(Sour) Cream of the Crop – Part I

With ten months left until the 2018 mid-term elections, all eyes are on the potential candidates, the campaigns, and of course the voters.  It is my intention to follow closely some of the key races and contenders from both sides of the aisle as those ten long/short months’ progress.  In the past week, two potential candidates have come onto my radar, and while it is a bit too early to speculate, I can only say that if either of these people win the GOP primary in their state, it will send a loud signal about what republicans want.  Let us look at the first of the two:

Jan-Morgan-2Jan Morgan, 54, will be running for governor of Arkansas in November, against incumbent Asa Hutchinson.  I will let her tell you a bit about her platform in a moment, but first let me tell you a bit about Ms. Morgan. She is a businesswoman, owner of a gun range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, called The Gun Cave.  She made headlines in 2014 when she announced she would not allow Muslims at her gun range: “Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me or other innocent people simply because we refuse to submit to Islamic authority.”

If that wasn’t enough to set your teeth on edge, remember Sebastian Gorka who served as a ‘deputy assistant’ to Trump until August 2017?  He left the White House under mysterious circumstances, but a good guess is his membership in a Nazi-allied group in Hungary led to his ouster. Well, in September, Ms. Morgan tweeted a picture of herself with Gorka and the caption, “Would walk a mile barefoot on a road paved with broken glass to meet my hero, @SebGorka !”

Morgan-GorkaLet’s hear from Morgan herself …

“I’m Jan Morgan, a born again Christian, a genetically conservative wife, mother, small business owner, certified firearms instructor and yes, like our Vice President of the United States, I ride a Harley!” What the Sam Heck is “genetically conservative”???  Firearms instructor should certainly be requisite for a governorship.  Pence on a Harley … who knew?

“We must ensure we have the resources to protect the public. This means prioritizing funding for our prisons, courts, and law enforcement over welfare programs and non-essential functions of government.”  Filosofa’s translation:  The poor are non-essential.

“That giant sucking sound you hear is Texas, Tennessee and Florida sucking our jobs, companies, college graduates, and affluent citizens out of our state.” She doesn’t want the poor, but let’s not lose those ‘affluent citizens’.

“Rino alert : when your “Republican” Governor stands with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and anti gun radical group “Moms Demand Action” to support Expanded Background Checks ..” Wait … A group of moms who want to make the world a safer place for their children are a “anti-gun radical group”? So, does that mean that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are also radicals?  Someone want to explain the term ‘radical’ to this woman?

Jan Morgan

Jan Morgan

But Morgan’s signature issue is guns and gun ‘rights’.  In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting in June 2016 and surging gun sales, she said …

“Well of course they’re on the rise, they’re going to continue to be on the rise until we do something about ISIS in this country. People are afraid, they do not trust this administration [President Obama’s] to protect them, and who blames them? What kind of government is more concerned about appeasing Islamic terrorists than they are protecting the constitutional rights of the American citizen? The largest group of people buying guns right now in America is women. Women are buying guns; I’ve trained over 8,000 people across the United States over the past year as a state police certified firearms instructor and a majority of those people taking those classes are women. And interestingly enough, they’re also seeking concealed handgun permits.”

Asa Hutchinson

Gov. Asa Hutchinson

In the primaries, Morgan will face incumbent Asa Hutchinson, who won the gubernatorial election in November 2014 by 14 percentage points.  In a recent poll, Hutchinson was ranked third among the ten most popular governors in the nation. Now, historically it is rare for an incumbent  governor to be defeated in his party’s primary, especially one as popular as Hutchinson. But these are strange times, with Trump having opened the door to all manners of chaos and making the unacceptable suddenly acceptable.  Remember Alabama candidate Roy Moore, the pedophile, who came very close to winning a U.S. Senate seat?  Political commentator and host of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd, sums it up …

“Another example where the more outrageous, the more serious the candidacy becomes? What will this headline and ones like it look like to America in 2068?”

Again, I would have laughed off a candidate as unlikely as Ms. Morgan four years ago, or even last year, but if a semi-literate sexual abuser can win the Oval Office, and a pedophile nearly win a seat in the Senate, then why not a gun-totin’, hog-ridin’ woman in the governor’s mansion?

Up next … anti-Semitic congressional candidate, Paul Nehlen. Stay tuned, folks …

48 thoughts on “(Sour) Cream of the Crop – Part I

  1. Why that shameless hussy! A’ flaunting herself in an unlady-like way upon of all things a mo’tor-bike! And look at the way she is ‘a thrustin’ her chest out jus’ like some jezzabel! An’ wha’ some ittby-bitty woman doin’ with some auto-matics?? What happen’s if she’s carryin’ one and she’s got..ahem ..that woman’s problem…next thing y’know she’ll be firing it off in all directions! An’ she’s a near bare-ass-nekked in that picture!
    If you ask me she should be back in the kitchin! A’ cooking an’ a cleanin’…I blame her husband for not gettin’ her pregnant enough to keep her occupied!!
    Trouble with her is she’s been reading all about them gen-etiks an’ a gettin’ ideas outside of her petticoats!!
    It’s the thin edge of the wedge I tell ya!!

