I Can’t Stop Watching the Circus!!!

I know, I know … I need to move on to other, more serious topics, like Jeff Sessions’ decision to prosecute growers/sellers/users of marijuana in states where it is legal.  And Trump’s truly terrible decision to open all U.S. waters to offshore oil & gas drilling.  And Paul Manafort’s lawsuit against Robert Mueller.  And … well, the list goes on, for in the Era of Trump, there is never a shortage of jaw-dropping moments about which to write.  And I should be writing about those more serious topics, but I simply cannot seem to leave this ongoing saga of Michael Wolff’s new book, on shelves today, titled Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

A brief recap up to yesterday (Thursday), in case any of you just returned from Borneo and hadn’t heard …

Journalist Michael Wolff wrote the aforementioned book, which is basically an exposé of the past 18 months with Donald Trump, his family, minions and others.  One small section in the book had Steve Bannon, former White House Strategist and campaign manager, saying some things about Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and son Don Jr., regarding the June 2016 meeting between these players and Russian agents.   Bannon called the meeting ‘treasonous’ and ‘unpatriotic’.  Trump immediately fired back and said that when Bannon got fired, he “not only lost his job, he lost his mind”.  That was on Wednesday.

And on Thursday, I awakened to this Washington Post headline:

Trump Lawyer Seeks to Block Insider Book on White House

Beverly Hills-based attorney Charles J. Harder, acting on behalf of Trump, sent both Steve Bannon and the book’s publisher Henry Holt & Co., ‘cease and desist’ letters, trying to halt publication of the book, which was scheduled for next Tuesday, January 9th. But it quickly became obvious that the letter did not constitute any legal obligation on the part of Henry Holt & Co. to halt or delay publication. In fact, it had the opposite effect, and yesterday afternoon, the publisher announced that Harder’s demand for Holt to “immediately cease and desist from any further publication, release or dissemination of the book,” would not only be ignored, but the publication date was being moved forward to Friday (today), January 5th! Harder’s letter also demanded an apology from the publisher to Trump … what do you think the odds are there?  And, they demanded a full copy of the book.  Well, I guess they can go stand in line at Barnes & Noble and buy a copy like everyone else!  Miss Goose informs me that based on pre-orders, the book has already become a best seller on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Now, whose side did the right-wing, conservative media take?  Trump’s, of course.  Bannon may well end up regretting his words to Wolff.  From Politico …

“From Fox News to the Drudge Report, all the way down the spectrum to far-right conspiracy sites like The Gateway Pundit and InfoWars, headlines Wednesday afternoon painted former presidential adviser Steve Bannon as unstable and self-interested, and President Donald Trump as a forceful defender of his family and administration.”

The Daily Caller declared, “Trump Puts Bannon In A Body Bag.” Even some of Bannon’s own cohorts seemed poised to desert a sinking ship.  Breitbart commenters weighed in on the side of Trump, leading to a gleeful InfoWars story declaring, “Breitbart.com readers have overwhelmingly sided with Donald Trump over his war of words with former White House senior counselor Steve Bannon.”

But that isn’t the only price Bannon is paying. Rebekah Mercer, daughter of billionaire Robert Mercer of the notorious Cambridge Analytica, pulled her funding on Wednesday. It is, as yet, unclear what the response will be from other financial backers such as: Sheldon G. Adelson, Las Vegas casino magnate; Todd Ricketts, a Chicago Cubs owner; and Bernard Marcus, a Home Depot founder.

For the moment, it seems that Bannon is the biggest loser in the saga of Wolff’s book, but I do not think we have seen the end, for the book has much, much more than Bannon’s comments to give Trump grief.

For example, it is reported that Kellyanne Conway maligns Trump in private, though she is among his staunchest defenders in public.   “She seemed to regard Trump as a figure of exhausting exaggeration or even absurdity…. She illustrated her opinion of her boss with a whole series of facial expressions: eyes rolling, mouth agape, head snapping back.”

Numerous other players in the game are named as having mocked Trump, including his own daughter, Ivanka, who described how he does whatever it is he does with that ‘thing’ on his head.  And there are enough ‘leaks’ about meetings and strategies to keep Trump speculating and seeking revenge for months to com.  Will he even seek revenge against his own daughter?  It wouldn’t surprise me.

Since I said I should be writing something meaningful and serious, but I keep being drawn back to this story, partly for its humour value, I will present two serious questions, in light of the Wolff book:

  1. We all recognize that the revelations in this book are likely to drive Trump on a tear of vengeance and rhetoric spewing for weeks to come. Can he effectively be president if his time is being spent chasing perceived enemies?  He will be leaving no stone unturned to find those who may have spoken against him.  Can he do anything useful, anything that is expected of him for the salary we pay him?  I doubt it, but then I would also say that if his attention is directed elsewhere, perhaps the government can actually run more smoothly, for he is hardly doing a stellar job.
  2. What does this mean for the November mid-term elections? My initial, out-of-the-gate reaction was that it would be bad for the GOP, good for the Democrats, as the Trump-Bannon feud is likely to splinter the party to some extent.  I still lean in that direction, but I think it would be a huge mistake to operate under the assumption, for as we have seen in the past two-and-a-half years, much can go awry.
  3. I know I said two questions, but I had to add this one: How are people, the 37%-38% that are still saying Trump is great and wonderful and doing such a fine job … how are they seeing all this and still thinking there is anything of value in the White House???

