Saturday Surprise — Limericks!

Saturday is finally here, the weekend lies ahead, and it’s time for Saturday Surprise!  I was mopping the floors yesterday, trying to think of what I would do for this week’s post, and I thought, for some reason, of our friend Colette, who has been mostly off the grid since around Christmas … last I heard, they were in Thailand, I think.  Colette is one who can come up with a limerick to fit any occasion on the spot.  And I always enjoy her contributions.  I, however, am not in the least bit poetic.  In fact, when it comes to poetry, my college literature teacher seriously considered a career change after two semesters spent with me.  I am very much a literalist … I do not get sublety nor hidden meanings … I take both words and people at face value.  So no, I did not get that Frost was talking about homosexuality in one of his poems, and I did not understand the author’s meaning in so many stories and novels.

So no, I cannot write limericks, but I do enjoy them.  And so, for today’s post, I went in search of … a few fun and funny limericks!

A patient who kept getting worsetoon-1

Cried out ‘I must go home now, nurse!

You’ve done all your best

And performed every test

But I’ve come to the end of my purse!


toon-2At times I’m so mad that I’m hopping.

My angriness sets my veins popping.

I yell and I curse,

With swearwords diverse,

But my wife does much worse: she goes shopping”


toon-3There was a young fellow named Hall

Who fell in the spring in the fall.

‘Twould have been a sad thing

Had he died in the spring,

But he didn’t – he died in the fall.


There was a young lady named Harris,toon-4

Whom nothing could ever embarrass,

Till the bath salts one day

In the tub where she lay

Turned out to be plaster of Paris


Now if only Colette would drop by and add hers to the collection …

And on that note, I shall end with a song that has been stuck in my head for the past few days …

And let us not forget that tomorrow is the big day … Super Bowl Sunday!!!


Have a great weekend everyone!!!


35 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Limericks!

  1. Well a Limerick Post is a Blast

    Like reading ’bout myself from the past

    A poet, I’m not

    But rhymes are my lot

    And they come out on the page quite fast!

    Many apologies for being missing so much. I am now down near Marbella in Spain, housesitting a very sick doggie who might not live long enough for her people to return (they are aware of that, sadly), but so far she has responded really well to care.😊

    I, in all honesty, have been avoiding bad or sad news, which means no TV, and minimal radio or internet exposure. I feel that I can project more happiness for the animals in my care when I do that. I must admit that I went looking for your Saturday surprise to see anything amusing. I wasn’t disappointed Jill… The limericks are fun and the plaster of Paris one really fun! Maxine too! Thanks for the smile.😀

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    • YAY!!! You made it! I somehow thought you would. Thanks for dropping by and for your limerick contribution!

      I’m so sorry to hear about the sick doggie … 😥 Any chance he/she will recover? If anybody can nurse him/her back to health, you can.

      No apologies needed … I understand! The stuff I and others write takes a toll, for certain. Drop in when you feel like it, otherwise, just find something to enjoy in each day!


      • Sick doggie is a female 13 year old Weimaraner and if she does survive long enough for her people to come home, she will be doing well. She has almost been euthanized twice in 2017 and managed to pull through, but she is unlikely to survive for long. We are making her as happy as possible.

        I’m sure I’ll be along soon… I haven’t been doing anything with my own blog, so its nothing personal. Just ‘needs, must,’ situation. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        • So sorry about the sick doggie. One of our moggies is on his last legs, so I can relate. Every time I think we will be saying ‘good bye’ to him, though, he rebounds. He still loves laps, pets, and yogurt, so as long as he’s happy, I’m not about to shorten his life with a trip to the vet. He is, after all, 18 years old and we rescued him as a kitten, so he’s had a fairly happy life, I hope.

          I understand, my friend. Keep safe and happy, pop in when you feel like it. Hugs!


  2. There exists a fine lady named Jill,
    Who self professes to be something of a pill,
    She reads of the President’s lies which torment,
    And, instead of just anguishing with lament,
    She seeks recourse from those who are supposed to work on the hill.

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  3. I once had a fried named Jill Dennison
    Who thought she could poese like Lord Tennyson,
    But one day she wrote
    The most horrible quote
    And now DT finds her most menacin’

    Liked by 3 people

        • All I wrote was the first line, really. After that my subconcious mind took over, especially that word “poese”! Where did that come from? (From Afrikaans of all places, if not Old English, which is whst I suspected. But I don’t have an OED handy, so I can’t find out.) Anyway, yeah, I never really srite anything much, mostly my mind does it for me. Have or more of my DT names vpme that way.
          As for the Dennison, Tennyson, menacin rhyme set, I never even saw it coming… i was as surprised as anyone…

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          • That always intrigues me … I have heard many writers say that the characters just take over, or they start writing and it just happens, no conscious thought required. Me? I have to struggle with every word. Not on my blog posts … those flow, but they flow from conscious thought, not from something buried in my subconscious. But the times I have tried my hand at writing fiction, thinking I would like to write a novel, it just falls flatter than a tortilla. Splut. It reads about as well as a first-grade reader. Ah well, we each have our forte, and mine is not poetry or fiction! 😀


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