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    • 🤣 🤣 🤣 Roger!!! You have me literally in tears laughing!!! Are you sure you aren’t an Alabamian posing as a Welshman? That accent is spot on! At least in print, though I have to admit I would pay money to hear you actually speak that paragraph, for I cannot begin to imagine the junction of British/Welsh accept and deep southern! Either way … you made me laugh.

      That said, she claims to be “genetically conservative”, whatever that is supposed to be, and yet … look at those pictures!!! Though I am socially and politically liberal-minded, I am conservative in two areas: finance and personal appearance I cannot imagine being caught dead in the pictures she is in! Genetically conservative my sweet patootie!!! 😀

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  2. Jill, in the genetically conservative bible, Jesus tells us to “look after the MOST of these” and “arm Christians rather than those Muslims.” If Asa loses to her that would say a lot. Keith

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  3. Sarah Palin and now this – a gun tottin’ Christian wife with big hair, big ‘assets’ and a pose that would do credit to a Playboy centrefold. I know who would vote for her here in Australia, and sadly it wouldn’t be the guys learning to be brain surgeons.

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  4. Dear Jill,

    If she wins any votes, it won’t be because of her competence to run a state but because of her bra size. Do you think she was genetically blessed with abundance or were they engineered by a doctor.
    Even in these crazy times, it would actually surprise me if she won. This must have been a Steve Bannon pick. Senator Mitch McConnell will rest easy over this once.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I’m pretty sure those are not natural, which says something more about her values and priorities, at least in my mind. It will say a lot, I think, if the people of Arkansas actually take her seriously as a candidate. And yes, she is just the sort Bannon would go all out for … but I’m not sure if Bannon will have much influence from this point forward. Hard to predic. What a year this is starting out to be, eh? Hugs!!!

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  5. Yikes!!! Cannot even say which of the pictures is the most revolting! As for the quotes: double-yikes! And if she is such a conservative wife, why does she run for an office then? I thought “conservative wives” stay at home and bake cakes for hubby and the kids? Ha!!! Isn’t it funny … I am the one staying home with the kids (and writing my book, but if it will ever see the light of day/publishing, no-one knows) … but I normally don’t bake, only for birthdays and Christmas. – Whatever … when reading your blog I tend to wonder where all these people come from – I thought dinosaurs have been extinct for ages, but here they are! Shudder.

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    • You make me laugh!!! Yes, the pictures are a nightmare, although one reader said they might make men want to jump on the Harley with her. For the life of me, I cannot see why … she is disgusting. Yes, we seem to have dinosaurs coming out from under rocks all over the place here … I think there is an infestation. I am going to be really concerned if this “lady” is taken seriously by the people of Arkansas. Sigh.


  6. “We must ensure we have the resources to protect the public. This means prioritizing funding for our prisons, courts, and law enforcement over welfare programs and non-essential functions of government.” Filosofa’s translation: The poor are non-essential.

    It has been proven by studies that funding programs for the poor and working poor, programs for after school times, funding food programs and school lunches, court diversion programs, and even child care programs have a huge effect of lowering crime and bettering the societies where they are used. Lack of hope breeds crimes and early dropping out of schools. People with no hope, with no resources have little reason not to commit crime. So by deleting public safety net social programs to fund only a punishing police state that mostly harms the poor, and especially the non-white, will increase the crime, increase hopelessness, and make the citizens less safe. With her attitude towards those not in her demographic group she seems to want to make things better for only people like her.
    I hope the people can see through her political rhetoric. Hugs

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  7. Well your photographs may well quicken a few middle-aged men’s hearts. They might like to climb on that Harley alongside such a driver.
    Which brings me to an important point just how much do we take appearances into account when we vote ? I know Jesus is always very handsome in pictures and paintings alongside the exquisite Mona Lisa.
    One other thought leapt to mind why should a gun seller cut off a money supply by restricting who they sell guns to? Maybe her stand actually increased her sales we,will never know. We sell plenty to Saudi Arabia but none to Iran.
    In that great story ‘ Gone with the wind ‘ the heart throb Rhett Butler makes a lot of doe by selling to both sides in the civil war. I suspect many of the indigenous Indian tribes were armed by Americans , English and French.
    I don’t know much about born again Christians but I would have thought they would have no violence in their lives as exemplified by Martin Luther King .

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    • I’m sure that physical appearance sometimes plays a role … unfortunately, it is part of human nature. But apparently it didn’t in November 2016, for Donald Trump is one of the most physically unattractive men I have ever seen.

      Like you, I don’t know much about that religion, but I know that there is a heck of a lot of bigotry and prejudice in their doctrine these days, and that is the reason … or at least pat of the reason … that I have no use for religion. All the pretty words mean nothing unless you treat people … ALL people … right.


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