Christmas Truce

I have heard and read this story many times, but I share it today, for unlike most Christmas stories, it is a true story, a story of humanity and one that always touches my heart, as I hope it will yours. Thank you, Erik Hare of Barataria, for sharing this story and allowing me to share it also. The year was 1914 …

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

This is a repeat from 2014.  But I love the story, and in this time of conflict it’s worth retelling.

Christmastime stories all have a touch of magic in them. From spirits of Christmas past, present, and future to a real Santa Claus the light of the season becomes real through some divine spark that illuminates a life. But all of these fairy stories dim in comparison to one with a much lighter touch of providence acting only through the hearts and arms of men. And this story is also true.

The time is a century ago, near St Yves, France. The Great War has stalled into the mud as Germans and English have dug in yards apart. The men of both sides shiver as December settles deep into the trenches. Hired on as murderers, the stench of death around them, they chose instead for a few days to be something much…

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9 thoughts on “Christmas Truce

  1. Good re-blog Jill.
    I don’t know if there were recorded Christmas truces during the Civil War, but there was often trading of newspapers, tobacco, whiskey etc between outpost troops on the Union and Confederate sides.
    Lest I forget,
    Seasons Greeting to you Jill and yours.
    Roger & Sheila.

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