The Death March of Planet Earth

Europe doesn’t want to play with us anymore, and I don’t blame them.

“The European Union will no longer make trade deals with the United States if President Trump follows through on withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, according to a French official whose comments were endorsed by the European Commission.” – ThinkProgress, 06 February 2017

The planet’s second-largest polluter and we are not only refusing to help clean up our own mess, but determinedly making an even bigger mess.

“One of our main demands is that any country who signs a trade agreement with EU should implement the Paris Agreement on the ground. No Paris Agreement, no trade agreement. The US knows what to expect.” – Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French foreign affairs minister

No word yet of any response from Trump … he probably didn’t understand what they meant, and anyway, he has been too busy worrying about who did or didn’t clap for him at his State of the Union Address to actually consider such trivial things as whether our nation will lose one of our biggest trading allies.

And in other environmental news …

  • The state of Idaho has decided to remove all references to climate science from its science education standards. Way to go, Idaho … keep those kids in the dark and don’t let them know the dirty little secret that we are killing our planet.

  • Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, is still trying to drum up support for his 5-year offshore leasing program that would open up the entire eastern seaboard to offshore drilling. This despite the fact that the governors of 15 of the 16 coastal states are against the plan.  According to Athan Manuel, director of the Sierra Club’s Lands Protection Program, the plan “underscores how disorganized and uninterested this administration is in preserving our coastline or stewarding our public lands.”  Yep, pretty much..

  • Nebraska State Senator Tom Brewer has proposed a new bill that would restrict wind power development in the state and end the designation of wind power as ‘renewable.’ “Wind energy is not Nebraska Nice. Wind energy is a scam that hurts people and animals, wastes billions in tax dollars, and isn’t ‘green’ energy by any definition of the term.” Oh for Pete’s sake!  Wind energy is one of the least polluting sources of energy available.

  • Trump wants to eliminate the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, a federal agency with a strong record of improving public safety. The goal seems to be to give a boost to the nation’s petrochemical industry as part of its “energy dominance” agenda. The agency is charged with investigating major chemical fires, explosions, leaks, and other accidents. Nothing too important there, right folks?

  • Oil and gas companies are suing municipalities that pass ordinances banning drilling and other types of industrial activity. Say what?  But it’s even worse.  Federal judges are sanctioning the lawyers who represent the small towns trying to protect the environment, imposing financial penalties.  (More about this one at some later date)

And that, my friends, is the latest in environmental news.  You may wish to spend  some time outdoors today, for I don’t know how much longer we will be able to breathe out there if this keeps up!

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  1. I do believe this to be ‘Custer’s Last Stand,’ as the smaller movements to Vegan, Organic, Sustainable, Green, Environmentally Friendly, etc., are causing some real headaches for the fossil fuel, factory farming, chemically produced cleaners and pesticides/herbicides. The dairy farmers in Ireland took court action and lost when they took issue with giant posters of stolen calves and distressed dairy cows appeared on bus shelters across the country, and most animal farmers in the UK are worried and incensed by the Vegan activists who have exposed new farming practices as inhumane…(see ‘Land of Hope and Glory – the UK Earthlings’). The Vegan movement in the 20-35 year group is strengthening and 2018 is predicted to see a big shift. Dairy has taken a hit in other ways too…many women now drink an alternative blant based product to avoid breast cancer, digestive problems and the adult acne that is caused by hormones present in dairy products. The use of antibiotics in huge quantities in animal farming is neither healthy nor sustainable, but the appalling conditions of factory farms are so bad, that no animal would survive without them.
    Vegan aside, I see great strides in other areas too…even the other day on crowdcube, I saw a skeptic on the viability of a recycled, sustainable product, shouted down by investors convinced that we have to male the switch.
    Change is coming and Trump and his minions are about to get trampled in the rush.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    i;m glad the EU is taking this stand. The president needs to get the message that his bullying ways with most foreign leaders is going nowhere. Now he doesn’t even have the rising stock market to brag about.when he’s with other leaders.
    This is an all out war on our environment on behalf of the fossil fuel industry and the Koch brothers. What are they going to tell their progeny about the harm they are doing to this country and the world?

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are right, it is an all-out war on our planet in favour of greed. Nothing matters to these people, Trump included, but money. As to what they will tell their progeny? I guess they figure their descendent’s will just be so grateful for all that lovely money they inherit that nothing else will matter. BAH!!! Hugs!

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  3. I would like to add to the mix the environmental impact of the small tactical nuclear devices the president wants and has instructed the military to stock. They seem to miss the fact that any nuclear explosion will add radiation to the atmosphere, ground , water, and food systems. Chernobyl seems to have taught people nothing. Hugs

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  4. The environmental news is plain horrible. I found that the EU position to be fascinating. The last news I heard on NAFTA is that the head US negotiator is upset with Canada and is suggesting separate trade deals with Mexico and Canada. Lots of insanity going around! Great post, Jill!

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    • Yes, I heard the same. I think we all knew any negotiations would not be simple with Trump in office, and it may prove to be impossible, for he truly seems determined to pursue an isolationist ideology. Which, of course, is a disastrous approach, but who can tell him anything? Yep, there is plenty of insanity to go around these days, not only on our side of the globe, but on the other as well. Sigh. This, too, shall pass.

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  5. Well I suppose I could tell them to check the geological and paleontological history of this planet over the past few billions years,,but since the fossil and geological records ‘are all fake news’…..

