Who’s Killing Our Children? WE ARE!

I apologize for yet another piece on guns so soon after the last one, but … folks, this is important.  I had a comment after my last piece from a teacher who said, “As a teacher, this is such a heavy and personal topic. This post actually made me chuckle because your tone and approach was so funny. Thank you for your message. I will be sharing this with teacher friends. It’s a hard time to be a teacher right now but it’s encouraging to get online and see people advocating for smart, sustainable solutions for our classrooms. Keep up with these posts! 👍 Get the word out 😌”  That comment made me think that maybe I’m doing something right.

Wednesday was exactly two weeks after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 people dead, many of them students. In the wake of that tragedy, Donald Trump and others in the school of “more guns make us safer” decided that it would be a wonderful idea to arm teachers nationwide.  That’s right, in fact at one point, Trump proposed that every single teacher and coach be required to carry a firearm.  After an outcry from the nation’s teachers, he backed down a bit and said that perhaps only a core group of around 20 teachers in each school would carry weapons, and that would be a deterrent to any would-be gunman.

At the time, I said I could picture any number of nightmarish scenarios with teachers losing their tempers and shooting students, students grabbing the gun and either playfully or maliciously shooting their classmates, an altercation between students and the teacher tries to resolve it with threat of a gun that just happens to go off because the teacher is not a trained firearms expert.  So many things could go wrong, and in the nature of Murphy’s Law, they will.

I did not expect to see my prophesy fulfilled quite so quickly, but on Wednesday, at Dalton High School in Dalton, Georgia, a teacher barricaded himself in a classroom and fired a single shot.  Nobody was injured and there were no students in the classroom at the time, but still … think of what could have happened.

The social studies teacher, one Jesse Randal Davidson, had a history of problematic behaviour.

  • Just over a year ago, school employees and a police officer began searching Dalton High School after Davidson went missing. He was finally found sitting on the curb along a street a few blocks from the campus, being propped up by two school staff members.
  • In 2016, Davidson walked into the lobby of the Dalton police headquarters and told a wild story including his suspicions that someone had been murdered. Detectives couldn’t verify that any of it was true, and he was taken to the hospital since he’d expressed thoughts of hurting himself.

So, the man obviously had a history of mental health issues, yet he was able to continue teaching children and carrying a weapon?  This story might have gone unnoticed except by a few local Daltonites, had it not been that the nation is still reeling from the February 14th mass shooting in Parkland, and the aftermath … the fierce battle over gun regulation and whether arming teachers is the solution (hint: it isn’t).

Donald Trump and the NRA leadership ascribe to the “good guy with a gun” theory which says, in essence, that if everybody had guns, we would all be safer.  If you are easily offended, please don’t read my next comment.  BULLSHIT!  The only thing that is going to keep us all safer, especially our children, is fewer guns in the hands of civilians.  Period.

The majority of teachers do not want to carry a gun and be responsible to use it to stop a shooter – they would far rather protect their charges by herding them to a safer place.  An inexperienced teacher holding a gun against somebody with an assault rifle is simply adding more fuel to the fire and leaving the students even more vulnerable.  I imagine that Donald Trump has never in his life faced somebody with a gun pointed at him, and would likely soil himself if he ever did, so he only knows what he sees on television, not reality.

The fundamental problem in the US is there are so many guns already in circulation.  Here are a few eye-opening statistics:

  • Americans own 48%, nearly half, of all the civilian-owned guns in the world
  • There are, on average, 89 guns privately owned for every 100 people in the U.S. No other country in the world has such a high per capita rate – the next is Yemen with 55 per 100
  • 70% of Americans have fired a gun at some point in their life
  • 44% of U.S. adults say they personally know someone who has been shot
  • 66% of gun owners in the U.S. own multiple firearms
  • Male gun owners average age when they first fired a gun is 12 years; for females it is 17 years

Why don’t we hear about school shootings in the UK or Germany?  Is it because all their teachers are ‘packing heat’?  Nope … please allow me to bore you with some more statistics:

  • In the United Kingdom, access by the general public to firearms is tightly controlled by law. The country has one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world (0.06 per 100,000 people).
  • Germany’s weapons laws are among the world’s strictest and the use of guns for private self-defense is restricted. Gun homicides?  0.07 per 100,000 people.
  • The U.S. holds less than 5% of the world’s population, yet accounts for 31% of the world’s mass shooters
  • Gun homicide rates are more than 25% higher in the U.S. than in other developed nations.  Total gun homicides … 3.43 per 100,000 people.

