Important Update to 2017 Idiot of the Year Poll …

I have received some feedback on the Idiot of the Year poll, and as such I have made a slight change to the poll.  First, several people were disappointed that Donald Trump wasn’t one of the choices.  When I first started the Idiot of the Week posts, I made a rule that nobody could be selected twice, and since Donald Trump was the Grand Prize winner in 2016, I could not award him the honour again in 2017, thus making him ineligible for Idiot of the Year.  The second complaint was there was no place for a write-in vote, and some had good ideas for candidates who were not on the list.

After much consideration (at least 2 minutes) I decided to listen to the voices of my friends and readers, and I have added a space at the bottom of the poll for ‘other’ for write in votes.  If you wish to write in Donald Trump, you may certainly do so, and if he should get enough votes, I will break my own rule and award him the honour a second year.  For those who have already voted, you may still go back and add a write-in vote.

Thanks to all for your feedback!

33 thoughts on “Important Update to 2017 Idiot of the Year Poll …

    • Good point! One thing I have often said is that the media give him far too much attention, and he thrives on it. But then, I do the same … he is like a horrific train wreck … people can’t help stopping to watch and then talking about it for weeks afterward. Sigh.


  1. I almost wrote in the generic Trump Supporter. Those that blindly support him and call everything that contradicts his agenda ‘fake news’ have been so annoying and idiotic. But alas, I had to write in the king of the idiots. Rules be damned.

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  2. I don’t really know who is the most idiotic in the list as my knowledge of each is limited. I would definitely vote for Trump, but unfortunately, the ‘Other’ category does not select or allow me to write in his name on my phone app.

    They are all idiots though…so maybe you should have one big group award this year. 😉

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      • It does not show any “other” in my browser either … Maybe some sort of glitch? (I am using Safari). Anyway, the Trumpet would be a very obvious choice – I think you should award him an “Honorary Idiot of the Year”, as he is clearly a league of his own…. 😉

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          • The problem is probably the pre-fetch software. Almost all computers today have a pre-fetch system, and return over and over to an old page, even though that page has been changed. To remedy the situation, if it is indeed the pre-fetch software, go to the page and refresh the page, and if that doesn’t work empty your browser cache, and start over. I don’t know much about computers, but I ran into this problem a short while ago, and these are the solutions I found that worked. ‘Pute on.

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            • I wondered about that also, but some users had no problem with the write-in box, so I remain puzzled. Next time, I think I will put it in at the start, and hopefully there won’t be a problem. I do these so rarely that I forget how to do them.


              • I would not sweat it, Jill. If you need it, you will learn it. Because, in my opinion, you said it all when you said you did not want the same person to win two years in a row. You made that rule previous to the beginning of the presidential reign of one Donald “Devilishly Threatening” Trump. He threw all rules of governance out the window, so I would not think you amiss if you threw away your rules too, in this one case. You know in your heart that however deserving anyone else might be of the “Idiot of the Year” award, there can only be one real “Idiot of the Year” winner, and that person is DT himself. And your gut knows that to be true.

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