History Lesson – by Hugh Curtler

Many have written, in the five days since the mass school shooting tragedy in Parkland, Florida, about the need for enhanced gun regulations.  It is always so, and I myself am working on a piece about the same.  Hugh Curtler’s piece, however, stands out for two reasons.  First, it is a calm, well-reasoned piece, rather than the emotionally-charged pieces some of us write.  Second, he references a book from a former Supreme Court Justice that proves beyond a doubt that stricter gun regulations, such as banning assault weapons and enhanced background checks DO NOT infringe upon the 2nd Amendment.  Please take a few minutes to read Hugh’s excellent work and leave him a comment letting him know what you think.  Thank you, Hugh, for permission to share.


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In the wake of the most recent spate of killings in a high school in Florida we hear once again the tired mantra “guns don’t kill people, people kill  people.” The whole thing is brushed aside as a case of poor mental health. And while there is some truth in this, since anyone who walks into a school and starts shooting innocent teachers and students has to be clinically insane, it remains a fact that guns DO kill people and automatic weapons kill a great number of people in a very short time. Let us now hush the mantra and the mindless dismissal of real causes to consider the fact that there is hard evidence that tougher gun laws do, in fact, reduce the number of gun deaths. This has been shown in the case of both Japan and Australia.

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33 thoughts on “History Lesson – by Hugh Curtler

  1. After reading all these very emotional responses to this post I get all of the concepts you all speak of as I am not a gun owner but I believe it is society as a whole that has built guns to be the monster they are yet they are just a prop used in the process if a person is going to harm someone they will use what ever they must to get the job done. Please see my posts Gun, Guns, and More Guns and my other posts you maybe interested in are posts: Another Mass Shooting, What Makes A Bully, What Is Wrong With Our Society and The Realities Of Ignorance. Thank you


  2. I recall a post on FaceBook ‘They will not take away our guns’.
    Firstly: This obsession with ‘They’. Whereas as an outsider it is obvious the average American is nobly sensitive to government interference, this notion that Federal Govt is in a conspiracy in all things, every day, everywhere is sickening- It’s led to those fools who think Sandyhook was a put-up job.
    Secondly: Our guns? Would that be collectively, or as I think it means ‘As many guns as I want’
    I doubt if it has occurred to anyone in the current NRA executive that one day they could be perceived as an enemy by some group, one thing will lead to another, and the next thing you know they will need those guns for self-defence around their offices. Then where will everyone be?

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  3. So glad to read about your improved eyesight. It would seem as if these Amendments have almost Biblical standing. What curious beings we are it believing that old documents should take precedence over citizens well being. Times change and marriage has been adapted to suit modern practices , so let’s not live in the past. The fact that money nearly always takes precedence over the well-being of others is written not in documents but in blood. Just like those who make cakes, their concern is to sell them, not who eats them. Weapon makers haven’t yet noticed the difference between cakes and machine guns , perhaps we need to get back to the schoolroom. Speaking of schoolrooms even they can’t teach us much if they are not safe.

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    • Thank you, Kertsen! Yes, the vision is a little clearer each day, and I see colours that I don’t recall ever seeing before! It’s almost like being dropped into a whole new world.

      There are those who believe the Constitution must be interpreted strictly by the written words, not acknowledging that times have changed, that there are things in today’s world that the framers of the document could never in their wildest imaginings have predicted, and thus the document must be interpreted with some flexibility, with common sense applied. When they wrote the 2nd amendment, for example, they were using muskets and long rifles, not AR-15s and AK-47s! I strongly suspect Ben Franklin and George Washington would have heart failure if they saw what people these days make of “the right to bear arms”. And in my opinion, even those who loudly proclaim their rights to own all these weapons as 2nd Amendment rights, know better, but it is convenient for them, they use it as their justification. We humans are a strange species.


    • Quite so. It is impossible to know, when you walk down the street, or shop at your local supermarket, what any single person is going through, what thoughts are going through his/her head at any given moment. People are emotional beings, and my position is, has always been, and will always be, that average citizens ought NOT to have access to guns, and that guns belong only in the hands of milirary and law enforcement. Obviously, I am in the minority.


      • Everyone will have to organise marches in each area and treat each meeting with the politicians the same, as a question about what they intend to do regarding gun laws. You can tell them there will be plackards out saying
        ‘US Senate, assassins bought and paid for by the NRA.’ Let them know people will hold them responsible for all these massacres until they act to stop them in a pro-active way.
        xxx Cwtch xxx

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        • Quite so. And I was pleased to see the outrage of the young people last weekend. It’s a start, but … it seems to sometimes fall on deaf ears. Or, they will make token gestures, like Trump saying he will ban ‘bump stocks’. A minor deal, since the only ones who buy them are those who have every intention of going out to commit murder. Ban assault weapons, insist on every potential purchaser of firearms passing a competency and skills test. No, those things would never pass muster with the NRA, so instead, let’s settle for banning bump stocks which almost nobody has anyway. Rather like going on a diet and saying, “I will give up my veggies, but nothing else.”

          xxx Cwtch xxx

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