Filosofa’s Idiot of the YEAR Award — 2017

It is finally here … the moment you’ve all been waiting for … the selection of an Idiot of the Year!!!  This year, just as last, there are so many superb specimens from which to choose that it will be a difficult call, but I encourage you all to join in the fun and cast your votes!  I have put a listing of all the candidates with links to their Idiot of the Week award post, in case you need to refresh your memory.  There will be three winners, the Grand  Prize, and second and third runners up, so you may vote for three candidates.  Just go to the poll at the bottom of the page and click in the square next to the name … it’s that simple.  Results will be published on Monday, January 1st 2018, in order to give everybody a chance to vote.  Voting closes at midnight on December 31st.

Rep. Mike Kelly

Rick Perry

Sen. Chuck Grassley

Julie Gunlock

Paula White

Jeffrey Lord

Wayne Allyn Root

Sean Spicer  I actually felt rather bad for including poor Sean, but he did win the weekly award …

Mike Cernovich

Jason Rapert

Steve King

Dr. Ben Carson

Kellyanne Conway

I can’t believe I only did 13 of these all year!  It’s not as if they are hard to find.  Remind me next year to do a better job on this.  Now go vote for your favourite idiots!!!


28 thoughts on “Filosofa’s Idiot of the YEAR Award — 2017

      • Already done! It was hard, but I re-read your posts, remembering the “oh no!” they evoked …. in the end I decided to vote for Paula White ….. This mixture of aggression and religion really gave me the creeps.

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        • Good choice! She is, unfortunately, in a position to exert much control, mostly flying under the radar. But you know who really deserves the Idiot of the Year award? The people who are still blind enough to think that all these other idiots, including Trump, are wonderful. Those are the biggest fools of all.

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  1. Dea Jill,

    My list is #1 Paula White, 2nd is Sen Chuck Grassley and my 3rd choice is Mike Cernovich. I picked Paula White because her power to do harm is far reaching but she is mostly in the background. As the president’s spiritual adviser, she continues to give him cover for many of his actions. I do not think well of these so called mostly White Christians who call themselves Evangelicals and she is one of them.

    Hugs, Gronda

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