Democrats, It’s Time For A Government Shutdown If Republicans Don’t Support A Clean DACA Bill

Every year in recent history, there has been a threat of a government shutdown because the two sides, republican and democrat, cannot agree on a few points to come up with a workable budget. Almost every year, there is a resolution at the 11th hour, a budget is agreed upon in Congress and signed by the president just in time to keep the federal government up and running. Ho-hum … same ol’ same ol’. This year is no exception, which was already a given, considering the polarization between the two sides in Congress and the idiot-in-residence at the White House. But this year, perhaps there will be no 11th hour solution, for the idiot-in-residence does not seem to be willing to put the good of the nation ahead of his own waning popularity. Our friend Gronda has written an excellent post showing us what happened last week and explaining how one person, Donald Trump, has put our nation in jeopardy to assuage his own ego. Please take a few moments to read Gronda’s post. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos about 1/11/18 meeting with trumpUntil recently, I was truly desirous of the Democrats working with this president and fellow republicans colleagues, even if it meant that Democrats would have to cave by giving the president a win with funds for his Wall in order to pass real immigration reform.

My thinking hardened when the republican President Donald J. Trump chose to blow up a bi-partisan plan worked on by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Lindsey Graham and 4 others, to fix the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program and other immigration issues, at a Thursday morning meeting (1/11/18). Senators Durbin and Graham were prepared to present their proposal, but the president chose to renege on earlier commitments to approve any bi-partisan work product by blowing up the meeting with profanity and by referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as shxtholes,

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I had been one of those foolish who believed the…

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8 thoughts on “Democrats, It’s Time For A Government Shutdown If Republicans Don’t Support A Clean DACA Bill

  1. This is one thing I have a problem with in in USA politics. The independently wealthy voted-in officials are quite happy to play Russian roulette with other people’s wages and livelihoods to score points.
    One of these bouts of ‘silly-buggers’ was reported on by the BBC and you could tell from the ordinary folk being interviewed they were not impressed.
    One of the reasons I fear you ended up with the 2016 disaster.
    I fear there might not be winners in this one.


  2. Jill, I still would prefer the government not shut down. Apparently, there is far more to the DACA Trump reversal than previously told. Graham and Durkin were encouraged to work on a bipartisan deal and then got waylaid in a planned meeting, where Trump intended on using the infamous vulgarities. This example is a metaphor of the Trump presidency, reversing position, being untrustworthy, being vulgar, then lying about it all. There is a reason 74% of the global citizens have no faith in the President, per a Pew poll. Keith

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    • I would also prefer it to not shut down, but it would appear that the word ‘compromise’ is no longer in the vocabulary of the republicans, including Trump. What other options are there? I’m at a loss on this one, and it’s high time that these people we elected and whose salaries we pay, develop a conscience and think about the good of the nation rather than the good of their bank accounts. i just don’t see any good solutions at this point.


  3. I agree, but:

    The Dems should be clear that they are not shutting down government. Rather, they are insisting that DACA have a higher priority than the budget issues. Otherwise said, they need to be clear that it is Trump shutting down the government by refusing to deal with DACA.

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    • You are absolutely correct! Of course, no matter what they say, the republicans will screech in their usual annoying manner that it was all the democrat’s fault. And the republican voters will believe them. But ye, you are definitely correct on this, though I hadn’t really thought about it.


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