The Constitution Bites The Dust

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The above is the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. In law, the preamble is defined as the introductory part of a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification. The Preamble above contains just 52 words, but those 52 words are a part of the entire document and set the basic parameters.  Let us look a bit closer look at a few of the key phrases.

We the People...  Who are “We the People”?  Does it say, “We the Wealthiest People”?  I think not.  Does it say “We The Most Powerful People”?  No, it does not.  It states, simply, “We the People”.  That includes me, it includes you, and yes, it also includes Ivanka Trump, Rick Perry, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and David & Charles Koch.  But it does not, anywhere in the U.S. Constitution, state that any one of those people is to be placed ahead of another, or given more importance or higher value.

Establish Justice … What, exactly, did the framers mean?  People looked forward to a nation with a level playing field, one where everybody would be treated equally and fairly.

Insure Domestic Tranquility … The federal government was tasked with keeping the peace, resolving disputes peacefully, rather than encouraging bloodshed in the streets.

Promote the General Welfare … To allow every state and every citizen of those states to benefit from what the government could provide.

Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity … The framers were very concerned that they were creating a nation that would resemble something of a paradise for liberty, as opposed to the tyranny of a monarchy, where citizens could look forward to being free as opposed to looking out for the interests of a king. And more than for themselves, they wanted to be sure that the future generations of Americans would enjoy the same.

trump constitution 1Each and every one of these phrases have been violated repeatedly in the eleven months since Donald Trump took office and since the 115th Congress was seated.  Time and time again they have made a mockery of not only the preamble, but of the entire U.S. Constitution. There is no more glaring example than the unconscionable “tax reform bill” that was signed into law yesterday. The man in the Oval Office and each and every member of the House of Representatives and the Senate have let We the People down and have effectively thumbed their collective noses at the idea of a democratic republic, turning our government into a plutocracy as surely as I am breathing.

Donald Trump has never read the U.S. Constitution.  It is just over 8,000 words, including amendments and takes about 2 hours to read thoroughly.  I know, for I have read it many times.  I have serious doubts that many members of the 115th Congress have read the document. And yet, each of these people have sworn to uphold the principles put forth within its articles and amendments.

We have all commented, sometimes jokingly, about “alternative facts”, “alternative vocabulary”, and “Newspeak”, comparing the Trump administration to Orwell’s 1984. Well guess what, folks, it’s no longer funny, no longer a joke. We the People has been redefined to mean “They the Wealthy”.  Establish justice now means establish a system of tiers of wealth where those in the top tiers are the privileged few.  Insure domestic tranquility now means widen the gap between right and left, republicans and democrats, in order to ensure that there will be no cohesive body of citizenry that might stage an uprising against the injustices. Promote the general welfare?  This now means cut services to the poor in order to fund the exploits of the wealthy … the general welfare?  I think not.  And lastly … secure the blessings of liberty must simply be disregarded, for we are now moving ever closer to an autocracy under the wanna-be-king, Donald Trump.

On 20 January 2017, Donald Trump took an oath, swearing to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Within eleven days, he had shredded that document with his unconstitutional Muslim ban, and ever since, he has done everything in his power to circumvent or kick aside the U.S. Constitution. Yesterday’s tax bill favouring 1% of the people of this nation and stomping on the rest of us is yet one more step away from the ideals that are enmeshed in the Constitution. 37% of the people in this nation let it happen, and the rest of us were powerless to stop it.  Those 37% deserve what is coming.  The rest of us do not.

