From Bad To Worse …

The first news I saw this morning was that Tillerson had been fired, which anybody with half a brain predicted months ago.  Now, Tillerson was highly unqualified for the job of Secretary of State, as I wrote in May 2017.  However, in defense of Mr. Tillerson, he was trying to learn his job, was trying, I think, to do the right thing.  Or perhaps I am only in his corner because he had the nerve to call Donald Trump a moron last October.

At any rate, Tillerson is out and in his place comes Mike Pompeo, who until today was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  Now, I know that hearing me say what I’m about to say is getting old and you’re tired of hearing it, but hey … I’m not the one who keeps finding these people.  Mike Pompeo is highly unqualified to be in the position of Secretary of State.  Surprised, aren’t you?  Let’s take a brief look at ol’ Mikey …

He graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from West Point in 1986, and with a JD from Harvard Law School in 1994.  And what has he done since then?  He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011 until Trump tapped him for the CIA position almost immediately after the 2016 election.  His political views make him a perfect fit for the Trump ‘team’, for he leans far to the right and is or was a member of the “Tea Party” movement.  Let’s take a closer look … you may want to make sure you have an antacid close by …

On climate change and protecting the environment:

“There are scientists who think lots of different things about climate change. There’s some who think we’re warming, there’s some who think we’re cooling, there’s some who think that the last 16 years have shown a pretty stable climate environment.”  (Seriously?  It seems that I recall reading that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities.)

“Federal policy should be about the American family, not worshipping a radical environmental agenda.”  (Just how long do you think the American family will continue to exist if we don’t protect our home, the planet Earth, Mr. P?)

He also opposes the regulation of Greenhouse gas emissions by the United States, and supports eliminating the United States federal register of greenhouse gas emissions.  Are you beginning to understand why Trump picked him?

He has called for the permanent elimination of wind power production tax credits, calling them an “enormous government handout”.

Pompeo is a member of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the conservative political advocacy group funded by the Koch brothers.  Their agenda, naturally, is to place as many far-right candidates in key Congressional positions as possible.  To that tune, during the 2014 election season, the Koch brothers, David and Charles, contributed nearly a half-million dollars to Pompeo’s campaign.  He signed the AFP’s “No Climate Tax” pledge …No climate tax pledgeAnd the AFP isn’t his only connection to the infamous Kochs.  In 1998, Pompeo co-founded Thayer Aerospace and Private Security, funded in part by investments by the Koch brothers.

He opposes same-sex marriage, opposes workplace protection for the LGBT community, which has earned him a zero rating with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).  But I know you’ll be happy to hear that he has an “A” rating with the National Rifle Association (NRA)!

Toward the latter part of his short tenure, Tillerson seemed to be stepping up to the plate, and only yesterday condemned Russia for the chemical attack against a former Russian spy in the UK – a stance that the Trump White House refused to take, and one that was likely the straw that broke the camel’s back for Tillerson’s tenure in the State Department.  Tillerson was not an ideal Secretary of State, but it is the opinion of this writer that Pompeo will be worse.  Trump has made a shambles of our relations with allies across the pond, and Pompeo is likely to support Trump blindly, causing even more rifts.  Pompeo has absolutely zero foreign policy experience, and has rigid, uncompromising views on human rights.  This is not what we need, especially as Trump heads to his first meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

Pompeo will have to be confirmed by the Senate, of course, but as we have seen in the past 14 months, that is a rubber stamp, as the republicans in the Senate continue to lick Trump’s boots.

24 thoughts on “From Bad To Worse …

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  2. Jill, it matters not how aligned a person is with Trump. Take it to the bank, anyone working for Trump will wear out his or her welcome. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked with Trump, said you better enjoy the time you are in his favor, but he is loyal to no one but himself. Right now, having seen Tillerson fired without the dignity of telling him beforehand, Trump staff thinking of leaving have just accelerated their plans. Keith

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    • Agreed. There isn’t enough cash in his coffers to pay me to work for him! I saw a snippet of an interview on Axios where a White House staffer said the atmosphere was horrible and most of them had given up hope. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mass exodus by those who aren’t still holding on the the hope that their own coffers will be filled. I note, though, that Kellyanne keeps holding on … makes one wonder why. 🤔

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      • I agree. Even she may get fed up and find a soft landing someone. Not only is the environment bad, but with the you-know-what about to hit the fan, from a risk management standpoint, people would be best served to cut ties with the Donald.

