Send In The Clowns …


I promise that I don’t wake up every morning and decide before my feet even hit the ground that I am going to go in search of crazy people in Pennsylvania to write about.  They just drop so blatantly onto my radar.  I try to push them aside, for it does seem that I pick on Pennsylvania more than any other single state.  I push them aside, but they keep coming back onto the radar screen, begging for my attention.  My friend Herb lives in Pennsylvania, and he refers to the majority of them as Pennsyl-tuckians.  Perhaps he has something there.  So, who’s under the gun today?

shannon edwardsMeet Shannon Edwards.  Shannon is a republican (go figure) and is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Ms. Edwards is also the woman with whom Representative … former Representative … Tim Murphy was having an affair.  And oh yes, one more minor detail … Ms. Edwards threatened to kill her husband.

tim murphy

Tim Murphy

Congressman Tim Murphy had frequently spoken out against abortion … a regular right-winger standing firm in his sanctimonious ‘pro-life’ views.  But, when as a result of an extra-marital affair with Shannon Edwards, she became pregnant with, presumably, his child, he urged her to have an abortion!  The very thing he allegedly stood strongly against.  Ms. Edwards texted the following …

“You have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last weekend when we thought that was one of the options.”

Murphy stepped down from his seat in the House on 21 October 2017, and it was later discovered that Ms. Edwards was not pregnant after all.

And the real kicker … in 2016, Edwards’ husband, Jesse Sally, sought a restraining order against her on the grounds that she had made multiple threats to kill him, including saying she would use a steak knife or hire a hit man.

“In a petition seeking a restraining order dated Oct. 31, 2016, Sally wrote that Edwards had arrived home about 10:30 p.m. after drinking alcohol with neighbors and grabbed his head and pushed it into a pillow. He said he left the room and she followed him around the house. When he returned to the bedroom, she put her face “inches away” from his face and told him, “I’m going to kill you,” according to the petition, which said the two were living in the same house in Mt. Washington but sleeping in separate bedrooms. She had made the threat on multiple occasions, and three months earlier told Sally she would kill him in his sleep with a steak knife, according to the petition. “She then said she would just use a steak knife to the heart or hire a hit man,” he wrote.” – TribLive 

I … words fail me.  To think that this woman now has the unmitigated gall to seek to serve in the U.S. Congress???  A judge, by the way, did grant a temporary protection-from-abuse (PFA)  order against Edwards on Nov. 1, 2016.

Oh … a couple of other tidbits about Ms. Edwards.  She is a forensic psychologist who has worked for criminal and family courts.  And … wait for it … in the 1990s, she went door-to-door with a petition to protest the cancellation of television sitcom Full House. Of course, she was only 10-years-old at the time, but she currently points to that as evidence of her long-term ‘social advocacy’.


Rick Saccone in full clown regalia

The primary for District 14 will be held on May 15th, and thus far, no other candidate has filed.  Now, here’s a twist … because, as I wrote last week,  the courts have re-drawn the Pennsylvania congressional district maps to remedy the previous gerrymandered maps. Assuming the court-ordered re-districting takes place, Edwards could actually end up running in the republican primary against another highly unsuitable candidate about whom I have written, Rick Saccone.   You see what I mean about Pennsylvania?  It must be something in the drinking water!  Thankfully, Herb drinks only distilled water!

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle

The good news is that the incumbent for the seat is a democrat, Michael Doyle, who has held a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1995, and is likely to be a shoe-in against either Saccone or Edwards.  Especially given the fact that, according to BallotPedia, Doyle has $285,000+ in his campaign coffers, and Edwards has $630 that she has accumulated in a GoFundMe account. I suppose we should be thankful that the GOP seems to be full of clowns.


