Keep on pushing forward ladies

Last weekend, women and many men put on their marching shoes and took to the streets in protest of many policies that have been put forth by Trump & Co. in the past year. Women still suffer from issues of inequality in pay, in access to health care, in sexual harassment, and in domestic violence. Our friend Keith, along with his wife, attended one of these marches and has written on some of the points that were highlighted in the speeches of the day. Even I was shocked at some of the statistics, such as the first four murders of the year in Keith’s city being related to domestic violence. Please take a few moments to read Keith’s excellent assessment. Thank you, Keith!


Disillusioned by tribal politics and a President who has reduced civil discourse to a new low and untruthfulness to a new high, it was nice to get outdoors and participate in the second Women’s March in my city. My wife and I joined some friends and over 5,000 more marchers to hear important messages about pushing women and human issues forward.

I am very encouraged by the 26,000 women who have moved ahead with running for office. We need more women in all forms of government as they are woefully underrepresented. Some of the highlights from the speeches in addition to the above are as follows:

– while the push for equality was mentioned most, I was impressed by a Muslim American woman, Rose Hamid who spoke of equity, to value our differences in perspectives and not let fear of the unknown drive wedges between us. Hamid gained notoriety for…

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2 thoughts on “Keep on pushing forward ladies

  1. Jill, many thanks again. You are a great advocate for women and the truth. It should be noted that the bipartisan group of twenty senators that helped forge a compromise were largely women. Plus, the entire group that ended the 2013 shutdown led by Ted Cruz were women. This is why we need more women in politics – fewer doing zero sum game thinking.

    By the way, the President has been beating on his chest blaming the Dems, as he had a heavy hand in the shutdown, reneging on a deal with Schumer on Friday following the day he knifed Senators Graham and Durbin in the back after inviting a bipartisan deal. If you want to see a strong politician, watch Senator Tammy Duckworth’s condemnation of Trump on his defense posturing – Gronda has it on her post about Stephen Miller. Thanks again, Keith

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    • Thank you, dear friend! Yes, Trump has been blaming the Democrats, but from where I stand, he caused the shutdown when he wouldn’t even talk to Schumer on … Thursday? Friday? Sheesh, I cannot even remember what day today is! But now I am concerned about more chaos coming down the road. Schumer is saying the wall is ‘off the table’, and I agree, it should be off the table, but this can only cause a huge pushback from the repubs. And … this “secret memo” that Devin Nunes is threateneing to release in ‘one or two weeks’ that I hear is a doctored document, but is likely to be explosive. This train has gone off the rails and I am nervous.


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