Da Trump Boys Are Unhappy … OH NO!!!

Those Trump boys sure do get around a lot these days.  Junior was in India last week, promoting the business interests of the Trump organization, and then Eric gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland.  By the way, in case you have any doubts … we the taxpayers pay for 24/7 security for ‘the boys’, wherever they go and whatever they do. I would not be surprised to find that we foot the bill for at least a portion of their travel expenses as well.  But despite that, ol’ Eric is not happy with those of us who pay for all his pricey perks.

Eric says we are taking away their freedom of speech!  It started with Junior’s trip to India to … to … what?  Some say he went there to conduct the business of the Trump organization, others say that he went there to deliver a foreign policy speech.  Now, even the average Joe on the street can tell you that these two don’t mix.  It is what we call a ‘conflict of interest’.  And perhaps more importantly … Junior is not, at least officially, employed by the United States government, so what the heck business does he have delivering a speech on U.S. foreign policy?

First, his business purpose:  to sell condos.  It is reported that he sold at least $15 million-worth of real estate in a single day by offering potential buyers a dinner with Donald Jr. himself if they purchased a condominium in the new Trump Towers project in Gurgaon.  People would buy a $1.5 million condo just for the chance to eat dinner with Junior and watch him slop food down his front, if he eats in the same way his father does?  Wow!

Trump clan toonGiven the nature of his business trip, it seemed inappropriate to most that he would also deliver a foreign policy speech.  Junior has a degree in Economics from Wharton … not in Political Science, not in Foreign Policy, and not in International Relations.  Economics.  Nothing in his background qualifies him as a foreign policy expert and by all rights, he should have  no inside knowledge of U.S. foreign policy.  His speech was to be titled “Reshaping Indo-Pacific Ties: The New Era of Cooperation”.  Pretty hefty stuff for a lightweight.

And the concerns were many.  Senator Robert Menendez sought assurances from the United States Embassy in Delhi that it was not helping Mr. Trump, writing to the Embassy in New Delhi …

“Given the potential to confuse Mr. Trump’s private business visit with having an official governmental purpose, I write to ensure that the U.S. Embassy presence in India will have no role in supporting Mr. Trump or the Trump Organization during his time in India, other than that necessary to provide any security support for the U.S. Secret Service.”

Joshua White, former director for South Asian Affairs at the National Security Council …

“It is not illegal, but it would muddy the waters and I think make life rather difficult for those in the United States government who are being measured about how they articulate what the administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy is and will become.”

And Marilyn L. Glynn, former general counsel at the Office of Government Ethics …

“Nothing like this — no, never. Unprecedented, unheard-of.”

And so, ultimately, Junior cancelled his speech, and likely breathed a sigh of relief, but not one he will admit to, for now the stance of the boys is that the criticism, the controversy, has robbed them of their right to freedom of speech.  Awwwwwww … pobtecitos!!!

“My brother was over there. We have a bunch of buildings in India. He’s talking about how the Indian people are wonderful people and he enjoys his experience over there and everything else, and then all of a sudden you have this. These are the first people that say the First Amendment should be protected until you say something they disagree with and then they try to shred you to pieces.”

Whine, whine, whine.  Grow a pair, Eric! Funny, isn’t it, that the mounds of criticism and ranting the entire Trump clan, has heaped upon the press, whose freedom of speech is also protected by the very same 1st Amendment, is somehow considered to be ‘okay’?

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has been rudderless since the resignation of Walter Shaub last July, after he called out the Trump administration on various conflicts of interest.  However, Emory A. Rounds III was recently nominated to head the office, pending Senate confirmation.  I would like to see him make it his first priority to investigate the travels of both Don Junior and Eric and determine just how much is being paid for by we the taxpayers, for I suspect it is far more than it should be.  And meanwhile, since we do not employ either Junior or Eric, they need to do their jobs as heads of the Trump business ventures and keep their noses, hands and mouths out of our government.

26 thoughts on “Da Trump Boys Are Unhappy … OH NO!!!