lady liberty cries

37 thoughts on “The Constitution Bites The Dust

  1. Dear Jill,
    What has been jaw dropping for me is watching all the president’s sycophant republicans in the US Congress kissing up to this president who is an habitual liar, who behaves like a Russian agent, a man who bragged about assaulting women. I wanted to puke as Senator Orrin Hatch described the president as the greatest ever. They got what they wanted which is their beloved tax cut bill for their donors and themselves, and the rest of us be damned.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Hi Jill, I feel sorry for you guys having such a bunch not running the show.
    This may come across as sounding laconic, for which I apologise in advance but as always, I am summoned to speak by History.
    There are twin issues for the USA. Firstly, a crowd of delusional messianic power-trip goons have shoved the least competent administrator into a position which requires some measure of a deft touch and naturally a whole shoal of carpet baggers have climbed on board. Secondly, it’s the USA’s turn to be on the centre stage so whatever the clowns get up to resonates throughout the world and as usual the world resonates back. USA gets all the brick bats while Russia and China play the soft slow games, because they’ve had centuries practice at it.
    It’s an old tale which has been played out many times on the world stage in various locations with regional nuances spicing up the mix. Those at the top are not listening to the layers below, or if they have heard anything reckon it doesn’t matter ‘cas they know best. Time was this used to end up with a bloody solution, these days some places have opted for a political solution.
    Until some uber-clown tries to literally re-write the US constitution the current document is still in play. In the medium-to-long term the fact that oafs are circumventing it does not actually destroy it. Until some klutz of the lowest order tries to impose authoritarian rule at street level there will still be elections. If either of those ‘untils’ were tried the preps would be out so fast they’d have friction burns on their butts.
    Thus, is one of those times which tests folks’ souls. Neither History nor the vast majority of the populace is done with this crew. They have all the credentials of a complete and messy collapse; angry not constructive in their discourse, wealthy and appearing to fix things which makes them wealthier, working on people’s fear and prejudices, and doing it all a complete ignorance of how the history of the USA works (I’ll keep it simple for them, not worry their fluffy fat heads about World History).
    In short, these jerks are going down, and the Constitution will remain.
    Tough and testing times but none of this lot are capable of changing things permanently.

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    • Dearest Roger … I can always count on you to bring perspective when I am off on a tear … and I am especially fond of the colourful terms you come up with tor the gang of thugs in Washington! I do hope you are right in your predictions. More and more, it seems that we are losing the battle to retain a semblance of a republic… a democratic republic … and heading toward something more sinister. In my sleepless nights, I envision one of two scenarios, either 1) The United States of Russia with a puppet government run by Trump or perhaps even Bannon, or 2) a concocted disaster, be it terrorism or a coup … something Erdogan-ish, to justify declaring a ‘postponement’ of the 2018 elections. Perhaps I should have been a writer of fiction after all, eh? 😉

      But, for now, I take comfort in your predictions, for I know you to be a student of history and a wise man. One thing for certain, we certainly won’t be bored in the coming year!

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      • HI Jill
        These are tough times for the US, you’ve had rich-person centric presidents before, but at least they had the good taste and dignity to try and sell their self-serving policies with politeness and ‘grandeur’ and try to distance themselves from the wacky-doodle wing of their party.
        This is, regrettably History which displays the swings of Humanity’s moods in relation to other actions of their making.
        I have never held with Conspiracy Theories since the idea of any government being able to organise and pull off something that involved so much organisation and contrary to the mood of a nation is laughable, seeing as how they can’t organise most day to day things. I’m sure there are bungo-bin escapees who would try and sell Trump some way to suspend elections, and it might work in small nations. The USA? No chance! (Next part said with much affection) You are a cantankerous, ill-disciplined lot who at first sign of someone trying to tell you to do something reach for your pitchforks and burning brands. It would be so *%@!ing obvious, they would all be arrested and slung in Buttf*** county penitentiary before they had a chance to get their accountants to shift funds overseas!
        To get an historical take I’d suggest watching Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition which illustrates the power forces at work within a democracy (for better or for worse) and the inability of any government to keep the people of the USA under complete control.
        As far as I can recall in modern history only FDR was able to come close to that, with a lot of hard work and WWII (which..NO…. he did not start to get his New Deal through, just in case anyone suggests it!).
        In conclusion Russia will be satisfied with a confused and ineffectual USA isolated by the world, which thanks to Prez-sid-dent Huff-n-Puff is on track. Russia is more concerned with having Europe at her beck and call. She’ll let China play the hardball with the USA (Pacific, Korea, S.E Asia, Japan and all that), which again the Wobble of All He Surveys is inadvertently helping out with.
        Mid-terms Jill, Mid-terms.
        Keep on keeping on.

