Saturday Surprise — This ‘n That

Well the long week is finally over, we can look forward to two days of … cold, snow, chopping wood for the fire, shoveling, chattering teeth …  Take heart, I am just kidding.  Hopefully you will all have a fun weekend and enjoy something special before having to return to the grind on Monday.  Me?  I think I will plan to stay in and catch up on some things around the house, but that could change a bit later on.  My girls like to go out on Saturday, so who knows?  For today’s Saturday Surprise, I decided on a hodge-podge with no theme other than the goal of making you smile, laugh, or shake your head and roll your eyes.  So pull up a chair, and let’s share a few minutes together before you head out to the mall!

Our first story takes us to Scotland, where a young farmer, Bruce Grubb, was holding a housewarming party in his cottage.  Now, Bruce had some cows out in the barn who were ready to give birth at just about any time, so periodically he left the party to go check on the cows.

Bruce Grubb with cowsWhen Bruce excused himself to go out and check on the cows, he got the fright of his life, for as he shined his flashlight among the resting cows, he saw a TIGER!  Its eyes glinted in the light, and Bruce knew he needed to get help … and quick!  Bruce dashed into the house and called the local police who wasted no time coming to the rescue.  Well, they wasted just a bit of time, first contacting the local zoo to see if any of their tigers were missing.

Once at the scene, armed officers from the North East Police Division surrounded the place. And they waited for the tiger to move.  And they waited … and waited … and after 45 minutes, they began to think that perhaps something wasn’t quite right.  Now, why they didn’t shine a bright light, or approach, I don’t know, unless they were trying not to scare the poor pregnant cows.  Finally, though, one of the officers cautiously approached the tiger and found …

stuffed tiger.png

Yep, you got it … a stuffed tiger!  Talk about some sheepish grins.  And you can only imagine the ribbing the officers took from the online community once the story was posted on Facebook

“The farmer was very complimentary about the attending officers, summarised by saying “they’re grrrrreat!”

“Hmmmm never seen a real tiger with a seam up it’s back and legs.”

“Could’ve been a ‘big cat astrophe.”

Who knew that Amazon sells a giant  beach ball …

The Beach Behemoth Giant Inflatable 12-Foot Pole-to-Pole Beach Ball by Sol Coastal

Price: $95.96 FREE Shipping for Prime members Details

giant ball

One customer gained attention when he gave the ball only a 2-star rating and wrote the following review:

“We took this ball to the beach and after close to 2 hours to pump it up, we pushed it around for about 10 fun-filled minutes. That was when the wind picked it up and sent it huddling down the beach at about 40 knots. It destroyed everything in its path. Children screamed in terror at the giant inflatable monster that crushed their sand castles. Grown men were knocked down trying to save their families. The faster we chased it, the faster it rolled. It was like it was mocking us. Eventually, we had to stop running after it because its path of injury and destruction was going to cost us a fortune in legal fees. Rumor has it that it can still be seen stalking innocent families on the Florida panhandle. We lost it in South Carolina, so there is something to be said about its durability.”

And of course others had to jump on the bandwagon with their comments …



For the price, I think I’ll pass …

reading toon

And since I haven’t given you any cute baby animal pictures lately …

baby ant eater

Baby Ant Eater

baby dik dik

Baby Dik Dik


baby dolphin

Baby Dolphin

baby duck

Baby Duck

baby gibbon

Baby Gibbon

baby lemur

Baby Lemur

Jaguar cub

Jaguar cub

leopard cub

Leopard cub

And, thanks to our friend Roger, this one has been on my mind all week …


And that, my dear friends, is about all we have time for today!  I hope you found something to make you smile here, and I wish you a wonderful weekend.  And what would Saturday Surprise be without at least one song chosen from my own personal favourites?  Keep safe, be happy, be kind.  Love ‘n hugs to you all …







41 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — This ‘n That

  1. There was a dairy farmer who said

    A tiger was stalking cows in his shed

    The police were called

    The search was stalled

    As a giant ball crushed them all instead

    A fleeting visit a little late. Hope you enjoy your week Jill…

    Aw, those little babies are so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I could help get your weekend off to a good start. I am so jealous of your sunshine, though! I have only seen the bloomin’ sun about 4 times all year! Cloudy, gloomy, cold, wet, snowy, icy, did I mention cold? BAH! Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and send a bit of that sun down this way, if you would!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those little critters are too cute! Lovely.
    Large beach ball? It’s a Mel Brookes moment I tell you!
    Thanks for the ‘credits’ Jill. I loved the Calvinball scores…. ‘Q-12’ is a classic. Apparently there were Calvin & Hobbes fans who used to play Calvinball….great!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear Jill,
    What ball, did you see a ball? I would have disowned it faster than a speeding bullet. Or I would have blamed some idiot for not knowing better, and then I would find a nice young Samaritan to rescue his fellow human beings and the ball.

    You know how animals are. A realistic stuffed tiger could have frightened a poor cow into labor.

    Thanks for sharing baby animal photos and the Richard Harris song, “MacArthur Park.”

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

    • No ma’am, I didn’t see any ball! I might like to have one to take to a Trump rally sometime … just think of the havoc we could wreak with that! 😀 😀 😀

      Glad you like the animals! I could do those every day, I think. Takes me a while, though, for there are so many to choose from, and I have to stop at each one and go “awwwwww”. 😀 Hugs!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a delightful post, Jill. You totally succeeded in taking me out of my reading scheme for ten minutes. I had to hit follow and reserve time to come back for more. I am a Calvin and Hobbes fan and enjoyed the tiger and beachball stories. The beachball story was particularly funny since I live on the Gulf of Mexico and see “baby” beachballs escaping their owners all the time. I capture them and put them up for adoption to homes where the parents truly care about their welfare. Thaks for the fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m glad you found something to like here! Thanks for following, but I warn you, my humour is only on Saturday and Monday mornings … the rest of the time my posts are rather dark, as they usually pertain to the political situation here in the U.S., else to environmental or global injustices. Monday and Saturday, though, I strive for funny and light. Welcome, and thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for the warning. I’m one who believes that our Legislative and Executive branch have lost their way and should be removed. Of course, most folk’s arguments are polarized and filled with hate. I tend to ignore them. I think the voting public ought to get off their butts and throw them all out. So you probably won’t get a political comment from me but I will read and look forward to Monday and Saturday. Environment and global injustice are another matter. Both concern me. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • My beliefs mirror yours … time to clean house in D.C. and start with fresh, untainted blood. You might also enjoy my Wednesday a.m. posts where I shine a light on “Good People Doing Good Things” … my way of remembering that the world is not all dark. But yes, the rest of my posts are typically fairly polarized, as I believe Trump & Co are turning this country into something decidedly ugly and hate-filled, and I am a fighter … I am the anti-Trump! 😀 So I fully understand if you avoid those … even my own family rarely read them!

          Liked by 1 person

  5. I was lucky enough to get a chance to okay with a leopard cub when I was much younger. It was a thrill and the cub behaved just like a kitten — except that his tongue was very rough and pulled my shirt out of my pants!! Fun stuff. Have a great week-end.

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