House did yesterday. It is not a surprise, but it is a bitter disappointment, nonetheless. I shall be ill later today when we have to see Trump gloat over his “big win … great accomplishment”. For whom? Not for me or you. 😡


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