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        • Roger, good comment. I think our current level of tribalism is directly traceable to market segmentation of news media, which began in earnest with Fox News. When targets pseudo news became 24 x 7, lawmakers began governing off their rhetoric, which is a fancy term for BS. It used to be they ran on rhetoric and governed off actual data. But, as we speak we have s President who says his Intelligence agencies are not credible and would rather get his reconnaissance from Fox and Friends. What could possibly go wrong with such an informed President. Keith

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        • My Goodness, Roger, but your pulpit is getting a workout tonight!!! 😀 Thank you for bringing me back down to earth, once again! I will definitely check out that Ken Burns’ video … I have seen several of his and liked them all, but have not seen this one … in fact, didn’t know he had done one on prohibition. And yes, I am starting now focusing on the mid-terms, looking at the candidates, the odds, and going to start shouting here before much longer. We have some strikes against common sense prevailing, but I plan to keep on fighting the good fight as long as I … cough, cough, choke, gasp … breathe! cough.

          And thanks, Roger … you know I so appreciate you, right? For I do … you are my anchor.

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          • Thanks Jill.
            Glad to help out, for we know the pain. We had Thatcher M from 1979-1990- she wasn’t racist though, just worshipped at the idol of The Free Market (Lo, let there be greed and money!)
            Pace yourself. It’s often a long hard road, though with the Three Stooges appreciation society scampering around The Whitehouse you might not have to do the work yerselves!

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            • Yes, pacing myself is something I must learn to do, for I go off on a tear and them end up being the victim of my own battle. I think I thought it would be a much shorter war, but I am coming to understand that we all need to conserve some of our resources, for apparently the wobble-belly is not going to just fall off his horse and save us the trouble of smiting him.

              Thanks again for always knowing how to make me laugh and keeping me grounded, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friend! 🎄

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  3. Jill, good post and comments, especially from our non-American friends. Our well-read founders came up with an enviable construct. Yet, quite often our leaders do not live up to the roles they are asked to play due to their biases, but usually do to monied interests telling them what they do. So, we do things that hurt others – helping overthrow a democratically elected leader in Iran, invading Iraq under false pretenses without a plan after the fighting stops, continuing Jim Crow laws for 100 years following the Civil War, seizing land from Native Americans, supporting corrupt leaders who use and abuse their people and so on. Now we have a President who lies, bullies and demeans people and allied countries, making America out to be even more of pariah.

    Yet, it is our fault as we are so misinformed and easily disinformed. Now, it is liking shooting fish in a barrel and we are the fish. Truth does not matter to this President. He lies daily. We must do our part and start paying attention. If we don’t, then we will lose our soul. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Yes, I do find that our UK and EU friends often have a better perspective than we do. I think Roger posted his comment after you did, so you may not have seen it, but he always finds a way to put things into perspective, to bring those large-looming issues to size for me, so you may want to take a look at it. That said, we have really made a mess of things for the moment, and I don’t know how it will be fixed, but I DO believe that we will find a way. It’s just that I’m not sure how much more divisiveness and destruction will happen first. You, Gronda and I will have our work cut out this coming year, trying to get people to pay attention and use their heads, to present facts that run counter to the lies of Trump/Fox/Breitbart.

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  5. Your constitution has been hung out to dry. It’s rather battered after being unavailable and ‘in the wash’ for the last 11 months but maybe if the Democrats in the House wake up you may still be able to salvage something.

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    • Let us hope, my friend … let us hope. As they sometimes say, “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”, and I haven’t heard her sing yet, so there is hope … but this tax bill fiasco put a huge crack in the foundation.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “We the people” has become “We the wealthy’ … with ‘virtual fire’, THEY just went ahead and virtually destroyed the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States.
    ‘Each and every one of these phrases have been violated repeatedly in the eleven months since Drumpf took office and since the 115th Congress was seated. Time and time again they have made a mockery of not only the preamble, but of the entire U.S. Constitution.’
    Step by step … ‘37% of the people in this nation let it happen, and the rest of us were powerless to stop it. Those 37% deserve what is coming. The rest of us do not.’
    … and this is what hurts the most!!

