A Very Ugly Man …

It is difficult … nay, nearly impossible … to imagine that in this, the year 2018, there are still people who believe that women are a sub-standard segment of the human race.  What is even more difficult to grasp is that one such person is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate in November.  Allow me to introduce Courtland Sykes who is running for Senator from the state of Missouri against the incumbent, Claire McCaskill.

Courtland-SykesSykes, age 37, is a graduate of Harvard and an 8-year US Navy veteran.  How he even got into Harvard, let alone graduated, is beyond me.  Sykes left the military in 2011, and last year he co-founded a company, Talosorion, that is listed as a security firm, but what they actually do seems a bit obscure.  Sykes himself refers to the company as a ‘defense consulting firm’, but even on Talosorion’s website, there is nothing to say what they actually do.  According to Sykes, it is …

“… a consulting and education firm, frankly; specifically designed for military and special forces intelligence guys.”

The company lists its mission as “bridging military and diplomatic strategies.” Rather vague and obscure, don’t you think?  Per a September 2017 phone interview with the Kansas City Star, the firm has no clients. Bound to be a money-maker, yes?

And now, I will let Mr. Sykes speak to you in his own words …

“I don’t buy into radical feminism’s crazy definition of modern womanhood and I never did. They made it up to suit their own nasty, snake-filled heads.”

“I don’t buy the non-stop feminization campaign against manhood. I want to come home to a home cooked dinner at six every night, one that Chanel [Sykes’ fiancée] fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix.”

“I don’t want them [his daughters] to grow up into career obsessed banshees who … become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she-devils.”

“… big media has become too many dumb blonds…too many leg dangles, too many ‘tee-hee’s,’ too many hate-Trump stories, too much ‘fake news,’ too many left-biased reporters, too much mud-slinging — the credibility is shot to hell and with it big media.”

“There is nothing more Anti-American than the modern day democrat.”

Had enough?  Sykes’ Facebook page  is filled with disgustingly vulgar images of prominent women such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and of course his opponent Claire McCaskill.

Sykes is an over-the-top Trump supporter, or as one writer said, “Trump-inspired populism on steroids”.  It is, however, unlikely that the favour will be returned in the form of an endorsement, as Trump has praised another candidate, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.  A visit to his website   tells us that his goals are:

  • To restore honour in politics
  • To support the freedom caucus
  • To fulfill Trump’s America First agenda

Sykes’ campaign video is a must-see, with warnings about immigration, crime and the possibility of nuclear war played over violent imagery before it transitions to a series of laudatory statements about Donald Trump.

Needless to say, my hackles were raised by his view on women, but the more I looked into this man’s ideology the more certain I am that he is 100% unqualified to run as dogcatcher, let alone U.S. Senator.  He says he would like to stop Muslim immigration “cold”, and that the United States is a “Christian nation”.  Sykes is also, not surprisingly, for unrestricted gun rights.

sykes gun ad.png“I oppose gun control absolutely. The right of Americans to keep and bear arms is constitutionally inviolate. No compromises on this. I am an NRA life-member. I hunt, conceal carry, collect guns, do competitive shooting, and attend gun shows. I totally oppose gun control.”

Unsurprisingly, Sykes is a fan of Breitbart.

“I like their authenticity. They’re bold and they’re fearless.”

There is much mystique surrounding Sykes’ background.  Originally from Arkansas, he has lived in Missouri less than a year.  When asked about his family, he said he preferred not to discuss family.  His LinkedIn page initially said he was a graduate student in London, but that was quickly taken down when it prompted questions. I strongly suspect that his campaign will not go far, so I am not too concerned about seeing him sitting in the U.S. Senate next year.  What does concern me, however, is that when I visited his Facebook page, I saw many comments agreeing with his biased views, cheering him on.  It disturbs me that there is a contingent of people in this nation, in the 21st century, when I thought we had grown and matured, who still have so much hatred toward all who are not white Christian males.  Has the world, in fact, turned upside down?


36 thoughts on “A Very Ugly Man …

  1. “I strongly suspect that his campaign will not go far, so I am not too concerned about seeing him sitting in the U.S. Senate next year.” I felt the same way about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and we all know how that ended. I don’t discount any of these troglodytes anymore.

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    • Yes, I said the same about Trump also, and have been kicking myself ever since for not taking it as a serious threat. I also said the same about Roy Moore, and look how close he came. So, my predictive skills, which were once pretty good, are shot in todays environment.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    All I can say is that God has blessed the democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of MO. in having losers come forward to oppose her. She is in a state that favored the president by over 16 points. The last time she ran she financially supported a far right republican Todd Akin to win against a moderate. She knew she could win if she was opposed by a candidate from the far right.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Then I suppose we should be grateful for Mr. Sykes, though I am still scratching my head about where this attitude he has comes from! Somehow I cannot see him winning the primary, but then I’ve been wrong …. obviously … before. More than once. Several times. Okay 98% of the time!!!


