Good People Doing Good Things — A Kit and Kaboodle!

It’s that time again, time for a look at some of the good people who are out there doing good things for our world.  I think you will enjoy today’s selections … and here … you’re going to need theseKleenex tissues.png

Trenton Lewis is only 21-years-old, but this young man has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen.  Trenton is the father of an adorable 14-month-old daughter, Karmen, who serves as a powerful motivator.


Karmen Lewis

“My pride is strong. Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

Seven months ago, Trenton was offered a job at the local UPS center, 11 miles from his home.  Only one small problem … Trenton did not own a car, nor have access to one.  But do you think that stopped this young man?  Nope … he took that job, and has never missed a shift nor been late a single time for his 4:00 a.m. shift.  How?  He leaves at midnight to walk the 11 miles, that’s how!  For seven months, braving rain, wind and traffic, he has walked to work and never said a word to anyone, never once complained.

In my book, Trenton himself is a ‘good people’, but there’s more!  One of his co-workers, Patricia “Mama Pat” Bryant, found out that Trenton was walking to work every day.  She and her husband have both worked at the UPS center for nearly 40 years, and they are good people.

“For a young person to decide in their mind ‘if I don’t have a ride, if I can’t get a ride then I’ll walk.’ If a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help.”

The Bryants quietly spread the word, and every single employee they asked chipped in until soon they had collected enough money, $2,000, to buy Trenton a car!  Not a new car, mind you, but a 2006 Saturn Ion in good condition that will get him to work and back home to his baby girl. Kenneth Bryant said when he told the car’s seller what he was doing, he even dropped the price of the car.

They surprised Trenton a few days ago when they asked him to come to a union meeting out in the parking lot, and then after a few brief words by Bryant, they handed the keys to Trenton … his first car!  Trenton, needless to say, was overwhelmed and profoundly grateful!

“I wanted to be with my daughter, to be able to support her. I wanted to be a father. I’m never going to forget this ever.”

Trenton LewisA whole lot of good people came together to help another good person … how much better can it get?


John Lee Cronin has Down’s Syndrome.  John Lee Cronin loves socks. John Lee Cronin is 21 years old and owns his own business … selling socks!

John CroninWhen John graduated from high school, he had already decided he wanted to start a business with his dad, and he loved socks, so what better venture than selling socks?  Not just socks, mind you … not plain ol’ white crew socks or black dress socks, but fun socks, funky socks!  In December 2016, John and his dad, launched an on line store named John’s Crazy Socks.

A visit to their website says it all!  Here are a few samples …

From top left:  Abraham Lincoln socks, Banana Split Troll socks, Banned Book socks, Donald Trump Hair socks, Lobster socks, Pizza and Beer socks, and Sunflower socks.

Now, typically on Wednesday’s ‘good people’ post, I shine a light on people who are feeding the homeless, helping people rebuild after a disaster, adopting or helping children survive and thrive, and it is true that John is doing none of these things.  But I happen to think that he still earned a spot in this post, for what he is doing is motivating and inspiring.  He is showing other disabled people that they can do anything they set their minds to.  And he is, I think, an inspiration to the rest of us as well, for I found myself in awe of this young man’s stamina and determination.

socks logoIn under two years, John’s Crazy Socks has topped $2 million in sales revenue.  It’s easy to see why … they have some awesome socks.  My girls love funky and fuzzy socks, and I know where I will be shopping come birthday and holiday season!

From the website …

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son venture inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks.” Our is a business built on love. We’re on a mission to spread happiness through socks.

We have built our business on four pillars:

  • Socks: We offer over 1,200 socks so that you can find the perfect socks for you or to give as a gift. Our customers love our socks.

  • Fast and Personal Shipping: We ship same day so most customers get their orders within two days and we make it personal. Every package contains a thank you note from John and candy. Free shipping in the US at $40.

  • Giving Back: We donate 5 percent of our earnings to the Special Olympics and we’ve created a series of Awareness and Charity socks and donate money form each pair of socks to causes like Down syndrome and Autism awareness, the Special Olympics and breast cancer research.

  • Proving What’s Possible: We’re a business started by a man with Down syndrome. We hire people with disabilities. We do all we can for our customers. We believe that doing the right thing is the best business.

John Cronin 2All the more reason these are good people helping in their community, through donations and through hiring people with disabilities.  Please, if you have a few minutes, take time to check out their website and read their story   and check out the really crazy but cool socks! Heck, maybe you’ll even want to buy a pair or two!

seperatorLarry “Smiley” Kleiman served two tours of duty in Vietnam as a younger man. Today he spends his time doing all manners of good things, from being a volunteer firefighter and EMT, to helping out at the local K-9 unit.  Larry Kleiman is one of the good people in this story, but there is also another.  You see, Larry, nicknamed ‘Smiley’, hasn’t smiled in years, for he has no teeth.  A calcium deficiency that started while he was in Vietnam cost him his teeth over the course of the years.  Recently, though, Larry decided to go to Dr. Michael Tischler, founder of Teeth Tomorrow, for a consultation, just to see if perhaps he could get his smile back, but he left discouraged.

Smiley.png“I wasn’t really going to do it because it was a lot of money and on a fixed income, a retirement, there was no way feasible of me doing it.”

But he was surprised a few days later when he received a call from Dr. Tischler asking him to come back in to the office.  Dr. Tischler had been so moved by Larry’s story and what he had given – was still giving – to the world, that he decided to give Larry a full set of dental implants, valued at $60,000, for free!


Dr. Michael Tischler

“He smiled, he had no teeth. His name was Smiley, he was a fireman. He worked with dogs in Vietnam. And everything about him was just the kind of person that you want to help. They’re giving up their lives for our freedom. And to have a gentleman like this that had two tours in Vietnam, which was a horrible war… We felt good helping him.”

And there, folks, is the second ‘good person’ in this piece.  Larry has his new implants and is smiling once again, and Dr. Tischler is, in my book, a hero.

seperatorAnd that is a wrap for this week’s Good People Doing Good Things!  Isn’t it wonderful to realize that these people are only a small sampling of all the good people out there … people going quietly about the business of trying to help each other in whatever way they can, whether it be financial,  practical, or just giving a bit of time to someone who is lonely.  I am inspired and motivated to find a way to do something for somebody this week … how about you?

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  1. All amazing stories Jill.
    Walking 11 miles to get to work! Whole legions of workers from earlier times were looking down on Trenton and cheering him on.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    I’ll be buying some crazy socks for sure from John’s Crazy Socks. This was a grand idea for a business. His Father-Son team is doing a lot of good.

    I am lifted up to see a responsible young man Trenton Lewis willing to work so hard to do his duty as a parent.and then this being followed up by kind co-workers who rewarded him for his efforts.

    And then a generous doctor rewarding a good man out of a good heart. This reminds me that a world of decency exists outside of the Washington DC beltway.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thanks Gronda! I’m glad you liked these … I plan to buy the girls some socks from John’s Crazy Socks, and I was so impressed with Trenton … so many men his age try to shirk their responsibilities toward their children, but he is going above and beyond to take care of his baby girl! Hugs!!

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