Now think about this one for just a second.  We have more guns per capita than any other nation, and we have more gun homicides per capita than any other nation.  Hmmmm … do you think that maybe, just possibly, there might be a connection?

I could go on a tear about why guns in the hands of civilians – any civilians – is a really bad idea, but I won’t, for my main purpose today is to make a firm stand against placing guns in the hands of school teachers and expecting them to be proficient and stop a killer.  Ain’t going to happen, folks.  More children will just die, that is the only possible outcome.

Frankly, if I had a school-age child or grandchild today, I would be homeschooling them.  And if I had the wherewithal, I would no longer be living in the ‘United’ States, in part because of the proliferation of firearms.  Worried about terrorism by immigrants from Muslim countries?  Don’t be … they aren’t the ones killing our children … we are.


  • There’s something happening here
  • What it is ain’t exactly clear
  • There’s a man with a gun over there
  • Telling me I got to beware


  • I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down


  • There’s battle lines being drawn
  • Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
  • Young people speaking their minds
  • Getting so much resistance from behind


  • It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down


  • What a field-day for the heat
  • A thousand people in the street
  • Singing songs and carrying signs
  • Mostly say, hooray for our side


  • It’s s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down


  • Paranoia strikes deep
  • Into your life it will creep
  • It starts when you’re always afraid
  • You step out of line, the man come and take you away


  • We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down
  • Stop, hey, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down
  • Stop, now, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down
  • Stop, children, what’s that sound
  • Everybody look what’s going down


70 thoughts on “Who’s Killing Our Children? WE ARE!

  1. It’s so sad that people would rather hold on to guns instead of their children. It’s quite clear that instruments of war and killing will accomplish just that. I find comfort in Psalms 37:10,11 where it says the wicked will be no more and the meek will find delight in the abundance of peace. One day soon we’ll see a world without guns and even better a world without violence.


  2. Hey Jill you are absolutely correct . Country like Korea too has banned civilians from owning guns and if they want to own one they are told to join the military of state police . You are absolutely correct on your views .
    Do follow https://saishabloomdotcom.wordpress.com
    She writes beautiful poems blogs about nature and philosophy and human emotions. Do read her blog and support her by following .🙂

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    • Thank YOU, both for sharing my work and for your kind words. Yes, arming teachers is about the dumbest idea I’ve heard, and even the teachers are up in arms (pun intended) about it. As one teacher said, it would be just that many more bullets flying around, that much more danger to the children. So many horrible scenarios play in my mind when I think of it.


  3. I don’t know if this shows up below for you, but I saw a “recommendation” for the following blogger on your post page. I would like to nominate RABBLE ROUSER REVEREND AMY for your idiot of the week award. Idiot of the year would be even better, but it’s too early to aim that big. I looked at only two of her many blogposts, and I would love to read a post on Filosofa Meets Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy. King Kong Meets Godzilla would become party poop in comparison.

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    • It doesn’t show up for me, but based on your tip, I went and found Miss Rabble Rouser. I like your idea … Filosofa Meets Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy … I may be able to do something with that IF I can stomach reading her posts! I read one and left a comment … nothing snarky, just asked if she might feel differently about gun control if her child had been one of the 17 killed in Parkland. I’ll see what I can do with it next week. Second eye surgery is tomorrow, so I’ll likely be slow for a few days. Thanks for the tip!


      • My pleasure. Good luck with tomorrow’s surgery.
        Not sure what you are having done, but after three laser surgeries in each eye, followed by cataract surgery in both eyes, I can finally see better than the day I was born. My fingers are crossed for a good outcome for you.

