Who Will You Blame Now … ?

So far, in his 13 months in office, Donald Trump has managed to blame everybody but himself for the things that went wrong, while at the same time taking credit for positive things that started long before he even took office.  Eventually, that doesn’t fly any more, and I think we are near that turning point.  I don’t think he will be able to blame President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for some of the mistakes he is making these days.  For instance, …

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, for the shutdown of the Kemper County, Mississippi “clean coal” plant that ran $2.9 billion over budget before it even fired up, and has now been converted to cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas? Did not you promise them coal was making a comeback, that coal would be “king” again?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, for the next school shooting? How will you answer those grieving parents when they ask you “WHY?”  Wasn’t it your job to lead the way for stricter regulations on guns that would have made their children safer?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when at the end of 2018, your constituents, those 37% or so who still believe in you, ask you why they are having to pay income taxes far beyond the initial $1.50 pay increase they saw on their weekly pay vouchers? Didn’t you promise them this “tax plan” of yours would put more money in their pockets?  Did you forget to tell them about all the deductions you cut out, so that at the end of the year they would owe even more than in years past, while all your wealthy donors are sitting pretty with their extra hundreds of thousands?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when every country we trade with imposes a tariff on goods they import from the U.S., when the price to the U.S. consumer on everything from food to clothing to household goods increases? Did you really think the EU, Canada, Mexico and the UK, not to mention China, would simply accept the tariffs on the goods they export to us without retaliation?  Will you blame Gary Cohn, who tried to explain to you why the tariffs were a bad idea?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the people who placed their faith, their trust in you, cannot afford to buy a washing machine, a new refrigerator, let alone a new car, for the price of steel has increased by some 35%, raising the price of consumer goods containing steel by some proportional amount? And how will you explain the lies that you, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross told about the “minimal impact” of the steel tariffs?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the drinking water in West Virginia starts making people ill because you rolled back the regulations that kept coal companies from dumping their waste into the streams?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when the rate of kids born with breathing conditions suddenly doubles because of the increased carbon dioxide that makes the air nearly unbreathable near major industrial centers?

  • Who will you blame, Donnie, when all the lies you have told, the promises you have broken to take care of the ordinary people, catch up with you?

  • And here’s the big one, Donnie … who will you blame when you finally taunt Kim Jong-un one time too many and he declares war, and none of our old allies come to our aid? Will that, too, be Barack Obama’s fault?  Will it be “Crooked Hillary’s” fault?  Will it be “Lyin’ Ted’s” fault?  Or perhaps you will blame Jeff Sessions for recusing himself?  Or perhaps it will not matter, for there may be nobody left to care.

For an entire year, you blamed everything on your predecessor for your mistakes, while at the same time stealing the credit that rightly belonged to him for a good economy.  For three years now, you have ranted about “Crooked Hillary”, who was in fact far more honest than you ever thought about being.  You have blamed the democrats for your woes, when it was your own party who holds a majority in both chambers of Congress.  The honeymoon is over.  There is nobody left to blame but Donald J. Trump for the ills of our nation.  The man who promised to “Make America Great Again” has failed miserably and now the time has come for him to accept the blame.

Until January 2017, we were mostly respected by our allies.  Now they mock and deride us.  The president of Mexico refuses to come for a visit.  The people of the UK do not want Trump to visit there.  To the best of my knowledge, Putin of Russia and Duterte of the Philippines are the only two leaders with whom Trump shares a camaraderie.  Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?  Remember the old adage, “We are judged by the company we keep”?  Think about that one.

32 thoughts on “Who Will You Blame Now … ?

    • Ahhhh … in a normal world, what you say would be true! But remember, this is an alternative universe where the rules are made by only Trump, and they may change on any given day, or within any given hour! All along, he has taken credit for the jobs reports, the stock market, and the economy in general, when all of those wheels were set into motion under the Obama administration. But he has blamed his own foolish errors and their results on Obama, Hillary Clinton, the media, the democrats … whomever seemed handiest. The man plays only by his own rules. Sigh.

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, it says much about him, doesn’t it? Sigh. So much insanity here these days, that it is becoming the norm. News stories that would have shocked us a year ago, we now read and say, “ho-hum … what else is new?”

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  1. Dear Jill,

    The list to blame is easy.

    We start by blaming his Attorney General Jeff Sessions for doing the smartest thing he ever did by recusing himself from the Trump-Russia FBI inquiry; then you blame the bias of the FBI and ask why they went easy on HRC; then you resort to another favorite of blaming the former democratic President Barack Obama because he should have done what the president is now responsible for; then there is that pesky press which keeps printing facts which are really “fake news” in the president’s eyes; and then there are those darn generals who won’t do what you tell them to do; then you blame the son-in-law who was no more qualified for a job in the WH than the man in the moon.

    The list is forever.He is so toxic that he diminishes everyone around him.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are quite right … his list is endless and eventually he might even decide to blame me and you! I think I would like him to leave now … I have had enough of the circus and would like to return to a saner world. Hugs!!!

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    • You know I fully agree. I think that ignorance is, at least in part, what got him elected, though. People thought it would be a complete turnaround from the status quo. And it has been, but not in any positive way. It’s like putting a blind person behind the wheel of a Mack truck and turning them loose on the Interstate!


  2. Jill, his mentor, attorney Roy Cohn told him two pieces of advice. Never admit a mistake and sue everyone. His business career averaged 1 1/2 lawsuits per week. And, he can do no wrong, even when caught. Why people did not see through his schtick is beyond me. A man who is on record lying more than 2 of 3 times has convinced his followers that everyone else is lying. That is some con job. Keith

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    • Well he certainly did follow Cohn’s advice to a letter, though he won’t listen to anybody else’s. I’m still shaking my head on that one too … I imagine historians a century from now will still be trying to answer the question about how people were so blind as to elect this buffoon.

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  3. Well said, Jill! Unfortunately, because he is a megalomaniac and a narcissist, there is no one on this earth who can convince Donald Trump that he could be at fault for anything. However, you are right on the money. Hugs!

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    • Thanks John! You are quite right … he will always find somebody else to blame, even when there is no logical connection whatsoever. Remember when he finally admitted that he knew, had known all along, that Obama was born in this country, after years of promoting his ‘birther’ conspiracy theory? He then tried to turn it around and say Hillary Clinton was the one who first questioned Obama’s birthplace. Sigh. I do not envy his handlers. I would have killed the ‘man’ by now!

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  4. Well, my personal experience with an individual who blames everyone for whatever she can, is that it doesn’t change when it is obviously that person’s fault. For some completely beyond explanation reason, distraction, lies, and blame get her out of it every time. I have no doubt Drumpf has read the same playbook…

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