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, while I go try to sink my teeth into something more … relevant and substantial.

39 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Watching the Circus!!!

  1. I suggest an intensified effort to tweet excerpted quotes from this book for every day Baby Trump senselessly tweets against his perceived enemies. If we can’t censor his Twitteritis , then how can he claim that our freedom of press should be restrained? “WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER.”

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  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love circuses, or is the plural “circi”? Circle I? “I (Donald Trumpeter trumpeting) must be the centre of any circle, and likewise, I must be the center of any circus!” So let DonT (Pronounced “Dante!”) circle all his demons, and make them look like fire eaters, sword swallowers (oh, what a picture those two words paint), strong(arm) men, dancing girls, animal trainers (well, animals that never had trainers or tamers, but what the H), tightrope walkers, etc. I really don’t think any of his “employees” thought these were the jobs they were applying for, or accepting, but the ringmaster must be obeyed, yes? No? How long before they all decide to quit, en masse? Soon, I hope…

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    • Some good mind imagery there, rawgod! Especially the ‘fire eaters’ and ‘sword swallowers’. 🙂

      Y’know, I have wondered the same … what keeps his staff and advisors from walking away from this nightmare, for surely it is not what they bargained for. Sean Spicer and perhaps one or two others finally said, “Enough!” and walked away, but I cannot help wondering what keeps the rest from doing so? Money? Notoriety? Seems little enough reward for throwing one’s values to the wind. But then, that’s just my take. I only know that I could not work for the jerk.

      And no, I am not crazy about circuses … or circi, but not for the reason most people don’t like them. I was never afraid of the clowns, but seeing the animals decked out in unnatural costumers and being forced to do things that looked to me dangerous, always broke my heart.


      • I have to admit, except for a travelling circus some friends took me to when visiting Poland in 1986, I have not been to a circus since about 1958. Do I like them, not really, I just “loved” them for Da’lion Trainer’s Circus comment. But I agree with you, caged and/or decorated animals are abominations only humans could dream up. Yeah, when I wrote that sword-swallowed image I actually wanted to change the words to pen-knife-blade-swallowers, but I figured better to save that image for the follow-up comment, after I had set the stage for it in the original comment…
        Darn, feeding myself my own straight lines, what is this world coming to???

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        • I think you have to feed yourself your own straight lines, for there is nobody else who could keep up with you! 🙂 And as for what this world is coming to … I have no clue. For the first time in my life, I cannot make any projections or predictions, for nothing looks familiar any more.


          • That is why I have decided DT just might be a positive force, even though he is so inherently negative. He is a shining light for those who refused to look at the truth of our society. He is shoving it in people’s faces, and doing it maliciously. He does not know how to be politic, and therefore he is exposing just how uncaring the Republican Party really is. Everyone may have known that already, but they were able to ignore it. They can ignore it no longer. This should knell the end of republicanism, which would mean there will be a vacuum that will need to be filled. That backlash opens up the possibilities for all opponents of republicanism and it represents an open door to all proponents of a more caring way of life. Those forces must be ready to walk through that door, and fill that vacuum.

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            • I don’t know … on the face of it, what you say makes some sense, but … this nation is so toxic, so divided with each side at polar opposites, that I am not sure there is any possibility for a middle ground until some cataclysmic event draws people back together in the interest of survival. In my last comment to you, I spoke of hope … and yes, I do still have hope for this nation, for the world, since our destinies are inextricably tied together. But then, when I look around at the hate being spewed not only by one side, but by all sides … I wonder if we are hellbent and determined to destroy ourselves. I wonder even if another Martin Luther King, or Ghandi or Mother Theresa were to enter our lives and try to set things to rights, would we give them a chance, or would they be drawn and quartered on sight? Okay, enough of my morbid ramblings for tonight … 🙂


                • The light is always darkest before the storm, and all that jazz. Well, the stormclouds have gathered, and I think the leading edge of the hurricane has passed. We stand now in the eye, knowing the shit is going to hit the fan, and unable to do anything about it, right?
                  Wrong. Now is the best time to prepare. You’ve seen what the storm has to offer, how strong it is, how destructive it can be. First, you need to find safety for as many as you can, as quickly as you can. Then you need to find water and nourishment. You need to find warmth and comfort.
                  But this is not a regular physical storm. The safety is not a basement, the safest place is in a community, and the best way to build it is by accepting all who want to be part. Nourishment is not food to eat, it is food for thought. We know who is causing the storm, so the food should serve up a healthy dose of DT’s greed and selfishness, his desire to steal from the poor and give it all to the rich.
                  Now you need to provide comfort, and the blankets you need to dispense are ideas on how to counteract the coming storm. Tell your community how you can help them after the storm blows by, but also ASK them how they can help to create a safe future right now. The coming future looks mighty bleak, but THAT FUTURE CAN BE PREVENTED FROM HAPPENING!!! Nothing is written in stone. Even the most ridiculous solutions have to be heard, because someone who hears them can make them less ridiculous. That is the power of community. That is the safety of community. And that is nourishment for the whole community.
                  Worth a try, anyway…


                  • Unfortunately (in a way) I have always been an idea man, but not always a great guy at putting ideas into action. My strength, if I can be so bold, is seeing connections where few others can. And after seeing them, looking for the value in them. I’m tooting my own horn, I know, but sometimes that is necessary. So thank you for your kind words, again. You make me feel a tree standing in a forest, I do not have to fall to be heard…


  3. If this book is successfully legally challenged, we should be very, very wary of the future political manoeverings of the administration, for that would mean accountability to the public does not exist and you are in the hands of a slave master.

