Sunday Morning Musings From The Mind Of Filosofa

I wonder why the phrase ‘den of iniquity’ keeps coming to mind when I think of the White House these days?  Could it be because it seems that everyone who works or resides there has some form of sexual perversion in their past, and maybe even in their present?    And yet, those evangelical Christians, the very same ones who are dead set against a woman’s right to choose whether to have a child or not, the ones who would smite those who love a person of their own gender … those very same people are applauding the perverts who have taken over the White House and are turning it into a cesspool.  Think about that one for a few minutes.

seperator 2Thinking that surely Trump’s approval rating must have dipped after this week, his defense of his aides who were found to have abused their wives, his rants and tirades, not to mention the instability of the stock market, I headed over to FiveThirtyEight to check the aggregation of polls.   Imagine my shock when I see that his average approval rating is actually up from about 38% a week ago to 40.8% this weened.  Somebody needs to find that big stash of Kool-Aid and destroy it!  So much for my good humour.seperator 2The pseudo-drama of a government shutdown every month is getting old, people.  It has become a tool of manipulation between Trump, the republicans in Congress, and the democrats in Congress.  It is a game for them, and we are quickly becoming immune to the drama, shrugging our shoulders and saying, “whatever”.  The last one lasted five hours and those were while we were sleeping, so nobody really noticed.  If most of us did our jobs as poorly as members of Congress and the ‘man’ in the Oval Office do, we would be fired. A government shut-down is not a toy to play with.  We truly must be the laughingstock of the world.seperator 2Trump got part of his wish, an additional $500 billion in military spending, about which he tweeted …

“Just signed Bill. Our Military will now be stronger than ever before. We love and need our Military and gave them everything — and more. First time this has happened in a long time. Also means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” – 8:39 AM – Feb 9, 2018

With unemployment at only 4.1%, and some portion of those being people who either cannot work, or have retired, and with the plan to deport a portion of the work force soon, I’m not sure who will take all those “JOBS”.  And, I have no idea why we needed to increase military spending while allowing people in this country to go without affordable healthcare.  Perhaps some republican can explain this to me?seperator 2Why does it have to be ‘them’ vs ‘us’?  Is not the purpose of every government to see to the best interests of the nation as a whole, and its people?  Why is compromise so very difficult for those we hired to do this job?  Perhaps it is because we are not holding them accountable for doing their job, but instead are cheering and applauding their grandstanding, their showmanship.  The ‘Great Divide’ is only worsening, and as I predicted two years ago, the chasm is so wide now that the people of this country may never again be unified.  The name of this nation, the United States of America, is truly a misnomer these days, for there is nothing united about us.seperator 2Does anybody in the U.S. know or care about the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa?  As of February 1st,  new water restrictions limit households to 13 gallons of water per person per day, and even at that, they are likely to be further reduced.  In fact, people in Cape Town are anticipating ‘Day Zero’, when the government will turn off the taps to homes and businesses to ensure that hospitals have water.  Residents will then be issued 6.6 gallons at communal water distribution points.  I can and likely will write a post about this grim situation, but for this morning, suffice it to say that I am disturbed that there is little, if any, concern among the people of the U.S. over the water crisis in Cape Town.  First of all, the people affected are our brothers and sisters, a part of the human race, so how can we not care?  And second, as a result of climate change, this situation is going to spread and even the U.S. at some point will begin to face water shortages.  Take the blinders off and stop drinking the Kool-Aid, folks … climate change is real, is being exacerbated by humans, and has very real-world consequences.seperator 2The 2018 Olympic Winter Games have begun in  Pyeongchang.  Typically, the winter Olympics excite me, though I am not a sports enthusiast, but this year I am decidedly ‘meh’ and have not even tuned in yet.  Why?  Partly because I am a glum person these days, but also because the U.S. has succeeded in putting politics over teamwork, over sportsmanship.  The U.S. is not capable of setting aside differences for a few days in order to support young athletes from all over the world who have worked so hard to get to the Olympics, to realize their dreams.  On Friday, at the opening ceremonies, Mike Pence refused to stand for any country except the U.S.  In a historic moment, North and South Korea joined together, putting differences aside for this moment, and marched under a common flag in the opening ceremonies.  The moment was emotional and was greeted with great enthusiasm and a standing ovation.  By all except Mike Pence and his wife.  They alone remained stony-faced and seated. What a message we are sending the world, eh?

