Black History Month In Canada… Mary Ann Shadd Cary – by John Fioravanti

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I have fallen behind on sharing John’s wonderful, enlightening posts about Black History Month in Canada, and I was planning to share two of his today.  But there was no re-blog button to be found.  Yes, I know I’m half blind and not seeing quite right, but I checked several other fellow bloggers posts, and … no button.  Checked my own … still no button.  So, sigh, I am forced to use “Press This” to share John’s post.  The main reason I prefer ‘re-blog’ is that it shows the first part of the author’s post, enough to grab the reader’s interest and  makes them want more. Other reasons I prefer ‘re-blog’ include that it is quicker, and it also notifies the original author.  In the interest of doing that, I will take the liberty of providing a brief snippet here, and ask you to please click the link to read the rest, for this lady in the annals of history is truly remarkable!

Text dividersMary Ann Shadd Cary – Educator, Publisher, and Abolitionist


Mary Ann Camberton Shadd Cary, educator, publisher, abolitionist (born 9 October 1823 in Wilmington, Delaware; died 5 June 1893 in Washington, DC). The first Black female newspaper publisher in Canada, Shadd founded and edited The Provincial Freeman. She also established a racially integrated school for Black refugees in Windsor, Canada West. In 1994, Shadd was designated a Person of National Historic Significance in Canada.

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27 thoughts on “Black History Month In Canada… Mary Ann Shadd Cary – by John Fioravanti

    • Don’t trust anything digital not on your own hard-drive and a FULL backup updated daily (min!) on a portable (remote) hard drive permanently USB’s to your computer/laptop/netbook or tablet/i-pad! That’s the rule. The very last place I’d put anything on is a cloud-type storage, or trusting a WordPress type (Internet) blog to hold my personal gribblings.

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  1. Over the last few days WP occasionally says, without warning…… ‘Nuh! Not letting you get on this site- you’re weird’… hence my sporadic appearance
    Ahh, but all this talk takes me back to my days of working in the ranks of the UK Civil Service and we would be notified of an upgrade to ‘improve’ the computer system.
    Then as expected when we came in on the Monday after the week-end up grade….’Oooh look the computers aren’t working. Wot a surprise!’
    Anyways- it was an interesting post Jill.
    I’ll post now, while things is still working…..

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    • I have a suspicious mind and I suspect that WordPress is being pressured, i.e., is having money waved in its face to remove opportunities to reblog in favour of the “Share This” to push our material on much more commercial social media such as Facebook. It’s all about money. What I do now is copy and paste the blog page I want to share on my blog, then I leave a comment on the copied page to let them know I’ve posted their material on my blog. I make sure to include all relevant links in the process. It’s a bit more work but the advantage is, you can read the entire article directly on my blog. I notice among those I “Follow” that more and more, particularly in India, are opting out and going to self-hosted blog sites. Could be WordPress’ days are numbered. As I said, and know, it’s all about money.

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      • My thoughts were along the same lines, Sha’Tara, but earlier this evening I saw on one of the WP forums that there is some glitch and that they are working to get the button back. I hope that is true … tie will tell. Though there are several workarounds, they all take longer, and frankly I don’t have extra time. The only trouble with the way you are doing it, putting the entire post on your post, is that the readers then won’t likely go to the original author’s site, so the author/writer does not see the comments and does not get the ‘likes’. I usually put just the first paragraph or two, then a link to the original post, so that readers will ‘like’ and comment there. I do hope we get our button back soon!

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  2. Yes, where’s the &%!?%@# reblog button? I went to reblog an article this morning and no button. There was however a “share this” with some icons, one which was wordpress and that took me to my blog with the title of the piece I wanted to reblog but nothing else, so I went back, copied the whole thing and reblogged it that way. One thing you learn to do in self-defence on the internet or with computer operating systems, is to always carry several keys to their back doors. There is always at least one back door when the front one is closed and locked.

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    • One of my ‘follow’ buttons disappeared somewhere along the line, but I had two different ones, and the other one is still there. Sigh. I do wish they would leave well enough alone! Or at least ask our opinion before they go changing everything. I want my re-blog button back!!!

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      • The only way I can follow anyone anymore is if they like a comment I make–not even if they reply–and then that choice is offered to me in the notifications subpages. I can’t unfollow most people unless they comment, but then again if I don’t read their blog since I don’t like it, I am unlikely to comment. What a lot of hooey!

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