President Trump’s First Year’s Reign Has Been Worse Than Expected

On the morning of November 9th, 2016, many of us predicted that Donald Trump would tarnish our image in the world, and make a shambles of our democracy, if left unchecked. My hopes at that time were that Congress would put the brakes on him. Unfortunately, Congress has failed miserably and our predictions not only held, but the reality of the Trump presidency has far exceeded our predictions, and not in any good way. Please take a few minutes to read Gronda’s post for a clear summary of the past year with the new disease, Trumpitis, spreading rapidly over the nation. Many thanks to Gronda for this post and her generous permission to share.

Gronda Morin

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“We the People,” the coalition of the decent, the “Never Trumpers,” The Resistance participants including those of the “Women’s March, Indivisible and others, the democrats along with the majority of independents and a significant number of republicans, all knew that we were in for a rocky ride. It has been much worse than we could have imagined.

Here is the rest of the story…

On December 25, 2017, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post penned the following opinion piece, Trump’s first year was even worse than feared.”


“Grit your teeth. Persevere. Just a few more days and this awful, rotten, no-good, ridiculous, rancorous, sordid, disgraceful year in the civic life of our nation will be over. Here’s hoping that we all — particularly special counsel Robert S. Mueller III — have a better 2018.”

“Many of us began 2017 with the consoling thought that the Donald Trump presidency…

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15 thoughts on “President Trump’s First Year’s Reign Has Been Worse Than Expected

  1. Gronda produced another excellent post.
    This man has thrown away so many chances and opportunities. Worse still in the long run he is betraying many millions who voted for him, seeking only their adulation without caring for their well-being.

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    • Yes, he is betraying those that voted for him, but many of them … most of them, apparently, still fail to see it … or refuse to admit that maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake. I have trouble finding much empathy for them, I’m sorry to say.

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      • Through WP I have met with folk who support him and often we have only one thing we don’t agree on… Old Lumps!.
        It’s a shame and shows how divisive he is, but I’m not gonna let him get in the way (him and his belly)

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        • Good for you, Roger! I have had a few reasonably moderate Trump supporters respond and follow for a time, once they realized that my goal is to promote civil discourse and try to meet somewhere in the middle, but then suddenly they disappear. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, but I would really like to have both sides represented here. Perhaps it is when I go on a tear, a rant … and I would apologize, but … sigh … I canno help myself, and there is just so much to hate in this administration.

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