How Does President Trump’s Economy Compare To That Of President Obama’s?

Today, Donald Trump wrote an OpEd for the Washington Examiner, extolling his many ‘accomplishments’. One of those was the economy, as he is taking credit for an economy that was doing quite well before he came on the scene. He rides the coattails of the accomplishments made during President Obama’s 8 years in office. Please read our friend Gronda’s post to see how Trump’s economy compares to that under President Obama … thanks Gronda!

Gronda Morin

When the American public listens to the republican President Donald J. Trump braggadocio  about how the economy is booming under his watch with soaring stock prices, low unemployment numbers and an uptick in GDP numbers, they would never guess that the president’s economy is not measuring up to President Barack Obama’s performance in almost every other economic metric.

In addition, because of the republicans’ partisan 2017 “trickle down economics” tax cuts, and the US Congress republicans apparent intransigence in governing with compromise, that there are bound to be some economic hiccups in the president’s portrayal of the “best economic numbers” ever in the near future.

Image result for photos of president obama and president trumpAs per a 9/27/17 Politico report by Tyler Fisher, “The Congressional Research Service published a paper in 2012 that found no correlation between top tax rates and economic growth. Congressional Republicans protested the findings, and the service briefly withdrew the paper.”

These same republicans…

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