Black History Month In Canada… Thornton and Lucy Blackburn

John Fioravanti has shared yet another inspiring story of Black History Month in Canada. The story actually begins in Kentucky and … well, you’ll have to read the rest for yourselves, but it is a wonderful story of two heroic black people who overcame the odds by escaping slavery. Thank you, John, for this wonderful post!

Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti

Thornton and Lucy Blackburn – Former Slaves & Toronto Entrepreneurs

The Blackburns escaped from slavery in Kentucky and fled to Detroit where they lived until they were discovered and arrested in 1833. Lucy was spirited out of jail the night before she was to be sent back to Kentucky. The next morning, her husband was rescued at the jailhouse door by a huge crowd of both blacks and whites, and together the Blackburns fled across the river to Windsor, Ontario. Again they were put in jail, this time to await extradition. However, Lt. Governor John Colbourne refused to send them back, and they moved to Toronto.

While working as a waiter at Osgoode Hall [law school], Blackburn noted that Toronto lacked public transportation. Using the design of vehicles in use in Montreal and London, England, he ordered the construction of a horse-drawn cab with space to carry four passengers. It…

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