40 thoughts on “Send In The Clowns …

  1. Steak knife wielding and adulterous .
    She’d be great at filibusters… way or another.
    And as for her paramour….obviously a man of principal who stands out against hypocrisy, except his own case when he makes an exception

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  2. When I was “much” younger and considerably dumber in matters of the heart I dated a guy from that state. All I can say was he had a great pompadour and ducktail. My dad couldn’t stand him and was right. My dad aged a lot in that year. It was a really close shave. I still feel somewhat guilty. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I try not to, though admittedly I lump all those who still support Donald Trump into the bowl of nuts, for it is impossible, from my point of view, not to do so. I try not to be offensive about it, but frankly, after all the lies, the disrespect for women, the bigotry and arrogance, I cannot see how anybody can still support him. I would say the same if he were a democrat or an independent and acted as he does.


    • I know, it isn’t fair. However when my traditional political party went sour, I left it. It’s like religion. If one believes in God, I don’t think he’d leave you high and dry if you switched church denomination! It’s just an organization, right?

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  3. Dear Jill,
    There should be one of those crazy lady movies based on true stories. I almost feel sorry for Rep Murphy. He hooked up with a “fatal attraction” type character.

    Fair warning men, stay away from this one.

    Fortunately, there is an exceptional democratic candidate Conor Lamb who will probably be running against Mr. Saccone in the 18th district of Pennsylvania unless Ms. crazy lady Edwards pulls an upset.There’s some confusion about all of this because of redrawn maps for voting districts.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • The entire time I was researching this ‘lady’, I felt the same … shades of Fatal Attraction kept coming to mind, and even her picture … there’s just something not right in her eyes. Another one who slithered out from under a rock.

      As I understand it … and it is confusing … Saccone will definitely run against Lamb in March, and I believe (hope – fingers crossed) that Lamb will win. But if Saccone should win, and then run again in November, he might, under the re-districting, end up running in the 14th district, and at that time he could be running against Edwards. I do hope the court-drawn maps will be enforced, despite the challenges.


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  4. Being full of clowns doesn’t seem to have done the GOP any harm since currently one of their own is Head Clown at the moment and they hold a majority in the Senate. It worries me when you say how much someone has in their war chest since I’d always worry where it came from and what was owed for it. At least she wouldn’t owe many favours on $630. One more thing I have a problem understanding, how can these absolute nutters stand for a names party like the GOP without the GOP saying ” Rubbish, she’s not a member of the GOP and doesn’t represent us” ?

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    • Well, as you might figure, I’ve done a bit of research on the sources of his campaign coffers. He doesn’t receive uber-large contributions from anyone, has never taken NRA money, and the majority of his contributions come from ‘people-oriented’ organizations, including many trade unions. I was fairly satisfied with what I found.

      As to the GOP supporting or repudiating her, it’s early days yet, for she only announced her candidacy a few days ago, and as yet there are no others who have filed under the GOP banner. If she should be the only republican to run in that district, that leaves the state GOP with very little choice other than to support her. Much right now depends on the re-districting, and whether the court-ordered re-mapping will stand in the face of the challenges against it.


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  5. Good grief, Jill! I had a close friend in Maryland (we studied together up here at the University of Waterloo) and he also referred to Pennsylvania as Pennsyltucky! Oh, my! I’ve driven through that state many times on the way to visit my buddy and I’ve always thought it a beautiful state. Glad I didn’t stop for a water break!

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  6. I dunno Jill, I think you guys are having way too much fun down there. It this, like, a circus that never leaves town? The acts seem to be getting crazier. Who’s the next GOP candidate, a mass shooter whose election coffers are stuffed with NRA money? A white supremacist ku klux klanner who promises to lynch a thousand blacks if elected? The question on all Repugnicans minds must be, Gee, Golly, we’ve scraped the bottom of the pork barrel, what do we do for an encore?

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    • Yes indeed! We are having a blast down here in the lower 48 … why not come on down and join the party? 😀 Actually, I was looking in the mirror the other day (now that I can see to put on makeup again) and noticed that I have aged ten years in the last year! This is what all the wild partying with the circus will get you! And yeah, I’m sure they will come up with an encore, for every time I think they cannot possibly go any lower, the prove me wrong. Sigh. Come on down … we’ll go out for pizza and a glass of wine … or bottle!


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