seperator 2Clive Bundy and his sons are out of prison and back on the streets, and nothing has changed.  They are planning more mayhem in the near future, and ol’ Clive is already encouraging his fellow ranchers and other followers to disregard any laws they don’t agree with.  Stay tuned for more on the Bundy clan who are apparently stuck in the days of the old West and haven’t yet entered the 21st century, nor even the 20th.seperator 2And finally, here’s something to make you shake your head and say, wtf???  I was Googling for a website that a friend had asked me to check out, and I accidentally happened on this pen …penThe price?  Hold on to your jaw .. $17,800.00!  GULP.   And they don’t even offer free shipping!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings From The Mind Of Filosofa

  1. Dear Jill,

    As for the polls, they were conducted before the recent Rod Porter scandal. I has expected an uptick after the President’s State of the Union address and as peoples saw a slight increase in their pay checks and some have received those bonus checks. The next set of polls will be back to normal.

    You are so right. If you and I were at the Olympics, we would be having fun. The faces of VP Pence and his wife would put a damper on anything. They cannot be accused of putting on a charm offensive.

    While President Trump has been sucking up a lot of media coverage, there have been news developing with regards to Afghanistan, Syria, Iran but these stories have not been widely reported about these past week’s events. This includes Cape Town. The Pentagon was supposed to have completed the Niger investigation, yet I haven’t heard any of the reporters asking about this.

    I need to share an axiom with the republicans.They cannot enact a major trickle down economics tax cuts bill as in 2017 which reduces revenues to the US Treasury while increasing spending which adds to the US deficit without the result not being an absolute disaster.

    If they want to further shoot themselves in the foot they will not approve DACA and they will cut back on legal immigration. I can’t understand why the Chamber of Commerce guys aren’t sounding the alarms on this.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • After I thought about it, I realized the polls were probably reacting to his State of the Union Address which some in the republican party applauded (for to do otherwise is treasonous, you know), and by mid-week they should drop again. Especially in light of his seeming defense of his aides accused, WITH EVIDENCE, of domestic abuse. Sheesh.

      Yes, I can see us now at the Olympics … I would love to have a Super Soaker water gun and shoot Pence in his sour face with it. Yes, I’m evil. 😀 It is just such a shame that the Olympics is becoming so politicized, for it is not fair to the young athletes who have worked so har. 😥

      You are so right … every little move Trump makes, every word he utters, is reported while important stories around the world go largely unreported. Or, if they are reported, they are mostly ignored. We have a case of Trumpitis in this nation, but not only here … even some of my EU friends say their television news starts and ends with Trump. The Cape Town water crisis if scary, for it is going to expand to other areas, first on the African continent where the desert is expanding, and then eventually to the rest of the world. And in this country, nobody even bats an eye.

      I do wonder if Congress will continue shooting themselves in the foot, or wise up soon. I’m afraid of the answer. Fingers crossed for November, and hopefully they cannot do too much damage before then, but …


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  2. Jill, I am not logged in, so this will be anonymous. Nicely done. Beyond the hypocrisy of those who look the other way on the President, the true cost of getting sympathetic judges, is to demonstrate to your kids that character does not matter. Truth does not matter. Treating people fairly does not matter. Per Oscar Hammerstein in “South Pacific,” the following line applies here:

    “You have to be carefully taught before you are seven or eight, you have to be carefully taught to hate the people your parents hate.”

    What is your support of this man teaching your kids? That is the question. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith! Yes, we are sending the message that all’s fair as long as it puts another dollar in your pocket. Those big, lovely greenbucks are the top priority. I still belive, however, that there are more good people, people of conscience, people who value humanity and the planet, than the hedonists. If I didn’t believe that, I think all the fight would just go out of me.


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