Okay, who’s the wise guy?  Somebody is pranking me, for all of a sudden I am getting a ridiculous amount of mail from “Donald Trump” … both email and ‘snail’ mail.  Miss Goose, the keeper of the mailbox key (and the only one of us who can actually get the darned mailbox open) is getting tired of carrying home mounds of mail, only to have me give it a cursory glance and point her in the direction of the trash can.

Today’s mail, however, took the cake.  A big window envelope with an official air about it.  In the upper left-hand corner, in lieu of a return address, it reads “Form 0903 (2018); Official Republican Party Document”.  Say WHAT???  And then, it states:

“Notice:  This DOCUMENT IS REGISTERED to the individual named below and must be accounted for during tabulation.  If you choose not to represent your district in this official Presidential Platform Survey, you must sign and return this Document using the pre-addressed envelope provided.”

Says who???

The ‘document’ is a 33-question survey in six sections:

  • Presidential Leadership
  • Economic Issues
  • National Security Issues
  • Healthcare Issues
  • Values Issues
  • Politics and the Media

Now, I am torn.  Miss Goose says I should tear it into shreds and/or burn it.  My first inclination was to agree with her, and that is likely what I will do.  I considered actually answering the questions, sending a message, but I’m fairly certain these things are tallied electronically, and my small voice of dissent would not even be heard.  Frankly, I can find better ways to waste my time.  And besides, since they said it must be returned, I am making a defiant stand by pitching the thing, right?

At the end of the final section, there is, predictably, a space to enter one’s credit card number for as much money as one would like to donate.  I told Miss Goose that I might tape a penny onto the form, and she said, “why waste a perfectly good penny?”  Good point … she gets her frugal nature from her Grannie, y’know!

I’m still curious, though, about why I am getting all this mail from the republicans all of a sudden.  I am a registered Independent!  I have made a few enemies over the past 2 years … I wonder if somebody put my name on a list somewhere, just to be ornery?

30 thoughts on “Whodunnit?

  1. Jill, this sounds similar to the one I get quarterly. It is merely a fund raiser, disguised as a very biased survey. I usually complete them and add comments in the margins. No money is included in the return.

    I get them because I am registered as an Independent. It is cathartic to me to fill out. I do call and email senators and Congresspersons and I applaud you for doing so. Keith

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    • I seriously considered filling it out, doing as you do, writing comments in the margins … but I am still struggling to keep up as it is, usually on less than 4 hours sleep a night … and I just couldn’t justify the extra time it would take. Maybe next time, for now that they have my address, I’m sure there will be more!


  2. Dear Jill,

    My Mom would get those. I would return them with the mark, “DECEASED.” The mail from republican entities did stop.
    Some might find this gruesome but sadly, this is our fate eventually.
    Frankly, I would toss it.
    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. I think it is that book you send to Trumpet – now they think you are a fan! (Of course they did not realise what type of book it was you sent, and what it all meant…. too subtle!) Anyway, if you answer, they will feel confirmed and probably will send you more of that stuff! I would say: tear the address label of, trash that and put the rest in the old paper bin!

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    • Oh that’s right! I did send him Yertle the Turtle, didn’t I? Yeah, I’ve decided against bothering to fill it out and send it back, though I think I will send back the empty envelope, just so they have to pay the postage! 😀

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    • That wouldn’t surprise me … I have offended a number of my republican former-friends. But if so, they failed, for I laughed about the whole thing! 😀 Good to see you!!! When’s your next party?


  4. The no return address bothered me. Does the return envelope have an address and if so can you google it. My fear is that you would be giving information and possibly money / credit card information to someone you do not know who they are. If it was me I would trash it. Hugs

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    • Yes, there’s an address on the return envelope: The Republican National Committee, P.O. Box 96994, Washington, D.C. And since I wouldn’t give them a single red cent, I would have no reason to put my credit card number on it, and they already have my address, obviously. I don’t think there’s a danger, just not sure if it’s worth wasting my time to make a statement. Probably not, for I have more than enough to keep me busy as it is, and now that the weather is getting nicer, I’m trying to carve out an hour for walking each day … much healthier than filling out their ‘survey’, yes? 😉

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  5. Nope, I disagree somewhat. It’s the way the mail listings are scanned and sorted. i.e. I send a message to my representatives at any level mentioning them specifically. Is taken as you have an interest and … here’s the kicker, shown an interest in whatever the cause. Ergo, you are a potential member of whichever party now claims you. No questions asked. Just some bot seeing a potential. On the other hand? I might be wrong and some one or some troll is being a “scamp”? There does seem to be a purge on content too, these days. … but hey, you’re in! Ta-sa …Now subvert from the inside? Cheers Jamie

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    • I hadn’t thought about that, but I have written letters and sent emails to a number of republican members of Congress, sharing my not-so-humble opinion with them 😉 That could be how they got my address. Subversion from the inside was my initial thought, but frankly, I’m not sure it’s worth the time and effort. That is, unless I thought I could actually make a difference, even if only to really get under somebody’s skin. But, i doubt it.


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  6. If you ever voted for any Republican on any level, that might be it, or they might have just bought up all the Independents’ info. I am an Independent, and get no spam right now about that stuff at all. Everybit of junk mail I get, even from environmental groups etc. gets shredded since I have asked them not to send it to me. They need to respect me, or their stuff gets recycled by me, period.

    Then again, anyone could have sent in your info to get you spam, including Republicans who want to inflate their headcount…

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    • It wouldn’t surprise me, though Jamie had a valid thought, too, about having sent letters and emails to a variety of republican Congressmen … perhaps they put my name/address into a database somewhere. Just what I needed … sigh. Oh well, might as well laugh about it, yes? 😀

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