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        • Thank you, my friend! This time is cataract surgery. More may be in the future, depending on the level of diabetic retinopathy and/or macular degeneration, but the cataracts had to go before they could even assess those. I’ve been using a 700x magnifying glass just to see the words on my computer for about a year now, so I am happy to be re-gaining at least some of my vision! It was so bad that I was talking to chairs, thinking people were sitting in them! 😊 Thanks again!


  4. Dear Jill,

    I love it when you let it rip and this is the perfect topic.

    These idiots like President Trump and his NRA buddies who are proposing arming teachers should be made to participate in a recreation where they have a gun but they have to confront an individual with an AR15 in a building where there are screaming children, chaos. How brave would these guys be if they don’t even know the location of the shooter?

    This idea is so unrealistic that it should not even be mentioned as a solution. It is being used to deflect against the real issue of easy access to too many guns.

    These kids are not buying the lies. Oh yes, where are those pro-life activists. They are hiding behind the president and his NRA buddies/ donors.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thank you, Gronda! I try to stay well-modulated as our friend Keith does, but sometimes I just have to let it rip! This one is a sore spot for me, because it isn’t rocket science, the solution is so simple, really, and yet they turn it into a can of mixed nuts and ultimately nothing gets done.

      You make an excellent point about the pro-life advocates! I have said the same when it comes to the death penalty, for the pro-lifers are the very ones who support the death penalty. They cherry pick which lives they are “pro”.


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    • Hey Gronda, I like your comment about pro-lifers, but what I am about to twist that to may not be where you wanted it to go. Did the mother of this shooter, or any other shooter, want to have an abortion, but let herself get talked out of it by pro-lifers? Are they the ones responsible for allowing this life to come to term?
      I am not trying to lay blame with these controversial and enflaming words and questions, but I would like all pro-lifers everywhere to think about the fact that any new life has the capacity for genius, but any new life also has the capacity for great destruction. These, of course, are the extremes of the bell curve that says most lives will not affect the world in great ways, but those that do have what seems to be a 50/50 chance of being either positive or negative. And when you come right down to it, try to compare how many geniuses you have heard of compared to how many mass murderers, no, just murderers and rapists and pedophiles and other destructive types there are or have been… I don’t think the odds are even 50/50. I think they are more like 10/90!
      My apologies, Gronda, if I took your comment too far, but this is where it took me.

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  5. Hi Jill, I have been taking a break from commenting because continually reading and writing about Diagonal Transverse is destroying me spiritually. And, while this post is not directly about DT, he is highly involved in the conversation. But what I really want to talk about is the current emphasis on the killing of children. ARE WE NOT ALL SOMEBODY’S CHILD? Are not all lives just as important as a child’s life? I think priorities have to be set right. ALL KILLING IS WRONG, not just children, not just humans, but all lives. AND ALL GUNS KILL! To say anything else is to LIE. GUNS ARE MADE TO KILL!
    You can stop the manufacture of ammunition, it will go underground. You can stop the manufacture of guns. That will go underground too. What is truly needed is Education to go along with stopping the manufacture of arms WORLDWIDE!!!
    Too many people grow up feeling their own lives have no value. Therefore no lives have value. The thing is, LIFE IS THE MOST VALUABLE (place your word here) IN THE UNIVERSE. Make everyone feel valuable, and they will treat other living beings as valuable too.

    Easier said than done? Very true. But nothing is more worth doing than making everyone valuable…

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    • I noticed your absence and was thinking to email you this weekend if I didn’t hear from you … I missed you!

      That said, I fully understand how Distasteful Toupee can wear one down … and I understand you stepping away for a bit. I keep saying I’m going to steer away from him, but every time I try to, he does something else Diabolically ‘Trocious and there I am, left with no choice.

      I agree with you that ALL killing is wrong. Somehow, though, it pulls harder at our heartstrings when a child is killed. Perhaps it is that they never had a chance to live, to make their mark on the world. Perhaps it is the maternal/paternal instinct in us. Or perhaps it is the knowledge that children are our future, and who knows what any of them might have contributed to the world? Or perhaps it is just the realization that it could have been one of our own children. But yes, to your point, all lives have value (well, most all) and no one life should matter more than another.

