The Man Who Likes To Lose …

Arthur Jones is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Illinois’ 3rd congressional district  Arthur Jones has run for a variety of political offices dating back to 1976 when he ran for mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and lost.  He has run for Congress no less than five times … and lost every time.  And now he is running for Congress in a largely democratic district on the south side of Chicago.  Why is Arthur Jones such a loser?  Let’s take a look at Arthur.

  • On his website Jones describes the Confederate flag as “a symbol of White pride and White resistance. It is the flag of a White counter revolution.”

  • In 2008, Jones was listed as the leader of an Illinois chapter of the neo-Nazi American National Socialist Worker’s Party.

  • He now leads a group called America First Committee, whose membership is open only to “white American citizens of European, non-Jewish descent.”

  • He denies that the Holocaust ever happened, calling it “the biggest, blackest lie in history … nothing more than an international extortion racket by the Jews.”

Already you can see why Mr. Jones cannot win an election, right?  So how did he get on the ballot for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives?  Simple, no other republican wants to run in that district, for it is seen as that of a sacrificial lamb, so heavily democrat is the district. On Thursday morning he did a six-minute interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota:

Jones tried to enter the race in 2016, but the GOP challenged signatures on Jones’ petitions and successfully got him booted from the ballot. Not so this year, as the petitions passed muster, thus it is a certainty that Jones will win the March 20th primary.

In addition to his hatred of Jews, Jones hates every other group that is not white, Christian and straight.  Jones does not support interracial marriage or integration in public schools. He is against immigration and wants to pass laws to make English the official language, saying, “… any two-legged vagabond from any Third-world, non-white, or non-Christian country is given preference whether they arrived legally or illegally. Either, learn America’s language, our culture, and respect our laws or get out of our country!”

Can you guess his stand on LGBT rights?

“The Homosexual/Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Transgender movement is a blatant assault on the Christian based foundation of this country. They seek to uproot, and overthrow all the moral teachings of the Christian religion on which all of our laws are based. THEY MUST BE STOPPED NOW.”

A visit to his website left me feeling ill, with images like these …

art jones poster 3art jones poster 1aft jones poster 2

His ‘platform’ also includes what he refers to as “The Neighborhood Amendment”, which claims liberals want ““Racial, Religious, and Sexual Diversity” in every neighborhood and school in America.”  His proposal would enable people to vote on whether or not to allow “others” to move in to the neighborhood.  Perhaps he never heard of the Fair Housing Act?

It is understandable that no other republican candidate wishes to waste the time and money to run a campaign for a sure-to-lose seat.  But now, the party is left with Jones, another pimple on their butt.  The good news is that there is no way this man will be going to the Capitol unless it is as a visitor with a tour group.  The bad news, however, is that anybody with his mentality can even exist in this, the 21st century.  It makes me both angry and sad to think that somebody so bigoted, so narrow-minded, can garner even a handful of supporters.

Even the GOP doesn’t support Jones …

  • Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, also a Republican, said: “There is no room for neo-Nazis in American politics. I condemn this man in the strongest possible terms.”

  • Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said, “The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the Third Congressional District.”

And yet … there is no doubt that he will get some votes.  He will not win, but there are some who will applaud his ideas, his bigotry, his racial hatred, and they will vote for him.

47 thoughts on “The Man Who Likes To Lose …

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  2. Geesh. I need a shower after reading that. What bothers me though is that we highlight men like him as being the true “problem.” He’s highly visible and obviously, overtly a racist whereas systemic, structural, strategic racism is much harder to point out.

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    • Yes, I felt grungy after writing it. And you are exactly right in your assessment. We cannot shine a spotlight on those creatures hiding under the rocks, so instead we highlight the ones like Mr. Jones here, while noting that the mere fact he has supporters hints at the larger problem. Good comment, good points! Thank you.


  3. Jill, my former party has a huge problem with this one. They are already having to own the chaos and confusion of their tempestuous leader. Now, they have a xenophobic holocaust denier carrying the banner leaving headlines along the way. Keith

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    • Yes, as I just told Gronda, they will be chasing their tails much of this year, I think. Damage control. I would say I wish them luck, but frankly, they have brought this upon themselves, and I feel no pity for the party leaders.


