Good Things That Have Happened in 2017

My young blogger-friend Anam is wise beyond her years, and on this New Year’s Eve, she has written a most wonderful post that I cannot resist sharing. In this post, Anam reminds us that the outgoing year 2017 was not all bad, that people … just ordinary people … made a difference in whatever way they could. This is the post I wish I could have written, but could not. Please take a few minutes to read the words of this wonderful young woman, for they are inspiring and a perfect antithesis to my typically sardonic posts. My thanks to Anam for such an uplifting post, and for implied permission to share.

Fade Into Oblivion

2017 was a mixed-bag of the year. Our newsfeeds were filled with negative stories and near-apocalypse worthy beef. However, looking beyond the shit-encrusted blinkers, some very good things have happened this year.

  1. Fiona the Hippo
    Born six weeks premature in a Cincinnati zoo, Fiona easily became an internet sensation with many people rooting for her and the Goddess celebrated her first Christmas this month. The Best Part of 2017

    fiona the hippo via CBS News

  2. The Women’s March
    The day after a multiple-times-accused sexual predator Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, millions of women (and men) across the globe took to the streets in protest. An estimated 1 million marchers stood up for women’s rights in Washington, with another estimated 2 to 3 million more around the U.S. By some tallies, the Women’s March was the largest single-day demonstration in recorded U.S. history—but it didn’t end that day, really. The Women’s March ignited the spirit of protest that in no small way helped inspire an unprecedented…

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