      Some days I feel that my life has value, for I know I am loved by at least a few, and I like to think I contribute something to the world. Other days, I wonder why the Sam Heck I am even here. I think that is true of most of us.


      • I know this is liable to sound counterproductive, but the truest way to know if your life has value is to ask yourself if your life is valuable to you.
        But don’t let the answer, if negative at the moment of answering, take away from your life, rather use that answer to INSPIRE YOURSELF to find something that makes you feel valuable. Please do not use a negative answer to deflate or negate your feeling of value. As you, Jill, rightly mentioned above, feelings come, and feelings go, and how one feels at any moment does not define one’s whole life–as long as you have life you have the ahiliy to change how you value yourself.
        And, if you answered the original question in the affirmative, that your life has value to you, please do not forget that that feeling too can change. But, again, remember that it does not have to change. Work to maintain your value at all times. What has value today might not always have value, but there is always something else that can provide that value. Keep searching, because the search itself is a form of value–it is valuable to want to maintain your value.

        Clear as mud? I hope I have expressed myself well, but only you, the reader, can answer that. Which leads me to what I DID NOT SAY ABOVE: please do not look to others to evaluate yourself. Their values are probably, almost assuredly, different from your own. If you feel valuable to yourself, that is the greatest value of all. Celebrate it when you have it. Hopefully your celebration will last the rest of your life.


  6. Good post and comments. As you know, I have written a variation of the same post ten times over the years. We must think like parents and less like lobbyists for a position. The problem is holistic, so the solution must be as well. Yet, make no mistake, the problem includes poor gun governance and we must do better. Keith

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    • Thank you, Keith! Yes, you and I have both tackled this one before, and I was hesitant to do it again just now, but it kept nagging at me. The problem is everything boils down to $$$$, but we cannot put a price tag on human lives, especially those of our children, for they are our hope for the future. It is as if human lives are being negotiated.


  7. The call to arm teachers was just begging for this sort of incident to happen. Who knows the news may have even been the last straw for a man already of the edge, all that extra responsibility.
    Maybe Jill a tipping point has been reached and a long journey back to a balance will have started.
    This has happened before in US history.

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    • Thanks Hugh … and yes, the idea is OVER the border to insane, but … so many just don’t get it. I will never forget the couple I wrote about a while ago that, given the choice between giving up their guns or having their children removed from their home, opted to keep the guns and let children’s protective services take the kids. Where … what … how …?????? I cannot relate. 😥


    • Thank you!!! Yes, until about ten years ago, I thought we had come a long way in so many areas, including civil rights, women’s equality, and much more. But today? Nope, I don’t think we have learned anything … people just learned to hide it well. Sigh.

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        • True … and now, there is no dinner table, for most families rarely sit down to dinner together, so they let it all hang out in public and on social media. Which, by the way, is one of my pet peeves … social media, that is. I think it serves a great purpose, but has way overstepped its bounds, and people rely too much on it, especially young people who cannot seem to even pry their cell phones from their hands as they post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and whatever else. Okay … I will hush now … I tend to ramble a lot these days 😉

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    • While I do understand your point, I think I will stick with the terminology I chose, for I see it that way. If I put a harmful substance in the air in the subway station, I am responsible for the deaths of those who died as a result of breathing the chemical. I am a murderer. If I push for gun legislation, knowing it puts more guns on the street, knowing that one of my own children or grandchild could become the victim of those guns, then in my book, I am at least potentially a murderer. And, to a less ‘grey-area’ example, what about the parents of the toddler who found dad’s gun in the nightstand drawer and shot his older brother with it. Who’s the murderer, the toddler? Nah … the parents, to me, are as much to blame as if they had pulled the trigger themselves. But, that is only my own opinion. Your point is well-taken also.


  8. This is an agenda of the far right. Deep state? Call it what you will? I am usually interested in blogs like, “Boiling Frogs”, etc.