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    • Many, many thanks, dear friend! It is now more important than ever that we get the word out and see if we can light some fires under people, get them to listen and understand. We cannot afford complacency. Thanks again! Many big hugs!!!

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  7. Well said, Sha’Tara. It is the arrogance of Americans that I despised (you can read hatred if you want, but that’s debatable). I’m sure I’ve owned my feelings before. But even Americans are humans. They are living beings. They are part of the spiritual bailiwick I reside in. We wanted Americans to get a taste of what they spread throughout the world, to be taken down a peg or fifty, to for once apologize to the rest of us for stepping on our faces in the mud to keep their own boots clean and dry. And now, all that and more is happening, but not for the right reasons. So, just to say it outright, I’m sorry for forgetting your humanity, for neglecting that part of life that is within you. Jill, I am especially sorry to you and your American readers. You really are decent people, but we didn’t get to know that because you were hidden behind and under the loudmouths who thought that all non_Americans were born to serve them. I guess we got (for you) what we wished for (you). only it wasn’t really “you” in the first place. (It was that millionaire person who stole a few paltry credits from me online because they thought I had slighted them, and they wanted to punish me for it. It may have been petty, yet it hurt like it was a million bucks. I still wish “they” were suffering because of DT, but I have to live with the fact they are probably richer now than ever they were before the Trump era began.

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    • Thank you, my friend. That is the problem … we all tend to blame the people for the actions of the nation. Such as people who hated Germans for a generation of so post-WWII, and it was never the German people who were the enemy. I appreciate that people like you and Sha’Tara, Roger and many other readers from Canada, the UK and EU understand this. Unfortunately, most of the world will judge Americans by the actions of Trump & Co. 😥 Thanks again and … hugs!!!


      • Hugs back at you, Jill. It is so easy to judge the many by the few, but ‘ the few’ in this case is quite a large number. I hate to say it, but just about everyone in the areas frequented by American tourists has a story about how they were slighted, insulted, or worse by an American tourist. But how about I give you a different type of story, which kind of turns the tables. Exactly what it will mean to you only you can tell me, but here goes..
        As a teenager in the 60s I was hitchhiking from Vancouver back to Winnipeg, I was unexpectedly picked up by a senior couple driving a car with mid-west American plates. When I got in the car the woman proceeded to tell me I was the first hitchhiker they had ever picked up. They were very pleasant, took me to a restaurant for a good, healthy supper, and even bought me a motel room next to them and drove me as far as they were going the next day. As we neared the end of our time together, I had to ask, “You are such nice people, why is it you have never picked up a hitchhiker before?” Her answer was incredulous to a 19 year old me , but this is approximately what she said: We have travelled through most American states, but we were always to scared to pick one up. There are so many stories of hitchhikers robbing the people who try to help them, stealing their cars, and even worse. We would never think of taking a chance like that. But now we are in Canada, and people are different here. You have strengthened our faith in humanity, being such a nice polite young man. (I was on my best behaviour with them, of course. Little did they know. But…) We talked about it last night, and once we get back on the road we will pick up the next young person we see. But once we get back to America, the doors will stay locked again.” I haven’t thought of this couple for years, but I hope they only picked up nice people. It made me feel good to be trusted and fussed over like that, but what about all the decent kids in the States? Didn’t they deserve to be trusted too?
        I’m not really sure why I am telling you this story, It is backwards to the stories about tourists, yet there is some similarity in it. How does it make you feel?


  8. I won’t detail comment to that Jill. I will say this: though I have for many long decades despised, yes even hated, the US military empire and its overt crimes against humanity world-wide, and though current happenings are what I “prophesied” for American people during the Reagan years, now that I see it, my heart breaks for you. I did not think it would hurt me, but guess what: it does. I may have been right but that is no consolation. And I still want to be wrong tonight.

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    • Thank you, Sha’Tara, for your compassion, your ‘sisterhood’. I fear sometimes it is easy to hate a nation for its actions, and forget that the nation is comprised of … people … just people trying to live their lives. Hugs!


      • You are so right. In the end, regardless of what our belief systems and traditions make us do, how they twist us, we are people, just people. If we could just remember that; hold on to that.


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