Monday Apologies …

Today, Filosofa must apologize to her friends and readers …





We will return again next Monday … that’s a promise.  Meanwhile, here’s a cute puppy …

sorry puppy

My name is Jolly … I am missing … Can you help find me?


14 thoughts on “Monday Apologies …

  1. It wasn’t very jolly here today either: very windy and rainy …. Dutch weather at its worst … BUT: I have a jolly story for you, my friend: Friday my older son came from home school, telling me that (oh horror), when he was cleaning his clarinet after music lesson, the cleaning cloth got stuck inside the clarinet. Now, one of the first things his teacher had told was: “If ever the cloth gets stuck, don’t yank it out! Inside the clarinet is a little something, and if the cloth is tangled around it, it will break. Then you can throw the whole clarinet away.” Oookaaay….. So I tugged very gently – nothing. Sigh. The next day I drove to a clarinet repair shop the teacher had recommended. I told the story, took the clarinet out of its case. The repair guy nodded, looked at the green cloth bit sticking out of one end, gave it a gentle tug – and it came free!! My face must have been priceless. The repair guy smiled gently and said. “Yesterday it was went. Today it is dry.” 🙂

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    • Yeah, sort of like the rock in the stream that water has been running over for centuries, and finally the rock is naught but a pebble. 🙂 I think I got my mojo back, but for how long is anybody’s guess. Trump seems to be determined to be my undoing. Soon, I shall be sitting cross legged in a corner holding my teddy bear and sucking my thumb! 😀

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      • Oh Jill, I will not hear of such stuff! That little oafish quirk, he is barely worth your time; no more than a ceiling wards rolling of the eyes and a ‘what’s that %*?hole done now?’.
        When it comes down to it, he is just a great big media circus, and the World knows it! (For a start off he’s made North Korea a ‘victim state’ and only an idiot can do that)!

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        • Oh I know, Roger … you know I always bounce back … it would just be so much nicer to be rid of him. Perhaps, though, it would get boring then? Y’know what I think would truly cause him to melt down and be carted off to that place where they have the jackets with the really long sleeves? If the media completely ignored him … a media blackout of Trump … for about one week. No matter what he says or does … no coverage. No pictures of Trump in the news, no reporting of his every single tweet … just nothing. Not only would he be going nuts, but his lemmings would, too, for they need their daily Trump-fix, I think, to stay motivated. Yes, I really like this idea, but how to convince the media? Anyway, don’t worry about me … I promise not to take my blankie and teddy bear and start sucking my thumb. 😀

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