    Over and over we see actors employed and creating the dialogue. Put Gladio A or Gladio B into a search engine and see, what shows up. Now were these poor kids actually shot? Not really the point, except for them. As a person, I am not interested, Repeat, not interested in weapons. Yet, I know how to use them. It’s all about peace and love for me. Universal love. I do not fear death either. I still have living in me. Should things like guns be legislated? I guess so? That does not solve the violence in people’s hearts though. Education is more of a prerequisite for me, than legislation. As for the weapons themselves. The way to choke off gun use, is to limit the ammunition. For without those cartridges, guns are little more than fancy hammers. Follow the trail of smokeless cordite and see the rabbit hole that is revealed. It is authority that loves this type of rhetoric. For it helps push through their agendas. Meanwhile if only the police and military have guns? Then you have a police state. See any cop show posing as entertainment. The problems solved in fiction, are always murder and mayhem. Apparently that is entertainment? Where people kill each other. Over and over. Where are the shows, on empathy? Cheers Jamie

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      • I fully agree with you, my friend. I would feel much safer in the Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe than I do here. More guns? Do we say to the drug addict, “here, take more drugs and it will cure your addiction”? If my computer breaks, do I smash it with a hammer in order to fix it? More guns … grumble, grumble … dumbest idea yet …


    • Australia here.

      I empathize with the wish that people had less hate in their hearts, but we live in the real world and in that world, every single human being is both demon and angel. We, as a species, are capable of both enormous self-sacrifice and terrible acts of hatred. It’s in our genetic makeup.

      But hatred does not equal death unless it also has opportunity. Guns, especially the rapid-fire guns used in all these mass killings, provide the opportunity for one person to kill many. Why? Because no one can out run a bullet.

      If someone came at me with
      a knife or
      an axe or
      a baseball bat [cricket bat here in Oz] or
      a hammer or
      some other tool that can do damage
      I might freeze and get murdered or…I MIGHT turn and run, or duck under a table or behind a cupboard…or take some form of defensive action. And because those tools are slow and need to be wielded at close range with some skill [and luck] I /might/ have a chance of escaping death.

      Guns, on the other hand, give all the advantages to the shooter. The victim gets none.

      Almost everywhere else in the world, this reality is recognized and governments have put laws in place to protect their citizens. Protect, not to terrify them into submission.

      Australia is not a police state, and we voluntarily gave up our guns, not once but twice. Why? So that our children can go to school and come home again. Without fear.

      The whole world is focused on the US at the moment, and we are all saying that it doesn’t have to be this way. Children do not have to die to protect citizens from their government. We are the proof.

      If US citizens really cared about protecting themselves from their government, they would vote in every election. 100% voting in 100% of elections.

      That is how people in democracies keep their governments from becoming dictatorships.

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    • Ah, but you live in a country where there are far fewer guns per capita and much stricter regulations than here, so … to a large degree you can afford to be uninterested. Now, that said, I would argue about the ‘police state’. Look to the EU and UK … very strict gun laws, few civilians have guns, yet there is no police state there. Nor, i think, would there be here, under any president except Trump, and I don’t think even he could invoke a police state, for he is too much hated by most. I see guns in the same light as I see nuclear weapons … they never should have been invented. And you are right on the point that you cannot legislate what is in people’s hearts, but I would far rather face somebody wishing to do my harm who is armed with a knife or a set of brass knuckles, for then I am likely to survive. Not so if he’s got a gun. Cheers, my friend.


    • Thank you Jamie for opening a dialogue on this issue. I agree with much you say. We need to listen a while to others and what motivates them. Not the strident folk who make a fortune out of inhabiting the media, the folk who have to work for a living and worry about their jobs, family and home.
      There is so much difference which when is analysed is the way cultures have developed.
      I live in the UK (call us European- on a broad historical canvas that’s who we are, the countries are mere details), but have always had a great interest in the USA. It seems to me within the USA there has evolved a great resistance to central govt, which in part is built into the constitution. In Europe we tend to work this way ‘We work. We make the country live. We pay our taxes. In return we expect you the government to provide health care, education, transport networks and safety. If you don’t we’ll let you know, very strongly’. Different but our basic motivations are the same, but we choose different paths.
      We can find different ways to do the job and still work together.
      I’m with you on empathy!
      Best wishes

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