Jolly Daylight Savings Time Monday!!! 😴

Good Monday morning and welcome, dear friends!  I know you all must be extra tired this morning, having lost an hour’s sleep this weekend!  Me?  Oh sure, I’m perky, but then … I don’t have to put on a suit and head out to work today, so I can afford to be a bit perky, knowing that a nap lies waiting for me in an hour or two!  Anyway, I do hope you all had a good weekend!  I mostly stayed in, just a brief foray out yesterday evening for supper.  Daughter Chris had to play and march in the St. Patrick Day parade downtown on Saturday, and the poor girl fell walking from her car to the parade route and skinned her knee terribly!  She is short … just over 5 feet … and had her drum attached to her front, so she wasn’t able to see that the pavement rose in front of her.  The drum is pretty well dinged up, too!  I took a picture of her knee and was planning to include it here, but … um … well … I was more or less informed that it was a bad idea if I wished to continue to live in this household, so … sorry, folks, no bad knee pics today!

Since I knew how tired you would all be this morning, I made the coffee extra strong and tried to make the humour extra fun!  So grab a cuppa and settle in for a bit of fun before you have to head on out the door.

Pancake jammies?

Is there anybody in the U.S. who hasn’t eaten at an IHOP restaurant?  I just read that IHOP is planning an expansion into the UK and Ireland, but I don’t think they are there yet.  Anyway, here in the U.S., it is the numero uno place to go for breakfast.  Pancakes, french toast, omelets … you name it.  Sadly, of course, I am unable to have pancakes and must settle for eggs, but still the food is good and it is a fun treat. IHOP has now decided to branch out, however, and they have rolled out a breakfast-themed clothing line called PancakeWear!

The colorful, one-of-a-kind lineup features adult- and child-sized one pieces and lounge pants as well as socks.  According to Stephanie Peterson, Executive Director, Communications at IHOP …

“Breakfast and laid-back loungewear just go together at IHOP so we thought it would be fun to design a limited-edition merchandise collection that reflects the spirit of the brand and what we see in our restaurants all the time – people in pajamas enjoying pancakes.”

What?  Wait a minute … I’ve never gone to IHOP in my jammies, and have never seen others there in theirs, either.  What am I missing?

But the best news …

“PancakeWear by IHOP was launched to celebrate our 60th anniversary as a brand, but also to do a lot of good for our largest charity partner Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. A portion of proceeds from every sale of our breakfast-inspired one pieces, lounge pants and socks directly supports CMN Hospitals and the more than 10 million kids that are treated every year at their 170 affiliated facilities.”

The company plans to raise $5 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through the sales of clothing and other events.  A fun thing for a good cause, yes?

R.I.P. Target …

I remember when my favourite book shop, Borders Books, closed at the end of 2010.  I was crushed, for we used to go there every weekend.  They had the nicest staff, and the best kids’ area of any book shop I have ever been in.  But, alas, they were shortsighted and did not keep up as they should, with Amazon and Barnes & Noble snapping up the online and e-book markets, so ultimately they failed.  But even crushed though I was, I did not do what the people of Hutchinson, Kansas, did when their local Target store closed.  What did they do?  Why, they held a candlelight vigil, of course!The mourners included some who identified themselves as Target employees and a couple of the participants dressed in the store’s khaki pants and red shirt combo.  And while some of the participants in the vigil made their candles the last purchase they ever made from the Target location, others admitted they bought their candles at competing store Wal-mart.  GASP!!!  😲

As a tribute, the mourners played “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie Titanic.

This must be some new trend, for back in January, in Montgomery, Alabama, the community turned out in force for a candlelight vigil to memorialize a Taco Bell restaurant that had been destroyed by fire earlier in the month. Personally, if my Target store closed, I wouldn’t care much one way or another.  If my local Wal-Mart closed, I would cheer and hold a celebratory parade!  Have I mentioned before that I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart?

Stuffed or not?

Imagine that you are finally, after years of dreading it, getting ready to go through your child’s collection of stuffed animals and donate the ones that aren’t missing body parts, to a charity.  Your child has just graduated college and is off on a hiking tour somewhere in the Alps, so what better time, right?  So, you go through the stuffed critters one by one and put them in large trash bags … these for charity, those for the rubbish.  Just as you finish, you notice that one of the bags is … moving!  Cautiously, you open the bag to find …A ferret snuggling in amidst the teddy bears!!!  No, not a stuffed ferret … a real, live, warm-blooded ferret looking up at you with cute little dark eyes.