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  3. Sounds like the noise in America is attracting the right/wrong crown for the job, whatever that is?

    I was told the KKK was a product of the Christian movement after Penticost in the early 1900s. Talk about radical but at the same time Tribalism (fighting against a certain group of people) and in the minds of the KKK burning crosses on the lawn with the background music to the Old Rugged Cross might have been right for them and a HUGE Hint that something was radically wrong back then. But are we seeing or blind today as they were back then and heaving the sounds of the day, today?

    The Show of Politics, Might be that the Republicans/Conservatives (the left and or the right) are still Tribal and at war with the position in Washington and also in Ottawa.

    Might want to look at the business of war ($$$$$) and who the arm dealers want in power to move policy forward to find the answer to your question.

    All I have to say is we live in dangerous times.

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    • While I think national identity is a natural and normal thing, tribalism within a nation I do not understand. Why should races, religions, ethnicities, be segregated from one another, or one thing itself better than another? Where does that mentality come from?

      To your final point, I think you may well be right … those who stand to profit from war may very well be calling the shots. Another friend has posed nearly the same question. Time for me to head back down the rabbit hole and do some research.


    • Well … since you are the historian here, and since Roger, my other historian friend, has said much the same, I will take your word for it. It just seems to me that this attitude had largely disappeared, but is making a comeback. I don’t get this any more than I get white supremacy. I think somewhere along the line I accidentally morphed into an alternative universe. Either that, or I had my head buried in the sand without realizing it.

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      • No to both scenarios. Donald Trump tossed political correctness into the trash and is enabling the racists and misogynists to come out of hiding and strut their ugly stuff in a last-ditch effort to defeat the evil forces of those dastardly leftist liberals. The people of decency, no matter their political affiliation will win. This is not about left versus right. It is about having a healthy and free democracy that is inclusive of all citizens. That means that we will win when mutual respect returns to Washington, London, Ottawa, and every democratic capital around the world. I’m confident there are many more decent and caring people than ugly ones in both of our countries.

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        • I definitely agree with you that there are more decent, caring people than the other type. I think part of the reason it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that hate is taking over the world is the noise the haters make. The good people are going quietly about the business of treating people right, working hard to make the world a better place, and haven’t time for all the screaming and shouting. And I am encouraged to see that even some republicans lately are appalled by what they are seeing from Trump and some of the more far-right among their group. The question is, though, does it turn around in our lifetime, or in a few more generations? And … I still have concerns about the trends in education that lead away from teaching young people to be thinkers, instead stressing a career or skillset. But … one thing at a time. I always appreciate your level head and positive outlook to bring me back to earth! 🙂


  4. “I don’t buy into radical feminism’s crazy definition of modern womanhood and I never did. They made it up to suit their own nasty, snake-filled heads.”

    I could agree with that — except

    As far as I can tell, this “radical feminism” is a ridiculous caricature invented by the extreme right.

    I guess it works to stir up fear.

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    • I was a bit unclear as to how he was defining ‘radical feminism’. For some men, a woman simply wanting to go further in her education or career may constitute ‘radical feminism’. So, I think it’s a relative term, and unless I’m just not aware of it, I don’t think there’s a consistent definition. But it is true that the right is guilty of creating fear as a tool of manipulation … it’s how Trump won. Sigh.

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  5. Oh God! I worry when you say he won’t get elected… He’s pushing all the right ‘we’ve had this political correctness, feminazi, #metoo nonsense up to here and we’re gonna shoot our concealed or open carry way to the top’ buttons. I hate to say this, but I suspect there are a lot of women who will be cheering him on too. But I’d love someone to find out what he’s really about. Bleeurgh. Sick-making.

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    • I worry when I say he won’t get elected, too, for in the last two years, my predictions have been wrong … dead wrong … about 98% of the time! But in honestly, I don’t see how he can, for McCaskill is quite popular. But then, it doesn’t pay to get too confident … look what happened in 2016! Even Trump and his campaign staff didn’t think he would win!

      As to women supporting him? Absolutely! I am always amazed at how many women support these chauvinist pigs! His own girlfriend is behind him 100% . It’s sickening, I tell ya!

      Now how are you doing, my dear friend? I do keep trying to get caught up on email, and I know you say don’t worry about it, but I miss our chats and have things to talk to you about anyway. I sure wish we could just down with a bottle of wine, some cheese & crackers, and spend an evening together! Perhaps one of these days!


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    • It would seem to me that he misses the mark on human values, period. I often wonder how people come to these attitudes? Sadly, they seem to be gaining momentum these days … or perhaps they’ have always been there and are just now feeling that it’s safe for them to show their true colours.


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