Jolly – Missing in Action

Well, folks, I have bad news.  Monday came, as it always does.  And, as Monday peeped over the horizon, I was just about to settle in to write my Jolly Monday post, but … when I went in search of Jolly, he was GONE!  Jolly is missing in action, my friends!  Here it is Monday, and there is no Jolly!  I looked high and low, narrow and wide, shallow and deep, but there is simply no sign of Jolly!

I am quite certain he did not run away, for Jolly is a pretty … well, jolly … sort.  So, I have come to the conclusion that he may have been abducted!!!  I think I may know by whom, and I will just have to wait for a ransom letter.  Meanwhile, I must sadly tell you that there can be no Jolly Monday today, but I am giving you all a raincheck, and as soon as Jolly is returned, hopefully in the next few days, we will have Jolly Monday.

rain checkMeanwhile, I didn’t want to send you away empty-handed, so I baked the usual array of treats … except they don’t look quite the same as usual, do they?

I am sorry … must be something wrong with my oven.  Anyway, I promise you a Jolly Monday soon, and I send you off with hugs ‘n love, despite the missing Jolly.


22 thoughts on “Kidnapped!!!

  1. I think he came to the Netherlands to find the sun for you! 🙂 He found it, together with some rather icy temperatures, but he still had a good time – it is a school holiday week here, so there were lots of kids to play with. But after a while I grabbed him by the arm and told him he needed to get back to you, as you were missing him! He asked me to tell you he was sorry to have abandoned you, and that he was going to negotiate with the sun to come with him to make you feel happier! So I just sent both of them over to you, I hope they don’t get distracted on their way! 🙂

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    • Awwww …. I’m so glad Jolly got to play with the children, and wasn’t it kind of him to go in search of the sun? Actually, about an hour ago, the sun found its way here! Jolly is still AWOL, but I’m guessing he decided to take the long way home and will be here … perhaps tomorrow. Thank you for reminding him he is needed, and MANY thanks for sharing the sunshine! 🙂

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