The anonymous woman was in her garage in Woldingham, England, when this happened, and she immediately contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  They took the ferret to the vet, who determined she was underweight, but otherwise healthy.  She was named Honey, and is now available for adoption.  If I had been that woman, I would have kept her, bought her a bed, some toys, and called her Missus Beasley.  But then, I’m an animal lover, in case you didn’t know.

Where have all the chickens gone? 

Some restaurants are known for solely one thing.  Earlier I talked about IHOP, and they are known mostly for pancakes, but they have a wide variety of offerings to choose from.  Even Burger King is known mostly for burgers, but they also do chicken and fish sammies.  But Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, is known for one thing and only one thing:  chicken.  So how do you explain KFC running out of … chicken???It happened in the United Kingdom where not just a few, but hundreds of KFC restaurants were shuttered for days because they ran out of chicken.  How did this happen?  They changed their distributor from a company called Bidvest, to DHL.  DHL, it turns out, had promised to “set a new delivery standard”.  🤣  I’m sure KFC managers aren’t laughing, but you’ve got to admit there’s humour here.  DHL promised a new delivery standard and then didn’t deliver any chicken … that is certainly a new standard!  🤣 🤣 🤣

Fully 562 of the 900 KFC’s in the UK were shuttered.  The company did offer a uniquely humorous apology, however …

Although I was not able to confirm, it appears that most stores are now back in the business of frying and selling chicken!  This is the stuff that corporate ulcers are made of, and I would be willing to bet a few heads rolled.

Alright, friends … um … friends? 😴  WAKE UP!!!  It’s time to go to work!  Sheesh … and I even added a few shots of espresso to the coffee!  Listen up now … I need you to do me a big favour and be sure to share those beautiful smiles with someone today, okay?  Tough times … we all need a bit of a boost, especially on a Monday.  Keep safe and have a wonderful week!!!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


19 thoughts on “Jolly Daylight Savings Time Monday!!! 😴

  1. Ah so you too suffer from National Let’s Lose An Hour’s Sleep’
    Bah! Humbug I say! Huff! Puff!.
    Wotta load of old…………..
    The sun rises. The sun sets. End of conversation!
    We get this nonsense on the last Sunday of March, I change the clocks at 11pm on Saturday so as not to get fooled, and then grumble all Sunday and for weeks afterwards!
    That’s what I do……

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    • It doesn’t bother me now … except for having to climb a ladder to change the two wall clocks in the house … but when I worked, I swear it always took me a good two weeks to stop feeling exhausted. Who would have thought one lousy little hour matters so much? ⏲️ 🕚 🕛

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      • We are slaves to our artificial concepts of time.
        Suggestion: Available as a free pdf on the net
        ‘Repent Harlequin. Said the TickTock Man’ by SF writer Harlan Ellison

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        • Yes, non-domesticated animals adjust according to the sunlight. Not us. We have to manipulate time. The moggies adjust their feeding time by the change in daylight. In the fall, when it begins to get dark earlier, they begin demanding … yes, I DO mean demanding … their evening feed earlier. Evening feed is no small feat around here, since they have to be fed in different areas of the house so that they don’t kill each other! Morning feed is no problem … throw the kibble in three bowls and they share. Not so in the evenings. I will check it out … Thanks!

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  2. My personal take on the hour thing is “someone, somewhere must be making a lot of money out of this”? Given how unpopular the shenanigans are, there appears to be no valid reason for keeping a measure, introduced in UK during WW2. I am more in favour of staying on the standard time, as measured from Greenwich. Here we are standard -8 GMT. It is cutting 12″ of a blanket then sewing it on the other end to make the blanket longer?? If it was of real benefit to the nations? The bankers politicians would have clawed it back, a long time since … sigh!

    Target, the business. Opened their doors in Canada to much fanfare and lasted about a year? Was it? Before seeing the red line, balloon. Went into 2 different stores it was the same. Not surprised.

    Ferrets are not my thing. Domesticated polecats. BTW That was one lucky ferret.

    FCK? Sorry, KFC is abysmal, from my POV. Don’t eat animals or birds so … I don’t care if they ran out.

