Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Have Been Caught With Their Pants Down

Once again, our friend Gronda brings us valuable information … a summary of the most important conclusions from the Fusion GPS transcript that was released by Senator Diane Feinstein this week. The dirty dealings … illegal dealings … between Trump and the Russians go far beyond what even I imagined. Hats off to Diane Feinstein for having the courage to stand for the nation, especially when it seems that no one else will. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of grassley and graham SENATORS GRASSLEY/ GRAHAM

The republican Senate Judiciary Committee members Senators Chuck Grassley of IA and Lindsey Graham of SC had been conspiring to discredit the FBI by falsely portraying the FBI’S Trump Russia probe as having been compromised by a partisan opposition research company Fusion GPS. They were insinuating that the co-founders Glenn Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, had done a hatchet job, to deliberately set up the president with the help of the MI6 agent Christopher Steele that he hired. The plan was to push the tale that Mr. Steele’s work product indicating questionable connections between Mr. Trump and Russia, which had been shared with the FBI, was tainted and shouldn’t have been used to further its investigation. The republicans even went as far to refer Mr. Steele, a reputable professional, for possible criminal charges to the US department of Justice.

The Fusion GPS executives were so…

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3 thoughts on “Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans Have Been Caught With Their Pants Down

  1. I left a comment on Gronda’s post, but thought for once I should repeat it here, slightly edited. Probably not all of your readers go back to see the original of your re-blogs:
    As I said to Gronda, the problem is that Trump is in the process of making himself untouchable, with the added history of American presidents somehow being “forgiven” by those who come after. Just look at Tricky Dicky and the life of leisure he was allowed to live after he was removed from office by “impeacment.” If they had enough evidence to impeach a president, and obviously they did, why wasn’t he thrown in jail along with all those few scapegoats who did go to jail. Heads should have rolled all over the place, all kinds of people should have been prosecuted, but never were. Presidents and their immediate underlings have always been protected by America itself.
    This needs to change. Take DT and make an example of him. Normally I do not believe in prison as it makes criminals who are sent there worse than when they got there, there is almost no such thing as rehabilitation being practised in American jails. There is only revenge, and restriction of freedom. Trump, however, is incapable of changing or being rehabilitated, and his freedom absolutely needs to be restricted. He is a rich racist who cares only about rich white people getting richer by the second. Even poor white people are outside his frame of reference. He confessed to abusing women, and did anything happen to him for that? Of course not. And nothing is going to happen to him personally for all his crimes against humanity, and the American way of life. Please put him away, for life. If not in a prison, then at l;east in an asylum for the mentally deranged. And leave him there till he dies…

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