Biggest Spider Web Ever …

Is there one, single person in Trump’s administration, family, or inner circle who is honest?  In a word, the answer would seem to be a resounding NO!  Just in the past 48 hours, there have been new tales of scandal surrounding son-in-law Jared Kushner, long-time confidante Roger Stone, and close advisor and communications director Hope Hicks. That’s just in the past 24 hours!!!  Never … NEVER in the history of the United States has there been a more corrupt, nastier group of people in a single administration than today.  Trump & Co. make Nixon & Co. look like a bunch of bloomin’ angels!  And this was the man who promised he was going to “drain the swamp” in Washington?  Looks to me as if all he did was bring in a whole lot more, uglier and more lethal crocodiles!  Let us, briefly, take a look at each of these most recent abominations …

Jared Kushner

Kushner-4Jared Kushner’s company, Kushner Companies, is in trouble.  Deep trouble to the tune of $1.2 billion.  Yes, that’s billion.  While Kushner officially divested his interest in the family business when he accepted a job in the Trump administration, he did not stop seeking funding to stop the bleeding in the business.  To that end, he was a liability from day #1, for at least four foreign interests, fully aware of Kushner’s company’s financial woes, considered ways to manipulate him, to use his troubles to their advantage.  United Arab Emirates, China, Israel and Mexico viewed Kushner as likely to be easily influenced.  And that doesn’t even touch on his meeting with Sergey Gorkov, the head of a state-owned Russian development bank in December 2016.

Kushner’s firm has sought investments from the Chinese insurer Anbang and from the former prime minister of Qatar.  Kushner’s company has also received loans from Apollo Global Management, whose co-founder Joshua Harris has met numerous times with Kushner in the White House, and CitiBank, whose CEO Michael Corbat also met with Kushner in early 2017.  There is obviously no clear line of demarcation between Kushner’s role in the White House and his business interests, despite the fact that he supposedly stepped away from Kushner Companies.

Add to that his omissions on his security clearance forms that he has been forced to revise numerous times, his attempt to establish a ‘secret communication channel’ with the Kremlin, and his breaking protocol by not coordinating foreign contacts through the National Security Council, and you have one very smelly situation.

Roger Stone

roger-stoneI can always tell when Roger Stone is back in the news, for the piece I wrote about him and his wife in July 2016  starts getting views, even though that piece is nearly two years old.  This week, it has already received 69 views, so I knew Stone was back on the radar.

On March 17, 2017, WikiLeaks tweeted that it had never communicated with Roger Stone, a longtime confidante and informal adviser to President Donald Trump. In his interview with the House Intelligence Committee last September, Stone, who testified under oath, told lawmakers that he had communicated with WikiLeaks via an “intermediary,” whom he identified only as a “journalist.” And then came evidence of the lie:  Private Twitter messages show that Stone and WikiLeaks communicated directly on October 13, 2016, and that WikiLeaks sought to keep its channel to Stone open after Trump won the election.

While not officially a part of the administration, Roger Stone has been a close friend and confidante of Donald Trump’s for years and served as Trump’s lobbyist for more than a decade.  There is no reason to believe that the two are not still closely allied.  WikiLeaks was, in part, responsible for releasing information that made public the emails of Hillary Clinton and others during the 2016 campaign.

Hope Hicks

hicksWhite House communications director Hope Hicks announced her intention to resign on Wednesday, the day after she refused to answer questions during an appearance before House investigators looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Add to that, the fact that she was the mistress of ousted Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who resigned amid accusations of domestic violence that were known by the administration long before becoming public knowledge.

Setting aside her lack of morals, I prefer to concentrate on her refusal to answer questions under oath.  Being possessed of a naturally suspicious mind, I almost always assume that somebody who refuses to answer questions in this sort of an investigation has something to hide and is protecting either themselves or somebody else.  This situation is no different.  Hicks has been one of the handful of people that have been closest to Trump since the very beginning of his campaign three years ago, so she is certain to know almost everything there is to know. And then to announce her resignation the very next day?  Nope, nothing innocent about this woman, folks.

During her testimony, if one can even call it that, Hicks acknowledged she has had to tell what amounted to ‘white lies’. She pointedly and repeatedly declined to answer questions about the presidential transition or her time in the White House, telling investigators that she had been asked by the White House to discuss only her time on the campaign.

Hicks’ testimony is … or would be if she would give any … relevant, for she has been close to the Trump campaign and administration almost since day #1, plus she was involved with the firing of FBI Director James Comey, as well as that infamous 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Russians and top Trump campaign officials.  I would like to see her subpoenaed, for her refusal to answer, coupled with her admission to telling lies and subsequent resignation are ringing very loud alarm bells.

And there you have it, folks, the latest filaments that are to be found in that huge spider web known as the Trump administration.  And he called Hillary Clinton ‘crooked’?????

33 thoughts on “Biggest Spider Web Ever …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Spiders? Try the biblical invasion of locusts in the White House. The swamp has been larger, deeper with even more hungry, greedy, angry and bigger alligators and crocodiles who hate each other.

    I try so hard to keep up the the news with all these bottom feeders, but this is mission impossible. Frankly the reporting on Jared hasn’t touched the surface. He is actually worse than his Father-in-Law.

    The president with his denial of Russia’s attack on our US elections infrastructure in 2016 is effecting foreign policy decisions in so many ways, and not in a good way.