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  6. Jill, great post. Here are few more tidbits supporting your concern. In 2016, Nebraska ranked 17th in wind energy in the US, but trails the following plain states – Texas, Iowa. Oklahoma, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, and North Dalota. Texas is by far #1 and Iowa gets almost 1/3 of its electricity from wind. Seems like real data is missing from the State Senator Brewer’s point, as these other states don’t seem to mind.

    Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, said yesterday that global warming might be a good thing. Really? Is that the new line of attack from the fossil fuel industry?

    A final scarier point is something that is not getting much attention in the US. Cape Town, South Africa is about to run out of water. April is the point zero. Climate change is only making our global water crisis worse. Duke Energy, a multi-state utility has factored in an additional 11% of evaporation from its water reservoirs due to climate change (over the normal evaporation). Yet, outside of lead pipes in Flint and other cities, I am unaware of active discussion in DC over the US water crisis.


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    • Thanks, Keith! And thanks for the additional information, for I haven’t kept up with much of the progress in wind energy, and certainly was not aware that Texas gets nearly 1/3 of their energy from wind. Impressive. And Brewer’s comments are so ridiculous that even a child of 5 could see through them. Greed is trying to dominate everything these days.

      I heard somebody say early this winter, perhaps it was Pruitt, tha t global warming might be good because it would save energy by not having to use as much to heat homes and buildings. Which just goes to show that the head of the EPA does not understand the difference between climate and weather. In fact, I think he does not understand very much about his job.

      Yes, I have read about the wter crisis in South Africa and have been meaning to do a post about it, but I keep getting sidetracked by you-know-who. Perhaps I will do that this weekend. It is a dire situation and could happen here or anywhere else. I sometimes wonder if, at some point, mankind will become extinct for lack of breathable air and potable water? If so, we will have done it to ourselves.


    • Yeah … sigh. We must remember that he has some brain disease that keeps him from thinking in any logical fashion. Such an ugly little man, don’t you think? Both inside and out. Sigh. Next thing I’m expecting is that any of us who refuse to so much as look at his damn parade will be found guilty of treason. 😦

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  7. I used to be an optimist, because of how these issues were being taken seriously.

    Unfortunately, it turned out that only the scientists were taking it seriously. Everyone else was driven by greed. And that’s what is going to do in the human race.

    I’m not too worried for myself. But granchildren are going to be hit hard within their lifetimes.

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    • Yes, I suppose that the human race will ultimately become extinct, else evolve into a lifeform that doesn’t need clean air or potable water. Like you, I won’t be around to see it, but I feel a responsibility to future generations. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks that way. 😥

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    AMERICA … ‘The planet’s second-largest polluter and we are not only refusing to help clean up our own mess, but determinedly making an even bigger mess.’
    … not while the clown and his cohorts are in the White House!!

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  9. Our GOP equivalent politicians are dinosaurs too. The sooner the younger generation takes over the better. It’s no coincidence that the President of France and the Prime Minister of Canada are both young men who still have some beliefs they cherish.

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    • You make a good point there! I have tried to trade Trump for both Macron and Trudeau, but the negotiations have not gone well. And here I even offered to throw in some extras, like Kellyanne and Sarah! 😀

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  10. Trump is the dinosaur that will drag the US down eventually.

    The trends to environmental sustainability are growing, especially in the 25 to 35 year old group…our upcoming prime citizens will change things rapidly as they become our leaders and law makers. I have just made a small investment in a seed company that is using recycle, circle economy, vegan, organic, sustainable principles for its line of products. While companies like this are still fledgling, the big boys out there are taking notice. Indeed a couple of similar companies have been acquired by giants such as Unilever.
    Trump and his ancient minions are the last throws of a dying business model…

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    • I agree that Trump is a dinosaur and will drag us down … heck, he already has! ‘Tis why I keep trying to convince people to get rid of him now, while there is still hope of fixing all that he has broken. Yes, he and his ilk are a dying breed, and they can’t die off soon enough to suit me. Let’s just hope the next generation doesn’t fall prey to the greed that drives Trump & Co.

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  11. So they’re deliberately adding murder to their list of accomplishments as asthmatics will have even more trouble with breathing than they do now.Why despoil your own country and make it worse for the people who live there. Has it always got to be about the mighty dollar and profits for his pals?

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    • There is already a difference in air quality in this country … a noticeable difference, at least to those of us who do suffer from asthma and other breathing problems. Remember I told you about the river rising and causing problems for me last month? All as a result of industrial dumping into the river. And to answer your question, it would appear that money is the motivator, the driver, of those in decision-making positions at the moment. We who have consciences must work to change that, but that money gives them a power that is hard to fight. xxx Cwtch xxx

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      • The Volkswagen scandal was a big eye opener as to how far companies will go to declare their vehicles clean. The results were false and fiddled using prepared software. They also admitted to testing exhaust fumes on monkeys and volunteer humans, the monkeys were unpaid apparently the humans earned $11 per hour. There is an old saying ‘ Where there’s muck there’s money ‘ but we need to turn it around ‘ Where there’s money there’s muck’.

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        • Definitely an eye-opener, but the sad part is that I don’t think any of us were really very surprised. I’d bet money there are more who just haven’t been caught yet. With few exceptions, I would agree … where there’s money, there’s muck. More and more it seems that money creates unlimited greed. Some can simply never have enough, and I cannot understand that. Seems to me, it just creates more worries, checking the stock market every hour to make sure one hasn’t lost a cent, finding the best investments, etc. I’ve got better things to do with my time.


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