        • Absolutely! I would love for either or both of them to find the cojones to do that, and I would applaud them for it, but I’m not holding my breath. More likely they will ignore the problem and hope it goes away.


          • Jill, their calculation is likely based on the appeal of the party to an extreme base of voters. This is not to say Republicans are bigoted moreso than others, but there is little question who the white nationalists/ supremacists are voting for. This President has time and again enfranchised this group and now they no longer hide in the weeds. Keith

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            • They have, indeed, been given permission to come slithering out from under their rocks. And our lawmakers fear them … I cannot believe that Ryan or McConnell either one support white supremacy, but they are afraid of the fallout if they speak against it too strongly. In the words of our nefarious leader … sad!


              • The Trump shove: that’s exactly how Hitler put together his bunch of psychopathic yes men: making them fear repercussions if they didn’t toe the line. At first the repercussions were likely being “fired” but once the Nazi train was going full bore anyone who resisted was hanged or had to commit suicide. These cowards are re-enacting the same pathetic but dangerous drama on a different stage.

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  4. Dear Jill,
    The republicans are stuck with this one.According to Xena who is familiar with this area, it is too late for another republican to challenge him. He will inevitably lose to his democratic contender, but meanwhile he will represent the face of the republican party and I hope he gets lots of publicity.
    They deserve him.
    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, the deadline to register was back in December. One thing the GOP is considering is trying to come up with a decent candidate and promote him as a write-in candidate, similar to what they were considering in Alabama last year, but so far they haven’t found anyone. Yep, the GOP are getting what they deserve, in my book. But consider this: Jones is not going to win, just as no other republican candidate would win that district. But … what if it were NOT a democratic district? What if it were a heavily republican district? Could he win then? I doubt it, but … maybe. And that is a scary thought. Meanwhile, let the GOP chase their tails this year! 😀 Hugs!!!

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    • Thanks John! Yes, it is sickening and I wish there were some way we could set some parameters. But then, I also wish we could for the presidency … such as experience in a government position and be able to pass a basic test of constitutional knowledge. When a television hack can become president, it’s time to give this “anybody can grow up to be president” thing another thought!

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  5. Perhaps he never heard of the Fair Housing Act?

    Yes he has and he hates it with all his being. What hurts is that he has supporters. Enough people believed as he does to sign petitions to get him on the ballot. That is far too many of them. Hugs

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    • I know … that is what disturbed me also. Y’know, sometimes I think I wish we could give the white supremacist bigots what they want … ship ’em all off to some desert island and let them live in their narrow-minded, sheltered world and leave us to enjoy diversity! Hugs!!!

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Arthur Jones … Illinois! Out of time with this world … wow!
    ‘And yet … there is no doubt that he will get some votes. He will not win, but there are some who will applaud his ideas, his bigotry, his racial hatred, and they will vote for him.’

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    • I admit the State of Israel isn’t what I once thought, or what I think it once was, and I am less and less impressed with Netanyahu. Whether I would call it a ‘bandit state’ or not, I don’t know. His only reasoning, I believe, for calling it that was his anti-Semitism, which, being half Jewish myself, , I see as only another form of bigotry.

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      • My understanding is Israel is a rogue state run by Zionists, not Jews. I think a parallel could be drawn about America between the creepy cabal that has taken over the White House and government powers and the American people. Being opposed to that cabal isn’t being anti-American though they’re doing everything they can to push that propaganda, just as Hitler pushed Nazism upon the Germans. There were still decent people in Germany under Hitler; there are decent people in Israel under Nut-and-Yahoo and there are decent Americans under Trump. You could probably say the same about every nation in the world.

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  7. He actually got this part right: ‘which claims liberals want ““Racial, Religious, and Sexual Diversity” in every neighborhood and school in America.” ‘ The rest is such insane bigoted crapcrapcrap that it is sad anyone thinks this way, much less wants to make others live by his view.

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