Saturday Surprise — S.N.O.W.

I almost missed it … again!  Last Saturday, as some may have noticed, I completely forgot about “Saturday Surprise” and posted my normal snarky drivel.  I realized the error of my ways far too late to rectify the situation, so I just hung my head and hoped that nobody would be too put out with me.  All the holiday detritus has thrown my schedule off … way off, apparently!  So, this evening I was working on a political post for Saturday a.m., when suddenly it hit me that this is the Saturday post … they expect a fun surprise, not more “Tales from the Dark Side”.  And so, I switched gears and here I am with Saturday Surprise!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am already ready for spring.  It has been sub-zero here all year … every bloomin’ day … this year so far!  Now, I understand that my friends down south of the equator are experiencing summer as we up here are freezing our collective patooties off, and I wanted to share some of our joy with them.  Plus, I found some of these pictures really cool … pun intended.  Did you know that Erie, Pennsylvania received 53 inches of snow in a 48-hour period the week of Christmas, and 63 inches total for the four day period ending on Christmas day?  That, folks, is a lot of snow!  I was inspired by the pictures I saw of the mega-snowfall and thought you guys might enjoy them too!  My friend Meeka from Australia, where it is now summer, tells me she has had her air-conditioning running non-stop, so perhaps these photos will help her feel cooler!

Photos of Erie, Pennsylvania


This lady is standing on the roof of her car, clearing snow!


And up in Canada ….


And Elsewhere …

Shattered paint

The parking lot striping paint even froze and cracked!!!

Okay, all those of us who live up here in the northern half of the U.S. and beyond (Canada) define “cold” as somewhere around or below freezing … 32° F, 0° C.  Actually, those who live in the northern half of Canada may even scoff at that and tell us they are in their pools at those temps.  Anyway, typically people in the south, especially places like Florida and Texas, define cold a bit differently. My late mother retired to South Padre Island, Texas, in her dotage, and I will always remember one winter when talking to her on the phone and commplaining about the frigid cold, she said to me, “well, its cold here too … it got down to sixty!” (60° F, 16° C).  A few years later, I did forgive and speak to the woman again.

It doesn’t typically get below freezing, but when it does …

Iguanas are falling out of trees in Florida because it’s so cold. Please don’t pick them up.

Iguana-1“Green iguanas, like most reptiles, are coldblooded animals, so they become immobile when the temperature falls to a certain level,” said Kristen Sommers of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “Under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they become sluggish. Under 40 degrees, their blood stops moving as much. They like to sit in trees, and “it’s become cold enough that they fall out.”


This is not a new phenomenon — there were similar reports in 2008 and 2010 — though it is not typical.

“The reality is South Florida doesn’t get that cold very often or long enough that you see this frequently,” Sommers said.

So, had enough yet?  I was thinking perhaps we could all have a good, old-fashined …


snowball fight-2

snowball fight

Okay, friends, that’s it for my Saturday Surprise this week!  Keep warm, keep safe, and have a great weekend!!!  Love ‘n Hugs to all!!!

25 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — S.N.O.W.

      • Well when I was CR iguanas were always showing up ariund me. I love them. Took scads of photos. When I was in Florida it was geckos and lizards. My hubs began calling me the lizard queen. Lol. I, too, get bogged down by tge cold. But I stay out if trees at this point-just in case. 😉I prefer hugging them anyway. 😜

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        • Ahhhh … that explains it! I, too, love the critters, especially geckos, but that may have something to do with the Geico gecko 😀 And I, too, am a tree hugger … breaks my heart to see them plowed over for mining or oil pipelines. 😥

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  1. Good post, Jil. I never heard of iguanas falling from trees before. How odd but I can understand how it happens. Those are great pictures. It brings back memories of northern Ohio and my dad shoveling snow. I had to dig out my little Volkswagon bug one time. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • Yes, I just had to laugh when I first saw the headline about the iguanas! I’m glad I brought back old memories … in some ways I wouldn’t mind living in a climate where it doesn’t snow, but when I think about it, I do like the season changes and would miss snow … at least once or twice a year! I’m lucky these days that my granddaughter does the shoveling when needs be. 😉 We’ve only had a few inches of snow this year, but the bitter cold has been my complaint. But, there is some relief in sight next week, so I’m hoping to at least be able to step out for a bit.


  2. Dear Jill,
    We even had snow flurries in Northern Florida. Time magazine published the headlines, “It Snowed in Florida and People Lost Their Minds.”
    Excerpt:”The snow in northern Florida had ended by Wednesday (1/3/17) afternoon, but the National Weather Service Tallahassee — which measured 0.1 inches of snow accumulation in the city on Wednesday morning — still urged caution for drivers in the area. Freeze warnings and wind chill advisories remain in effect in parts of the state for Wednesday night and Thursday morning, as the brunt of the “bomb cyclone” moves north.”
    The Iguana story is for real. Iguanas have been falling from trees like falling acorns.
    To hear Floridians complain is not to take awat from what’s happening up north.
    One friend told me about an acquaintance’s daughter living in Bangor, Maine who had to move to a hotel when her toilet froze.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Did you see any snow where you are, Gronda? Yes, it’s all relative … all what you get used to. I think we will start seeing more oddities like this as climate change takes its toll. Last winter here was almost fall-like, with mild temps and almost no snow. This winter has been sub-zero ever since just after Christmas. A frozen toilet? That’s one I’ve never thought of before! I’ve dealt with frozen water pipes before, and once even had the bathtub drain freeze. My husband at that time was working out of town and I didn’t know what else to do … had three small children at home and needed to be able to use the bathtub, so … I poured a pound of salt down the drain! Take my advice … it does nothing but create a total disaster!!! 😀 Hugs!!!

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  3. Winter snow, how it does blow and freeze us all in the North
    Memories of digging
    Uttering ‘frigging …’
    As we chip the ice off the porch.

    I have happy memories of snow, but there were a few mornings in Canada when I could have done without the morning dig-out and using traction grates to get my car off slippery ice so that I could inch my way to work in total panick, arrive late and get docked pay for doing so, or told, ‘we aren’t opening…go home!’ Ah, what fun times! 😉

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    • Love this limerick!!! May be one of your best! Yes, it brings back memories for me too. I will never forget going out to play in the snow on a Sunday afternoon when I was 8 years old, and my parents decided to take advantage of the opportunity for a little bit of ‘afternoon delight’ … and afterward they fell asleep. I was locked out of the house for what seemed like hours, though it was probably only about an hour. And, like you, I have not-so-fond memories of slip-sliding my way to the office. About 10 years ago, there was one evening that it took me nearly five hours to get home because of icy interstate highway, even though the distance from my office to home was less than 20 miles! The worst part was that I ran out of cigarettes an hour before I got home!!! 😀 I like being retired … I can sit warm and cozy indoors and watch it snow, the the next day step out and help the neighborhood kids build a snowperson! 😀


    • HOLY COW!!! I think the hottest it has ever gotten here is around 102 (F) and that has only happened once or twice in my six decades on earth. I simply cannot imagine temperatures that hot!!! I am not going to complain about our -5 any more!!!

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