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        • I would be willing to bet money that most of them have resumes floating about. I surely would. No … actually, I can be a hot head sometimes … I probably would have just flat out quit and walked out singing the old Johnny Paycheck song: ♫ Take This Job and Shove It ♫


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    Indeed ‘from bad to worse … Among the many … ‘He opposes same-sex marriage, opposes workplace protection for the LGBT community, which has earned him a zero rating with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). But I know you’ll be happy to hear that he has an “A” rating with the National Rifle Association (NRA)!’
    Another clown … and a dangerous one at that!!

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  4. Dear Jill,
    In the Washington DC, Mr. Pompeo is well known as Koch’s guy. His stance against climate change science tells me that he is for sale.

    In October 2017, Mr. Pompeo slipped up in talking publicly about Russia’s interference in US 2016 elections by claiming that American intelligence agencies had concluded that the meddling did not affect the outcome. In fact, the agencies did not give an opinion on the effect of the Russian hacking, leaking and propaganda. The agency issued a corrective statement and Mr. Pompeo has not repeated the mistake.

    He led the fight against President Obama’s 2015 US-Iran Nuclear deal which means he will back up the president’s plans to tear this agreement up. This will send a loud and clear message to N Korea that any talks with US officials is for show only.

    This is NOT GOOD NEWS.

    This is important. Rex Tillerson had been friends with President Putin but not at the expense of US national security interests. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Tillerson’s company EXXON backed out on a major deal with Russia.

    And now you know the rest of the story…

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thank you for ‘the rest of the story”!!! I did not know some of that, though I knew Pompeo is definitely NOT the man for the job! He has already made statements about the Iran deal being a “disaster”. Which it is NOT, for it has worked pretty darn well so far. And Tillerson, I felt, was stepping up to the plate and trying to do a good job for the U.S. But that was his downfall, he didn’t swear fealty to Donald Trump, but put the best interests of the country before Donnie. And now, Larry Kudlow. What next??? No, don’t answer that question. Hugs!!!!

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  5. I’m seriously beginning to believe the republicans aren’t the only party willing to lick Trump’s boots. I don’t see the democrats stepping up to the plate very much these days either. I liked Tillerson. I think he was at least trying to get a grasp on his job.

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    • I agree with you on the milquetoast response these days by democrats, and I’m not sure why that is. I shall need to ponder that one a bit. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tillerson, especially when he was first nominated, in part because of his ties with Exxon-Mobile and his views on climate change. But I do think he was trying to learn his job and to act in the best interest of the nation. Pompeo will do as Trump tells him, with little regard for We The People. Sigh.

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    • Yes, Tillerson exceeded my initial expectations and was at least trying to do his job, but Trump kept pushing him down. Funny that Tillerson wanted to meet with North Korea, and Trump told him it was a waste of time. Now, however, Trump plans to meet with Kim. The more appropriate thing would have been for Tillerson to pave the way, but Trump is Mr. Showman and has to be able to take 100% of the credit. However, if it all goes south, he won’t wish to take an iota of the blame. I’m beginning to understand the ostriches! Hugs!!

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  6. That the Frump refused to condemn Russia for the chemical attack against a former spy and his daughter just confirmed for me the likelihood that he’s some form of Russian asset. But in a way I was glad he didn’t as it at least meant my Government was in the right.
    It was wrong of Tillerson to have condemned Russia without seeing what the Frump’s foreign policy was on that issue first but I thank him for trying. Something I’m unlikely ever to do with Mike Pompeo as he not only toes the line I think he helped build it. Another appointment not likely to be of benefit to the American people, appointed by a dictator who has no political nous at all.

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    • As re the former Russian spy … there is no doubt in my mind that Putin was behind it, and Trump will never say so, for he is more loyal to Putin than he is We The People. Tillerson’s days were numbered anyway, so I think he decided to do the right thing before being axed. I applaud him for it.

      Pompeo is, as you say, 100% in Trump’s camp, he will be naught but a mouthpiece. He lied about what the intelligence community was saying, got caught with his pants down, and lost the respect of most at that point. I think his Senate confirmation may be contentious, but at the end of the day, they will fall in line, for they fear Trump more than their own consciences, I think.


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  7. Pompeo is indeed bad news. I’ve seen some chatter about how his conflicting positions on Russia, the investigation, and the intelligence community might make his confirmation hearing, well, interesting.

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