    The president’s lack of impulse control means he needs babysitting 24 hrs. a day, otherwise we all pay a price like with his recent imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

    Rep Devin Nunes had another go at discrediting the Trump Russia probes where he tried to have the US Senate Intelligence Committee accused of tweeting / leaking classified material to the media. This again was proven false as it was discovered that the House Intel Committee was the culprit. And yes, the US House Speaker was duly informed but he doesn’t intend to take any action.

    And yes, the president’s NSA Adviser H.R. McMaster is supposed to be exiting the White House by April 1st, but the intrigue behind this move would require an entire blog.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are so right … they are more like a swarm of locusts than spiders, for spiders actually do good in the world, and these buffoons do nothing but destroy.

      I think you do a fantastic job keeping up with everything! I am in awe of the number of excellent posts you put out every day, when it is everything I can do to get two a day out! You’re right … it is impossible to keep up with it all, for there is just too, too mush! And don’t wear yourself down, my friend … we’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us.

      Indeed, the prez does need 24/7 babysitting, but I think his handlers are getting tired of it all and letting their guard down. I am surprised that John Kelly has even stayed this long … not that he’s done that great a job at it, and I’ve been disappointed in his own actions a few times, but still, he is a leveler head than the oaf in the Oval Office.

      Nunes got what he deserved, but truly I would like to see him gone, for I think he has nothing but evil intentions. Paul Ryan is a wuss who is afraid of Trump.

      I heard they were looking for another place to put McMaster. Sigh. Soon all the ones who had some sense, who had an understanding of how things work, will be gone. I let my passport expire … I really need to get a new one soon.


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  2. Jill, we have speculated for several months who the first family member would fall and Jared Kushner easily fit the bill. He is dishonorable like his father-in-law and is in need of money, a lot of it. So, he is a compromised asset. He will likely be indicted in the near future. And, as we speculated, Trump is already throwing him under the bus. He will likely exit the White House before the indictment.

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    • PS – Gronda has done some excellent reporting on Kushner. I just read an excellent piece in Slate that says the latest Kushner issue with Qatar supports a key finding in the Steele Dossier. In short, it speaks of a quid pro quo deal through Qatar for 19% stake in a Russian asset in trade for relieving sanctions on Russia. Note, this would also implicate the President. Interesting reading. Keith

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      • Yes, I have read some, though not all, of Gronda’s. I will go in search of the Slate article, for it sounds enlightening. Yes, that would absolutely implicate Trump! Gronda commented that Kushner is even worse than Trump … I’m not sure I would say ‘worse’, but it may well be that Kushner is more coldly calculating, whereas Trump is just self-focused and a megalomaniac who blunders into much of what he does. And to think that in the beginning I thought Kushner was an innocent (I think it was the baby-face) who might be able to bring some stability to the Trump regime! I sure called that one wrong!


      • Kushner is guilty of many things. I would love to see Nunes indicted, but he at least needs to be demoted and censured by Paul Ryan for his unehtical, political and even criminal behavior. Junior may be next in line in the Trump family, but Senior’s time is coming as he is guilty of multiple crimes starting with obstruction. Keith

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        • I agree … Nunes has his own agenda and it has nothing whatsoever to do with what is best for this country. I am sincerely hoping that he is voted OUT in November, but meanwhile he certainly does deserve to be censured. But Paul Ryan has, I think, made it clear that he will not. Ryan is a Trump sycophant and will continue licking his boots indefinitely. I think Ryan has a conscience, but his greed seems to push his conscience aside. Reminds me of Sean Spicer in a way. I’m not sure what they can do to Junior, as he has no official position in the administration, but Senior definitely needs to meet his day of reckoning. If there was ever a thought that he was innocent of wrongdoing, it is long gone.


  3. This is what happens when you elect an administration that has no integrity, no honesty, no willingness to serve anyone but themselves, led by a president with zero political experience who appoints unqualified lackeys and family members. November can’t come too soon, Jill!

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    • Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright has written a new book that will be out in April. In it, she defines a Fascist as “someone who claims to speak for a whole nation or group, is utterly unconcerned with the rights of others, and is willing to use violence and whatever other means are necessary to achieve the goals he or she might have.” Your comment reminded me of this, and both are so true. Sigh. Whatever have we done?

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      • You know, I would be extremely worried if Trump had approval numbers in the 60% range. He doesn’t. He and the Russian bots duped many American voters in 2016. I’m betting that insensed Americans will get out to vote in record numbers in November and in 2020 if he’s still polluting the WH.

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    • Unfortunately, that is true. I’m sure those who deliver information to him just shake their heads and take a deep breath, knowing that a) he doesn’t understand more than a small percentage of what he is told, and b) he will tell whatever he likes to whomever he wishes, even Putin. I couldn’t work at the White House these days if they paid me a cool mil a day!

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  4. Loads of spiders here …. Shudder. But at least the Hicks-spider has left the net, and the Kushner-spider seems to be getting tamed a bit (if interpret the news about being banned from intelligence information correctly?)…

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    • Y’know … I typically like spiders, for they do good in the world, so it rather saddens me to have to compare this bunch of Loo-loos to spiders … I feel I should apologize to my spider friends! 😉 In truth, if I find one in the house, I let it walk onto a sheet of paper and then release it outdoors. Unless, of course, Miss Goose is screaming at the top of her lungs, in which case … STOMP … SPLAT.

      As to Jared … yes, he is officially tamed a bit, but … funny thing about being the son-in-law to the prez … no law against Trump telling him anything he chooses to. Sigh. Odds are that Kushner knows as much now as ever. There is no security at the White House any more. No common sense, no intelligence, no compassion, no humanity …


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