    “Why did the chicken cross the road”? …. Answer: “To get his old age pension”! Do you get it?

    Neither did he until he was sixty five! Ka-boom!

    When I owned my hobby farm. The animals were ready in their own time. Not the clock of war-time Britain.

    Hands up all in favour of keeping the exercise? … Yeah, i thought not … Cheers Jamie

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    • 😀 😀 … Thank you for making me laugh tonight, dear Jamie! I’m not a fan of switching the clocks back and forth, especially as I have two wall clocks that I must risk life and limb climbing a ladder to change! However, I will admit that I enjoy the fact of daylight lasting later in the evening. That said … here, the state of Indiana is divided, but not by any neat line … some counties do observe it and some don’t. Why? Because Indiana is almost completely farmland, and the farmers say it throws the cows off and they don’t give as much milk!

      Funny chicken-crossing-the-road joke!!! 😀



  3. Here in Florida, the United States’ drunk uncle, the legislature just voted to no longer change the clock. The problem is, they want to keep up on daylight savings time permanently. that would mean that for part of the year we would actually be an hour ahead of the rest of the east coast. To make it more complicated,part of Florida’s panhandle is in the central time zone. They would be on central time part of the year and eastern time the rest of the year. I’m not sure why they didn’t choose to keep us on standard time instead, but it is Florida.

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    • Holy Cow!!! Could they find a way to make things any more confusing??? I may have to do a humorous post about that, if I can switch into humour mode. That will be a nightmare for many … I’m thinking traveling salesmen whose territories include Florida. Of course, I guess it’s no worse than Indiana, where some counties DO observe Daylight savings time and others DON’T. 🙄 🙄 🙄

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  4. Dear Jill,

    The Brit was lucky that the surprise animal was a ferret. We wouldn’t have been so fortunate in Florida.

    A Target closing? I concur with the Borders’ closing. In my area, one of my favorite stores closed, Stein Mart and I’m still bummed.

    KFC does great overseas. I think that I’ve mentioned that many of the Japanese celebrate Christmas with a KFC dinner. I loved the corporate humor.

    I think that I have to buy some I-Hop stock. I rarely go unless I have my grand daughter with me as she likes it. But this is definitely a break from her totally organic foods diet. I used to have nightmares about showing up to school in my pjs.

    Thanks for another great Monday start.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • No, I imagine in your neck of the woods it would more likely have been an alligator! With teeth! 🐊
      Glad you enjoyed the Monday start, even though you’re probably still missing that hour you lost! Have a great week! Hugs!!!

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  5. Two more weeks before it is fiddling with the clock here! But it feels very spring-like this morning: rather mild, a bit of sun … and I can hear the birds singing outside! 🙂

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      • Snow… brrrr…. snow belongs to December and January, if you ask me. But: it is supposed to get colder again end of the week here too. Apparently there is a pool of cold air lurking in the North East waiting for us, and if the wind turns the wrong way… shudder. I am all for winds from South and West, if you ask me! 🙂
        As for the Daylight Saving Time (we call it “Summer Time” here): I know that a lot of people hate it, but I do rather like it! Not the switching of the clock, mind you, but I love the days when it is light for so long! Being able to sit outside in late spring/early summer with a book… pure bliss! And it gets light so early in the morning anyway. But yes, I guess it all personal preferences, as usual. – I know that some people say they hate fiddling with their internal clock, that it confuses the daily rhythm. Granted, but: many of these people have no problem to fly to a holiday destination that is easily two hours or more behind/before their “internal clock”…

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        • I’m with you … on both counts … the snow needs to GO, and while I don’t much like the changing of the clocks, nor the hour lost, I do LOVE having it stay light until 900 or later in the evenings, being able to go out for a nice walk after supper, etc. When I worked, the time changes in fall and spring did rather mess with my sleep patterns, which usually kept me tired for about 2 weeks until I adjusted. But now? Who cares? I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, so it doesn’t bother me at all! 😉

          This morning when I got up, it was sunny and not a cloud in the sky, albeit still only 32 (F), or 0 (C), so s a bit nippy. By 1:00 p.m., it was snowing so hard I could not see the houses across the street! Then the sun came back out, the inch or so of snow melted, and then … an hour later, it was pouring snow and sticking to everything once again! Such indecisive weather!!!


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