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    • Agreed … this will be a true challenge to 1st Amendment ‘freedom of speech’ … I don’t think any legal challenges to the book will be successful, but I’ve been wrong before in this ‘Era of Trump’ … for the rules seem to have changed without our knowledge. I am glad the publisher moved the publication date up, though, for the book is already in the hands of thousands, perhaps millions, as it sold out yesterday in L.A. and other cities! I got my copy on my Kindle last night. I hear that Trump is ranting about it again this morning. Frankly, the more he and his sycophants carry on, the more credibility they are giving the book!


  4. During the 2016 election campaign, I was describing this as the best entertainment since Watergate. By now, it has far surpassed Watergate.

    The trouble, though, is that this is a serious matter. The nation is being damaged by the antics in Washington.

    You ask about the 37% who still support Trump. I don’t have any sure answers. I have been following one of those supporters at a creation/evolution debating site. A year ago, she was out there with arms swinging, accusing liberals and the media of all sorts of crimes, and defending Trump. She isn’t doing that now. If asked, I’m pretty sure that she would still say that she supports Trump. But I think she has recognized that Trump’s actions are increasingly hard to defend. So why do these 37% still support Trump? My best guess is that it is a matter of psychology. To stop supporting Trump, they would have to admit to themselves, that they made a horrendous mistake. People find it hard to make that kind of admission. So I don’t expect that 37% to drop much. But I do suspect that the support from that 37% is getting weaker (less enthusiastic).

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    • Yes, I suspect it gets harder and harder to support da trumpeter, as he shows himself to be more deranged and unstable, incapable of coherence under any but the best of circumstances. And at the end of the day, I guess they are more willing to risk a catastrophe than admit that maybe, just maybe, they made a mistake in judgment. It’s rather a damn shame to think that the pride of those 37% might lead to the fall of humankind, isn’t it?


  5. Dear Jill,

    I have to thank the publication company for allowing the book to be sold on January 5th versus the 9th. I should be getting my reserved book, today. I can’t wait to read it.. The high number of sales should send a signal to the president’s sycophant republicans in the White House and the US Congress that their messaging spin to repair the president’s image has just been trumped by Michael Wolff’s book. And it is not all “fake news.”

    Hugs, Gronda

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  6. This presidency is like a house with termites. It may appear to be sound but it’s being chewed at from the inside and may just crumble up and cease to be viable. What we hope will be the last stages of its demise are very like a circus. You’re right. I had to laugh at how excited the CNN newsmen were the evening after the news broke of the book. I won’t need to buy the book. All I have to do is wait until so much of it is quoted there’s not much left that’s unknown. :D.— Suzanne

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  7. Let’s see what the kids are watching on tv…..
    ‘Hi Kids! Welcome to the Uncle Donnie Show!!
    And your just in time to see Uncle Donnie doing his new dance. Yes isn’t he funny? Hopping up and down, going red in the face and his hair all over the place. Why can’t you hear what he’s saying? Well we’ve got him behind a glass soundproof panel, because kiddies (solemn low tones) Uncle Donnie is using potty words! Yes kiddies, let’s all cry out ‘Naughty ol’ Uncle Donnie. The Easter Bunny won’t visit you!’….Why is he using potty words? Well kiddies, you remember Scruffy Steve the Clown, yes the one who left the show last summer to repair his pogo-stick. Well it turns out, he’s written a lot of mean things about Uncle Donnie, which have made Uncle Donnie, very, very cross indeed. Oh dear Uncle Donnie has fallen over. Well while we are waiting for him to get better, let’s see what Cousin Pence has to say:
    ‘Hi kiddies. Poor old Uncle Donnie. Well I’ll show you my nicer, less dangerous dance. And here we go (bland music). ‘You carefully extend you right leg
    You strategically place your right arm out
    You gently sway to the right.
    You carefully swing to the right,
    You deftly look over your right shoulder

    ‘Oh dear kiddies looks like Cousin Pence has fallen right off stage. Never mind. Let’s calm down now and do something serious, and watch some Daffy Duck cartoons’……..

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    • Once again, my dear Roger, you have brought much laughter into my life!!! I got so far behind on comments that I am just now seeing this one, but you are definitely in fine form!!! 😀 😀 😀 I’m thinking this would make a GREAT comic book!!! You need another project to work on this winter anyway, yes? Thanks, as always, for your well-timed humour! 😀

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