Mr. President, listen to the Department of Defense and CIA

Many things are broken in the U.S. today, things that were not broken a year ago. Two that stand out as being of the utmost importance are Trump’s failures in the areas of Climate Change and our relationship with Russia. Our friend Keith wrote a post that bears reading, is deserving of serious consideration. And he ends with a question that we all must try to find answers to. Please read Keith’s post … it will give you something on which to ponder as you go through your day. Thank you, Keith!


One of the hardest jobs of any employee is managing up when they have a boss who is not very good at his or her role. Business is littered with stories of high performing individuals who fail miserably as managers. The President is not an exception as he has always been a better salesperson than manager as reported by financial reporters and biographers.

The folks working beneath him are doing their darnedest to keep him between the white lines and on message. Too often, he derails an effort by tweeting or being less than truthful or aware of the issues. Yet, there are two consistent messages that are being ignored by the boss from two important groups, which are making us less safe and secure.

First, the Department of Defense reiterated its recurring message that climate change is a key threat to national security due to destabilization and impact on…

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7 thoughts on “Mr. President, listen to the Department of Defense and CIA

    • I think you are right about that, Roger. Surely everybody in Washington cannot be without goot intent, without conscience. It’s just sometimes hard to remember, for the ones we see and hear are certainly lacking any concern for anybody beyond their own. If you guys survived Thatcher, surely we can survive Trump, yes?

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      • Actually in comparison Trump is ‘nothing’. She was a professional politician who worked her way up through the ranks of a party steeped in male upper-class values…OK that’s enough praise from me!…
        Anyway, even skilled politicians fall…he’s neither skilled nor a politician, unless he has a St. Paul Road to Damascus moment.

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        • Wow … that’s the first time I ever heard you say something nice about Thatcher! Almost brought a tear to my eye! Yes, he’ll fall, but will it be before we all lose our sanity and have to wear those jackets with the really long sleeves? Of course, as cold as it was today, a jacket with really long sleeves doesn’t sound so bad …

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          • As I said to Sheila the other week, I’ve finally found some politician in the democratic system I hate more than Norman Lamont (he was a heartless tory minister who is still around-obnoxious little gnome) & Thatcher- Yep it’s Ol’ Flabby in The Whitehouse.

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            • Aha! Just don’t let him know, though, for he would think of it as a feather in his cap! I think that for him, being hated is almost equal to being loved! It rather reminds me of a small child craving attention … it doesn’t matter that the attention is negative, ie a harsh word or a smack on the posterior, it is attention. Ol; Floppy Belly thrives on attention, no matter what sort.

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              • I don’t think he’d be happy with my kind of goes beyond mere words or shallow acts of violence. I don’t think he would care to have someone tell him to his face in cold, dismissive words that he is but an accident of the voting system and is no more relevant than any other small freak of the process, nor that his legacy would be nothing but a shallow one, fit for condemnatory footnotes in history.
                Unless he changes his ways.
                He just has not faced cold contempt.
                Sheila is often admonishing me when I go off like this because I tend to go coldly visceral.


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