  1. Jill, it is hard to pinpoint the worst reason about a Trump Presidency – is it retrenching from global leadership, attack on the media and civil rights for non-Whites, assault on the environment or our debt or dishonoring the office. But, one thing has been clear from the get go, he is a walking conflict of interest and our ethics have been shredded. Jared Kushner should be dismissed or suspended without security clearance and the boys were supposed to be running the business. Keith

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    • I don’t think there is any “one single” worst thing about his presidency. Every single thing contributes to the total package which is the most dangerous and embarrassing administration in our 230+ year history. And to put the cherry atop the sundae, he cannot stop campaigning long enough to take his responsibilities seriously. He’s still blaming President Obama and his former rival for everything he doesn’t like, a full 15 months after he was hired to do the job. I so want to fire him …

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      • Jill, I agree. I have friends who are glad he is in office it puzzles me. It will be interesting to see him with Clinton, Obama and Carter at Billy Graham’s funeral. I hope he is not speaking. Keith

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        • I have friends who are glad he is in office too, and they haven’t told me anything that explains quite why. But last night I saw the most disgusting interview … I believe it was a CNN clip … 6 women were being interviewed as a group, all six think Trump is exactly what this country needs and is doing a fantastic job. When asked if they were not bothered (these were all evangelical Christians) by Trump’s abuse of women, by the allegations of sexual misconduct, by his many affairs and paying off a porn star, of bragging about his sexual exploits, the women … all six of them … said that no, it didn’t bother him, that everyone sinned and deserved to be forgiven. As you can imagine, I was spluttering by the end of the short clip!


          • Jill, Trump needs to thank his lucky stars the economy was in its 92 consecutive month of growth and we had just completed the sixth consecutive year of 2 million plus of job creation and the stock market continued a bull run dating back to January 2009. It has fortunately continued for all of us, but to say s of this is due to him is a misnomer or any President for that matter as they get too much credit and blame . Yet, his followers think he flipped a switch and the economy became good overnight. Keith

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  2. This is why nepotism is a bad idea. Being related to someone doesn’t give you skills or qualifications. The First Family are selling access to themselves, as they always have, through clubs, hotels and condos, and that has brought corruption to our government in a way we’ve never seen before. It’s nauseating.

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  3. Donald Trump has no respect for his country, nor the allied countries he’d rather attack verbally than nurture these well-established relationships. So none of this comes as any surprise – just more fodder for the dung heap. The bright side of these revelations is that they will add ammunition to the anti-Gop & Trump movement heading into the November elections. Thanks, Jill!

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    • True, John, and even some of the republicans in Congress seem to finally be getting disgusted by his behaviour. I think his responses to the Rob Porter scandal and then the school shooting in Parkland may have opened some people’s eyes. At least, that is my hope. Sigh. Tough times for those of us who pay attention and understand the potential for harm. Hugs!

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  4. Dear Jill,
    Well, well, well… We all know that despite the president’s protestations, he ran for the presidency so that his family could make some needed monies. As per the ethics experts, nothing has changed.

    Any trips to China, India etc. are money seeking ventures. This especially concerns me as the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has daily access to the most sensitive intelligence data available. The question is, will he be using this information to further his financial well being or doing what is best for the USA. This is why he should be barred from having this access.

    So now we know that the president’s son are and will be financially motivated even if they have to use their Dad’s name and it is not the president who will be stopping them. How many millions? This is corruption at a third world level.

    If Mr. Kushner has been party to the president’s Russian schemes, then Mr. Mueller can’t zero in on him fast enough.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, there was never any doubt in my mind, especially after he made such a fuss over having to step away from his businesses … which, I strongly suspect, he has NOT done in reality. Millions? More like billions! Within the government, there is no longer a reliable watchdog, I think, so we will have to rely on private watchdog groups. We simply must win back Congress so some sensible oversight can be re-established! The entire Trump clan, I believe, are as dishonest as its head, and would lie, cheat and steal to achieve their own goals. Sigh. Hugs!!!

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  5. nothing these greedy, self-serving idiots do anymore shocks me. It is just par for their course. Hopefully someone will stop them before we become so much of a laughingstock that we can never recover.

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  6. Thank you for that. I did assume that this presidency would be an excuse to further the aims of the family as a whole and the amount of diplomatic blunders is mounting up. Some people are thrilled with this president but I am afraid I don’t see it. Our country is not perfect but at least the will of the people does determine who leads it in party terms.. not those with deep pockets.

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